Socialist Economics

21st June 2021

 1: Commodities It is impossible to understand the way in which the Capitalist system works without some knowledge of basic Marxian economics. Such knowledge is invaluable to the Socialist because he can use it to expose the myth that the capitalist is the lynch-pin of society and without him, civilization would perish. The Marxist theory […]

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The Ideas of the WSM

31st May 2021

Socialists know that it is difficult for our fellow-workers to recognise and acknowledge their servile status because wage-slavery is cloaked with many disguises. The absence of legal forms of slavery and serfdom serve to hide the true nature of modern slavery. And because the capitalist class with their media of indoctrination, it is indeed difficult to find the truth. […]

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In Defense of ‘Impossibilism’

24th June 2022

The companion parties of the World Socialist Movement (WSM) have gone against the prevailing wisdom of the Left by not advocating reforms. Undoubtedly some reforms do benefit workers, but the WSM opposes the practice of reformism on the grounds that campaigning for reforms impedes progress toward the goal of achieving socialism. Once embarked upon that journey there is no limit […]

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An Appreciation of Lewis Henry Morgan

22nd June 2022

From the September 1919 issue of the Socialist Standard The year 1818, which witnessed the birth of Karl Marx, also saw the birth, on Nov. 21st, of Lewis Henry Morgan, a man whose investigations into the nature of primitive human society were as epoch-making as were those of Marx into the structure of modern capitalism. Born at Aurora, […]

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An ‘Interview’ with Karl Marx

20th June 2022

Question 1: Dr Marx , you are well known as the author of a book on economics but I think you studied law at university, didn’t you? Karl Marx: Although I studied jurisprudence, I pursued it as a subject subordinated to philosophy and history. In the year 1842-43, as editor of the Rheinische Zeitung, I first found […]

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Socialisme Mondial

18th June 2022

Socialisme mondial (1973-1987) Bulletin francophone du Parti socialiste du Canada du N°1 au N°13, puis transféré en Europe à partir du N°14. Le titre est réapparu sous forme d’un blog en 2008. [Voir l’historique à “Socialisme mondial” au Québec .] TEXTES: N°1 (1973): Communique du Parti Socialiste de Grande Bretagne à une conférence à Augsburg, en septembre 1969 Lénine… tout […]

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Socialism and Nature

18th June 2022

Will capitalism bring the world to the brink of ecological disaster? It is certainly having a good try with its pursuit of profits and its competitive drive to keep costs down that have led to all sorts of inappropriate methods and materials being used in production. The consequences of climate warming are many and varied, and some may be […]

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History of the First International 3/3

17th June 2022

The Congress of 1870 had to be abandoned owing to the outbreak of the Franco-German war. It had been brewing for some time, fostered on the one side by the expansionist policy of the Napoleonic regime, with its stock-jobbing supporters, and on the other side by the capitalist development of Germany, which was unifying the […]

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History of the First International 2/3

15th June 2022

The first congress of the International was held at Geneva in 1866, and it ran into difficulties at its opening. Individual members, mainly Blanquist, insisted on sitting as delegates and voting, although they only represented themselves. The London Conference had laid down that only official delegates were to be allowed to sit and vote. After […]

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History of the First International 1/3

13th June 2022

An attempt to form a Communist Party in 1847 failed partly on account of the defeat of working class aspirations during the European uprisings of 1848, shortly after the publication of the Communist Manifesto. Just over 20 years later, when working class militancy was reviving, another attempt was made. Though this one was wider and stronger […]

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Estamos en contra del reformismo, no en contra de las reformas

11th June 2022

Los partidos acompañantes del Movimiento Socialista Mundial no abogan por reformas. Como dice el encabezado en la página de inicio de este sitio web, el Partido Socialista Mundial de los Estados Unidos “representa el socialismo y nada más”. Al adoptar esta postura, vamos en contra de la sabiduría predominante en la izquierda. Casi todos los […]

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Where the WSM Stands

10th June 2022

The World Socialist Movement (WSM) aims to convince our fellow workers of the need for socialism by reasonable means. It is our argument that the hard logic of the case for socialism is powerful enough to defeat the ideology of capitalism as presented by the education system, media, religion and so on. To get workers to […]

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