Socialist Economics

21st June 2021

 1: Commodities It is impossible to understand the way in which the Capitalist system works without some knowledge of basic Marxian economics. Such knowledge is invaluable to the Socialist because he can use it to expose the myth that the capitalist is the lynch-pin of society and without him, civilization would perish. The Marxist theory […]

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The Ideas of the WSM

31st May 2021

Socialists know that it is difficult for our fellow-workers to recognise and acknowledge their servile status because wage-slavery is cloaked with many disguises. The absence of legal forms of slavery and serfdom serve to hide the true nature of modern slavery. And because the capitalist class with their media of indoctrination, it is indeed difficult to find the truth. […]

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The Class Struggle 1/3

14th August 2022

Relations between Capitalists and Wage Workers defined. 1. The population today is made up of all kinds of people, showing much variation in their persons and habits. They differ in size and age, health and mind, dress and looks, and in every family circle, we see wide differences in form, mind and conduct. With all this […]

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Joseph Dietzgen, El Filósofo Obrero

14th August 2022

JOSEPH DIETZGEN es de hecho un filósofo descuidado. ¿Cuántas personas saben que él fue el hombre que Marx introdujo en el Congreso de la Primera Internacional de 1872 como “nuestro filósofo”? ¿O que fue Dietzgen, no Plejánov, quien acuñó por primera vez la frase “materialismo dialéctico”?  ¿O que durante los primeros treinta años de este siglo los Ensayos […]

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Who we are 3/3

12th August 2022

“Never in history has there been such a glaring contrast between what could be and what actually exists.” The World Socialist Parties of the United States, New Zealand and India, the Socialist Party of Great Britain and the Socialist Party of Canada are companion parties in the World Socialist Movement (WSM) – which sadly remains an aspiration […]

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Who we are 2/3

10th August 2022

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”  The World Socialist Movement (WSM) are not the socialist “party” that Marx (or even our Declaration of Principles) envisages, ie the working class as a whole organised politically, for socialism. That will come later. At the moment, the WSM can […]

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Who we are 1/3

8th August 2022

“Towards a better understanding of the world, in order to change it.” Ideas are social and artificial national borders cannot contain them, as we are presently seeing. When the World Socialist Movement (WSM) talk about revolution we are not using the word as a recruitment gimmick. The sort of world we want there will be […]

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7th August 2022

El cinturón bíblico de Estados Unidos puede estar regocijándose por la decisión de la CorteSuprema de restringir los abortos de “niños por nacer”, pero siempre ha habido una notablefalta de preocupación expresada por los niños vivos que mueren innecesariamente en todo elmundo por causas relacionadas con el hambre. Según UNICEF, 40 millones de niños en […]

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6th August 2022

Hace cien años se publicó este año la obra más notoria en alabanza de la manipulación políticadesde El príncipe —¿Qué hacer?,de Lenin. Crimen… y ¿Castigo? ¿Qué hay que hacer de Lenin? es un lado de una polémica entre los socialdemócratas rusos enel exilio a finales del siglo 19. El movimiento socialdemócrata ruso surgió cuando una […]

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If We Are To Survive

5th August 2022

(Reprinted from The Western Socialist, January-February, 1942) If ever there was a term whose constant use is rivalled only by an equally constant misuse, that term is Human Nature. Rich man, poor man, beggar man, and politician—all consider themselves qualified, if not expert, to discuss the whys and wherefores of human behaviour. And yet, in spite […]

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An die Sozialistische Arbeiterschaft

3rd August 2022

From the January 1905 issue of the Socialist Standard Genossen! Der Socialistischen Partei von Grossbritanien ist vom Sekretaer der britischen Sektion des Amsterdamer Kongresses eine Zuschrift zugegangen, worin unsere Partei unter anderem befragt wird, ob sie geneigt waere, an einer gerneinschaftlichen Beratung teilzunehmen, da beabsichtigt waere, ein Nationales Comité einzusetzen, welches sich mit der Erledigung von Kongress […]

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