Month: October 2021

Revolution Without Borders

25th October 2021

‘Who are the oppressors, but the Nobility and Gentry; who are oppressed, is not the Yeoman, the Farmer, the Tradesman, and the Labourer? Your slavery is their liberty, your poverty is their prosperity.’ Laurence Clarkson, 1647. The small size of the World Socialist Movement and its lack of any political prominence within the workers’ organisations may be important […]

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24th October 2021

El propio Marx no llamó “marxismo” a sus teorías de la historia, la sociedad y la economía capitalista. Eso habría sido arrogante y, además, atribuir los puntos de vista que desarrolló a la mente de algún individuo excepcionalmente grande sería contrario a su propia teoría de que las condiciones sociales daban lugar a ideas que […]

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The Socialist Cooperative Commonwealth 8/8

22nd October 2021

Since its origin in the early 19th century by followers of Robert Owen, the term “socialism” has evolved to mean many different things to many different people and has been misused by dictatorships to describe their draconian management of capitalism.  At the present time “socialism” is an unpopular word. Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot have poisoned our […]

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The Socialist Cooperative Commonwealth 7/8

20th October 2021

The private property of the capitalist class, in order to become the SOCIAL property of the workers, cannot be turned over to individuals or groups of individuals. It must become the property of ALL IN COMMON. The industries, too, which supply the needs of all the people, are not the concern only of the worker, […]

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The Socialist Cooperative Commonwealth 6/8

18th October 2021

We say that this class struggle must finally end in the downfall of the capitalist system, and the building of the cooperative commonwealth. We say that if the cooperative commonwealth is to be brought about it is a social revolution. There is a simple way to get hold of the machinery of government. It is by voting […]

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The Socialist Cooperative Commonwealth 5/8

15th October 2021

The World Socialist Movement (WSM) has as its goal the liberation of labour and the creation of the cooperative commonwealth. There is a fighting class spirit today among the people. It aims at the overthrowing of the present system, it aims to take possession of the tools of production from the capitalist class and operate them for the benefit […]

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The Socialist Cooperative Commonwealth 4/8

11th October 2021

The World Socialist Movement (WSM) is the revolutionary organisation of the working class that aims at the overthrow of the capitalist system and the establishment of the cooperative commonwealth. Socialism comes not as a remedy for the evils of existing society, but as principles for a new society. The WSM strives for a new world, a class-free […]

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The Socialist Cooperative Commonwealth 3/8

8th October 2021

The main features of the world commonwealth are really quite simple. Firstly, the new social system must be world-wide. It must be a World Commonwealth. The world must be regarded as one country and humanity as one people. Secondly, all the people will co-operate to produce and distribute all the goods and services which are needed […]

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The Socialist Cooperative Commonwealth 2/8

6th October 2021

The cooperative commonwealth is realistic. We understand that most people have little interest in making a revolution next week or that making one will be easy. Far from it. Many are daunted by the task and search for short-cuts that only result in dead-ends. But if we are serious about achieving socialism, then we have to […]

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The Socialist Cooperative Commonwealth 1/8

1st October 2021

Our goal remains always the same — socialism, the substitution for the present capitalist system of the cooperative commonwealth. Let us weigh anchor and set sail for the cooperative commonwealth. Let us hoist our sails and sail straight for the cooperative commonwealth. The sun shines upon us and the wind blows our way. The future is ours. We urge […]

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