The State

The State

Scene: Global corporation.
Boss to underling,"I hate to see the people being robbed and EXPLOITED by the government! Dammit that's OUR job.

Rojava: The End of the Kurdish Dream

Amid the horror of the Syrian civil war it had seemed that there was one shining beacon of hope. In the north of Syria Kurdish militants, inspired by the political thought of imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, filled the vacuum when the Assadist forces abandoned most of the Kurdish regions, and were combatting and defeating the seemingly unstoppable Islamic State.

Socialism and Planning Part I (July 2019)

In any kind of society, people need to plan. Even in the most gung-ho, ruggedly individualist laissez faire society imaginable, there would be plenty of planning. 

Dialectic of Power: Leaders and the Led (May 2018)

We have seen it all before but once again heads of state have been indulging in verbal international belligerence. Whether it is a matter of trade, borders or resources such leaders feel it is both their role and duty to be seen to protect the ‘national interest’.

Holes in the ‘Safety Net’ (October 1996)

The welfare state is in some difficulty across the western world

The taxation myth (August 1996)

When capitalist political parties are in disagreement, the issue of taxation often looms large. Should income tax be reduced or increased? What should be done about local government taxation? Why all the fuss about taxation – is it so important?

What causes world poverty? (July 2001)

The World Development Organisation claims that the policies of governments and multinational businesses cause poverty. Are they right?

Cuba: No workers paradise (October 2003)

Leftist fantasies exposed.

The Growth of State Power (April 1943)

The State is the public power of coercion. It makes and administers the laws, and it does so in the interests of the class that is economically supreme at the different epochs. In antiquity it was the state of the slave proprietors, in the middle ages the feudal proprietors, and in modern times the capitalist proprietors.The State had its beginning with the birth of private property, which started with the limitation of property within the early communistic tribes.

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