Socialist Economics

21st June 2021

 1: Commodities It is impossible to understand the way in which the Capitalist system works without some knowledge of basic Marxian economics. Such knowledge is invaluable to the Socialist because he can use it to expose the myth that the capitalist is the lynch-pin of society and without him, civilization would perish. The Marxist theory […]

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The Ideas of the WSM

31st May 2021

Socialists know that it is difficult for our fellow-workers to recognise and acknowledge their servile status because wage-slavery is cloaked with many disguises. The absence of legal forms of slavery and serfdom serve to hide the true nature of modern slavery. And because the capitalist class with their media of indoctrination, it is indeed difficult to find the truth. […]

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Selections from Anton Pannekoek

25th September 2022

Pannekoek, a neglected Marxist theorist, marginalised by the Left and dismissed by the Leninists, found it difficult to have his ideas disseminated and the Western Socialist , the journal of of the World Socialist Party of the United States, companion party of the World Socialist Movement, published a number of his essays. Many anarchists are sympathetic to […]

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Selections from Paresh Chattopadhyay

24th September 2022

Another non-WSM member highly regarded by us is Paresh Chattopadhay and some of his analyses is worth citing. “…the Bolshevised socialism is a state under the absolute rule of the communist party, passing for a proletarian state, owning the means of production under the appellation of “public ownership” and employing wage labour whose products take […]

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Selections from Gerrard Winstanley

23rd September 2022

Gerrard Winstanley’s writings are cloaked in the religious phrases of its time. “In the beginning of Time, the great Creator Reason, made the Earth to be a Common Treasury, to preserve Beasts, Birds, Fishes, and Man, the lord that was to govern this Creation; for Man had Domination given to him, over the Beasts, Birds, […]

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Selections from Eugene Debs

21st September 2022

The World Socialist Movement admire Debs and on the whole, we share much of his outlook. There is one important issue on which we do not agree with Debs – the attitude that a socialist party should take toward reforms and reformism. This disagreement is explained in a commentary inserted after one of the quotations. […]

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Selections from Rosa Luxemburg (1906-09)

19th September 2022

Rosa Luxemburg was not infallible. Her economic theories have been found somewhat wanting.  However, there are many of her ideas on socialism that remain relevant and we can learn from these. On the Day after the Social Revolution   ”… there can be nothing more foolish than wanting to predict the shape of socialist society. The more […]

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The Worker and Work

16th September 2022

Because of a legendary incident in the Garden of Eden (for which Adam blamed Eve, who blamed the serpent), many Christians believe that work is a curse laid on sinful humanity: “Cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shall thou eat of it.… In the sweat of thy face shall thou eat bread.” […]

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Labour Theory of Value and the Green Marx

14th September 2022

It was actually Lenin taking advantage of the already growing revisionism of the gradualists (then called state-socialists) in the 2nd International who was primarily responsible for the shift in the meaning of the term “socialism” away from how Marxists had originally defined it as an attempt to garner political support for the Bolsheviks’ state capitalist agenda. Thus, in 1917 […]

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Against the Left

12th September 2022

Arguing with the Left is not always a useful way for socialists to spend their time,”We’ve got the wrong leadership” is the perpetual cry of the left-wing. Many political groups believe themselves to be the “leaders” of the working-class. We do not. We say that workers should spurn these would-be vanguards and organise for socialism […]

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The Alternative to Capitalism

9th September 2022

The following is the final chapter from the 1986 book, State Capitalism: the Wages System Under New Management, which was co-authored by Adam Buick and the late John Crump.  State capitalism: the wages system under new management – Adam Buick & John Crump | If state capitalism is not socialism, what is? In other […]

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Why Socialism?

7th September 2022

To the World Socialist Movement’s indictment of present-day society there comes back the trite answer of the apologist: “It works”. Capitalism works. Yes, but so did chattel slavery and feudalism. They went, nevertheless. Even the complex machinery of the present-day, which not only works but works with a high degree of efficiency, is often ruthlessly […]

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