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IMAGINE Autumn 2020

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New journal ‘World Socialist’

1st November 2020

The World Socialist Party of the United States is excited to announce the first issue of its new quarterly journal, World Socialist. It contains articles on the coronavirus pandemic, the Black Lives Matter protests, the US–China confrontation, the presidential election, ‘human nature,’ the Wall Street bombing of 1920, revolution in ancient Anatolia, ‘How I became a […]

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After shipwreck

13th May 2020

William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies describes how boys marooned on a deserted island descend into ‘savagery.’ But here is a true story of real boys in the same situation who behaved quite differently.

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Mind your own business, Mr. Goodman!

11th April 2020

Ventilators at a hospital have defective valves. A helpful neighbor replaces the valves and saves at least ten lives. For doing so he is at risk of being sued. Why?

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Homelessness in North America

3rd April 2020

Canada and the United States are supposedly among the world’s wealthiest countries. Yet many people in those countries are homeless, while at the same time many homes are left empty.

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River Silence

7th January 2020

40,000 indigenous people have been forced off their land along the Xingu River in order to build a dam. Who gives a damn?

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War with Iran? Teetering on the brink

4th January 2020

Strictly speaking, the United States is already at war with Iran. By the rules of international law, the drone attack that killed General Soleimani and other high-ranking figures was an act of war. Iran will now retaliate against an American asset. How long can this crazy game of tit for tat go on without triggering […]

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Fire on 9th Street

29th December 2019

A lethal fire at an apartment block in a poor neighborhood of Las Vegas was in the news recently. An accident or a predictable result of the business of letting housing accommodation for profit?

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A World to Share, A Planet to Spare, A World in Common

26th November 2020

Editorial from the April 1984 issue of the World Socialist Across the entire face of the planet useful labour is held back and subject to domination by world capital. World Socialism will establish the freedom in which it can concentrate its energies solely on human needs. This will be world co-operation to produce more food; […]

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In Response to Reformism

25th November 2020

We in the World Socialist Movement are often accused of being opposed to reforms, social legislation ostensibly designed to ameliorate some more or less intolerable situation such as the NHS or Social Security. However, to the contrary, the World Socialist Movement is NOT opposed to reforms per se, any more than it ADVOCATES them. Socialists should not support or agitate for reforms […]

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The State and its abolition

25th November 2020

The State and its abolition From the Spring 1985 issue of the World Socialist   (Part 1) Introduction The establishment of world socialism will involve the abolition of the state, but this must be achieved by first gaining control of the entire powers and machinery of governments, including the armed forces. The practical question involved in […]

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The WSM and the Guesdists

24th November 2020

From the La Bataille socialiste blog When the Socialist Party of Great Britain was being founded in 1904, as a breakaway from the Social Democratic Federation which had pioneered Marx’s ideas in Britain, the main issue confronting the international Social Democratic movement was “Ministerialism”, or whether or not Socialists should participate in a “bourgeois government”. In 1899 […]

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James Connolly and the Easter Rising

22nd November 2020

The Irish Citizens Army was was formed on 23rd  November as a self-defence militia. It arose out of the Lockout of 1913 to protect the strikers from the Dublin police who had killed two and injured many hundreds with their brutality. Under the command of James Connolly the ICA evolved into military unit dedicated to the creating an Irish socialist republic. Alongside the nationalist Irish […]

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God and the WSM

21st November 2020

The quest for the supernatural does not stem from an excessive imagination but from a limited one constrained by years of exploitation and oppression. Being opposed to religion is not the same as trying to prevent people from practising religion. We’re not interested in setting up an enlightened dictatorship. Socialists don’t want to police peoples […]

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The Most Dangerous Song in The World

20th November 2020

A Rewrite From the September 2006 issue of the Industrial Worker, paper of the Industrial Workers of the World. The author of the piece, Len Wallace, is a IWW member and well known radical musician, as well as a long standing member of the Socialist Party of Canada, who became a supporter of the now defunct World in Common group. The International (originally L’Internationale) is […]

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Imagining the Impossible

19th November 2020

Now that the American election is all over, it should be the time to debate our future political activity. The Left insisted that Trump was the anti-Christ and that working people should vote for a lesser evil, the saintly figure of Joe Biden. But now with Biden in the White House they are telling us […]

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18th November 2020

Tussy – Eleanor Marx and the Early Socialist Movement in Great Britain In January, 1855, Karl and Jenny Marx, their daughters, Jenny and Laura, and their son, Edgar, were living in two rooms at 28 Dean St. Soho Square, London. In 1851, a third daughter had been born, but only lived for one year. But […]

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