Socialist Economics

21st June 2021

 1: Commodities It is impossible to understand the way in which the Capitalist system works without some knowledge of basic Marxian economics. Such knowledge is invaluable to the Socialist because he can use it to expose the myth that the capitalist is the lynch-pin of society and without him, civilization would perish. The Marxist theory […]

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The Ideas of the WSM

31st May 2021

Socialists know that it is difficult for our fellow-workers to recognise and acknowledge their servile status because wage-slavery is cloaked with many disguises. The absence of legal forms of slavery and serfdom serve to hide the true nature of modern slavery. And because the capitalist class with their media of indoctrination, it is indeed difficult to find the truth. […]

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The Revolutionary Vote 3/6

26th November 2021

”I’d rather vote for something I want and not get it than vote for something I don’t want, and get it.”– Eugene V. Debs”Even where there is no prospect of achieving their election the workers must put up their own candidates to preserve their independence, to gauge their own strength and to bring their revolutionary position […]

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The Revolutionary Vote 2/6

23rd November 2021

The vote is a gain, a potential class weapon, a potential “instrument of emancipation” as Marx put it. Despite Leninist distortions, Marx and Engels always held that the bourgeois-democratic republic was the best political framework for the development and triumph of the socialist movement. This is a socialist position we see no reason to abandon. Certainly, […]

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The Revolutionary Vote 1/6

21st November 2021

The World Socialist Movement (WSM) has never held that a merely formal majority at the polls will give the workers power to achieve socialism. We have always emphasised that such a majority must be educated in the essentials of socialist principles and have a party democratically organised. William Morris wrote:  “It should be our special aim […]

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No Nations

18th November 2021

After Glasgow’s COP26, many who attended, either as delegates or protesters, go away disappointed that for all the talking, the summit had not accomplished its aims. Success was always a forlorn hope. The World Socialist Movement is trying to get all those who have been excluded from the ownership and control of the means of production […]

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What does ‘too many people’ mean?

14th November 2021

We are told that the more people there are in the world it must mean more resources used and therefore fewer resources to go around for everyone. It is a logic that has led to some highly unsavoury arguments reflecting racist views. By arguing that population growth is the main cause of hunger and environmental ruination, we play into the hands […]

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The Worst of Times

11th November 2021

The environmental crisis is not the result of exceptions nor of any aberrations to the market and profit accumulation system of capitalism. The system of capitalism is at the centre of our climate change emergency with its production of commodities for the sake of realising surplus value. The World Socialist Movement (WSM) exposes the capitalist system’s destructive relationship with nature and its disastrous consequences. Our planet is being poisoned […]

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EL MITO sobre los impuestos

11th November 2021

Cuando los partidos políticos capitalistas están en desacuerdo, el tema de los impuestos a menudo se cierne sobre nosotros. ¿Debería reducirse o aumentarse el impuesto sobre la renta? ¿Qué se debe hacer con respecto a los impuestos del gobierno local? ¿Por qué todo el alboroto sobre los impuestos es tan importante? ¿Por qué impuestos? Para […]

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We, the People

10th November 2021

Politicians, UN officials, NGO members, and thousands of environmental activists from across the world have come to Glasgow’s COP26 to decide what ‘green’ economics really means. They all agree and accept that each country is to interpret the concept of a green economy according to national priorities and it is up to each country to define what is meant by a […]

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The Peoples’ Planet

8th November 2021

The long-anticipated COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow is not very promising for our human civilisation. The well-established data of the realities of global warming is now very clear. The issue isn’t the science, it’s now the politics and the economics. Saving the environment must also go hand in hand with the rights of capitalists and nations to make […]

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6th November 2021

PRIMERO DE MAYO, AYER Y HOY El Primero de Mayo está aquí de nuevo, con sus diferentes tipos de celebraciones. La que nos preocupa son las manifestaciones y procesiones de los trabajadores que han sido una característica en muchas partes del mundo desde la última década del siglo 19. Estamos celebrando nuestras propias manifestaciones del […]

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