Month: October 2022

Aspects of the “Woman Question.” 1/6

31st October 2022

From the July 1929 issue of the Socialist Standard. (Based on Notes of a Series of Lectures on “The Sexes in Evolution.”) In the present state of our knowledge of biological matters, no fact is more patent than that sex constitutes one of the greatest underlying principles throughout Nature. Students of evolution will appreciate the fact that […]

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Super Mario Marxism

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What is Imperialism?

28th October 2022

The Socialist Party of Great Britain was founded in 1904 as a breakaway from the Social Democratic Federation (SDF), which had been dominated by Henry Hyndman who controlled the party’s printing press giving Hyndman undue influence over the party. But a deeper reason was that the SDF was seen to be descending into reformism. Those who believed in that strategy for the SDF described themselves […]

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Socialism Clarified

26th October 2022

Socialism is almost globally misunderstood and misrepresented. Socialism will be a transformation of society and many of the things that most people take for granted, as “just the way things have to be”, can and will be changed to establish socialism. The case for socialism rests upon the fact that the capitalist social system cannot provide a […]

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What we are not

24th October 2022

From the October 1971 issue of the Socialist Standard  The World Socialist Movement does not support the Labour Party or the Democratic Party. In our view, these parties are organizations with confused and vague ideas about changing society and improving the lot of working people. It has now become little different from the Conservative Party or the Republicans — another “team” to […]

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Lenin in his own words

22nd October 2022

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Reformism: A Waste of Precious Time

21st October 2022

From the July 1973 issue of the Socialist Standard The part of the case that separates socialists most firmly from all other attitudes is our insistence that reform will not do. It is the cause of the most pressure and argument by those who want our energy given to their causes: there are struggles going on for […]

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What Socialism Means

19th October 2022

From the July 1973 issue of the Socialist Standard The object of socialism is to unite humanity and solve social problems by building a society which can satisfy the universal need for cooperation and material security. Socialism involves a creative outlook concerned with the quality of life. In association with others, the individual will develop himself as […]

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