Capitalism is past its use-by date

22nd February 2023

If you’re studying history, there’s one thing you have to be always cautious of – it’s the victors that get to write the damned history. It is the duty, therefore, of every revolutionary to tell it like it was, and is, at every opportunity. As Orwell said: “He who controls the present, controls the past. He […]

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Socialism is still on the agenda

20th February 2023

“It’s a nice idea, but it will never work,” is a common refrain from those encountering the genuine socialist case on the streets, or reading socialist material for the first time. And when hearing the numbers who actually adhere to socialist ideas and actively go out of their way and campaign to promote them, the response […]

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Has the WSM Failed?

17th February 2023

The World Socialist Movement has campaigned tirelessly for the establishment of a system of society based upon the common ownership and democratic control of the means for producing and distributing wealth. In all its years we have not compromised our position once on any issue. So how have we faired? Just what have we achieved? What can […]

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15th February 2023

Just as capitalism is a world system of society, so too must socialism be. There never has been, and never can be, socialism in just one country because its material basis is the world-wide and interdependent means of production that capitalism has built up. The bulk of the wealth produced in the world today is […]

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13th February 2023

The world we live in is one that is fraught with contradiction.  Many of our fellow humans are chronically malnourished and many, on any one day, will go without food. At the same time, the governments of the world order the destruction of vast mountains of food to keep prices high, stockpile food until it rots […]

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Union Maids (movie)

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It’s human nature, isn’t it?

10th February 2023

Imagine this scene: The High Courts of Justice, London. On trial is a 30-year-old man, charged with three armed robberies, three counts of attempted murder, and twelve charges of assaulting police officers and another of incapacitating a police dog. The prosecution has finished summing up. He sits down, satisfied he had done enough to see […]

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