Month: July 2022

 The Imagination of the “Impossiblists” 6/6

30th July 2022

EducationEducation is an integral part of any social system. Feudal society required little of the peasants by way of education. The Industrial Revolution demanded more – workers who could make, tend and repair machines, and some who could keep records and books. In the 20th century the process was continued – mass education was fashioned […]

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The Imagination of the “Impossiblists” 5/6

29th July 2022

AppendixHousingHousing is one problem of capitalism which has been a constant source of difficulty and is part and parcel of working class life. Few members of our class escape some aspect of housing trouble. Whether it is the complete crisis of homelessness, or the stress involved in keeping our homes through paying rent or repaying a […]

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 The Imagination of the “Impossiblists” 4/6

28th July 2022

Being Practical Socialists have tended to refrain from extensive speculation about the precise organization of a future socialist system but the above descriptions of what is possible demonstrates quite clearly that socialists are not planning an unachievable Utopia. Capitalism has made abundance a possibility, and made workable the “Communistic abolition of buying and selling”. We […]

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The Imagination of the “Impossiblists” 3/6

27th July 2022

Steady-State Socialism Another important point not to overlook is that we are seeking a “steady-state” economy or “zero-growth” which corresponds to what Marx called “simple reproduction” – a situation where human needs were in balance with the resources needed to satisfy them. Such a society would already have decided, according to its own criteria and […]

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The Imagination of the “Impossiblists” 2/6

26th July 2022

Allocating Resources Stock or inventory control systems employing calculation-in-kind are absolutely indispensable to any kind of modern production system. While it is true that today they operate within a price environment that is not the same thing as saying they need such an environment in order to operate. Most students of logistics will be able […]

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The Imagination of the “Impossiblists” 1/6

25th July 2022

When one talks to people about socialism or communism, one very frequently finds that they entirely agree with one regarding the substance of the matter and declare communism to be a very fine thing; “but”, they then say, “it is impossible ever to put such things into practice in real life” – Engels  Fantasy is the first […]

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Manifesto of the Equals

22nd July 2022

This manifesto, drawn up by Sylvain Maréchal, for an attempt to organise an insurrection in Paris in 1796 known as the “Conspiracy of the Equals”, was never formally adopted by the conspirators. It is nevertheless a fine appeal for the establishment of the same sort of class-free communist society as Winstanley and the Diggers had advocated in […]

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The Principles of The World Socialist Movement

20th July 2022

Our Declaration of Principles forms the basis of membership of the World Socialist Movement. Only those who accept and conform in political practice become and remain members. Thus is the socialist character of the organisation preserved and a tool provided to counter any opponent who endeavours to misrepresent its object or policy. Let us then turn […]

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Marxismo y Leninismo en Myanmar

19th July 2022

Un simpatizante expone la historia del “socialismo” en Myanmar. Myanmar es un país del “Sur Global” con largas fronteras compartidas con India y China. Antes de su independencia, fue gobernada por los colonialistas Británicos como una provincia de la India británica. También era conocida como Birmania. El primer registro del marxismo en Myanmar es del […]

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Where do profits come from?

18th July 2022

Capitalists are the products of social conditions where the means of living are privately owned and production is for profit; they are not the makers of these conditions. So it is essential to understand how capitalism works. Let us first consider the explanation of profits that is provided by orthodox economics. Orthodox economic theory takes […]

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