Month: August 2022

What is Socialist Democracy?

31st August 2022

Democracy is one of those that is mis-used, over-used and ill-abused words that have been hi-jacked by governments and politicians to deliberately misrepresent their actions and to deceive the voters. The word “democracy” originates from the Greek and means ‘power of the people’. In the “largest democracy in the world”, India, how do the majority of the population on a […]

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30th August 2022

La crisis actual en Somalia es, en primera instancia, una resaca de la guerra fría, un dolor de cabeza causado por el viejo conflicto entre el capitalismo de mercado occidental y el capitalismo de Estado ruso. Que Estados Unidos se vea a sí mismo como el remedio al problema es poco más que la filosofía del pelo del […]

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Seeking Socialist Knowledge

29th August 2022

Among the countless frustrations that accompany modern society, there is one that particularly irritates members of the companion parties of the World Socialist Movement — that is, the perpetual willingness of the exploited majority to swallow so much of the ruling class political propaganda that is fed to them every day of their lives. We could paraphrase […]

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The Aim of the WSM 3/3

26th August 2022

This is Socialism Socialism means common ownership The means of production will no longer belong to a privileged minority class, whether private capitalists or state bureaucrats. Both private capitalism and state capitalism will be replaced by a system in which all natural and industrial resources will be held in common by the whole community. This […]

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The Aim of the WSM 2/3

24th August 2022

Do you know about socialism? According to capitalism’s political spokespersons, we have had the best that that system can give. They told you that you have been getting too much and will have to cut back. Yet poverty abounds. Not for you, perhaps, the dire poverty of homelessness or slum ghettoes — that may only be the […]

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23rd August 2022

Un capitalista es un hombre o una mujer que puede permitirse vivir sin necesidad de vender su fuerza de trabajo por un salario o salario. Al poseer una parte suficiente de los medios de producción y distribución de la riqueza, el capitalista puede invertir en las energías mentales y físicas de otros, que no son capitalistas, y […]

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The Aim of the WSM 1/3

22nd August 2022

Object: The establishment of a system of society based upon the common ownership and democratic control of the means and instruments for producing and distributing wealth by and in the interest of the whole community. What do we mean by a “system of society”? The world is a “global village”. Each region may have its […]

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The Class Struggle 3/3

19th August 2022

The  World Socialist Movement doesn’t wish “increasing misery” for the working class. It doesn’t look forward to the attacks on the workers’ standard of living in the hope that it may attract more members. What we do is recognise economic facts. Capitalism is an economic system based on three things: wage labour (working for a wage), private ownership […]

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