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I recently had the pleasure of reading Dennis Hardy's well-researched and supported book, Alternative Communities in Nineteenth Century England (1979). Covering the

communities of utopian and agrarian socialism, sectarianism and anarchism, Hardy lays out a history of socialist thought well worth searching for a library or used copy to add to your Socialist reading list. Hardy, not overlooking the role scientific socialists also had in the development of workers readying themselves to give capitalism the final toss, one marvels at the simplicity and vigour of the ideas set by early socialist Diggers how to do this:


The earth is to be planted, and the fruits reaped, and carried into barns and storehouses by the assistance of every family; and if any man or family want corn, or other provision, they may go to the store-houses, and fetch without money. If they want a horse to ride, go into the fields in summer, or to the common stables in winter, and receive one from the keepers, and when your journey is performed, bring him where you had him without money. If any want food or victuals, they may either go to the butchers shops, and receive what they want without money; or else go to the flocks of sheep, or herds of cattle, and take and kill what meat is needful for their families, without buying and selling. And the reason why all the riches of the earth are a common stock is this, because the earth, and the labours thereupon, are managed by common assistance of every family, without buying and selling . . .

Gerald Winstanley c.1652

For socialism, Steve, Mehmet, John & contributing members of the SPC.

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According to recent reports from the Trussell Trust, food bank use has increased at least 13% in the last year. Around 14 million people in the UK are living in poverty and Universal Credit has had a huge impact on the lives of people with a low-income, with food banks experiencing an average 30% increase of demand in areas of full Universal Credit roll out. As if the decision to visit a food
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 The risk of political and economic confrontations between major powers, including outright military conflicts, has risen sharply, according to a survey released by the World Economic Forum (WEF). While geopolitical worries rose sharply, the environment topped the list of concerns, with extreme weather events seen as the single most prominent risk in 2018 The Global Risks Report highlighted
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 In 2009, 103 construction companies were fined a total of £130 million (US$176 million) for rigging bids to inflate the cost of major building projects in England, including publicly funded projects to build new schools and hospitals.  Worryingly, since this case, successive UK governments’ efforts to “cut red tape” have actually decreased the state’s ability to detect corruption, such as when
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I see mankind as a herd of cattle inside a fenced enclosure. Outside the fence are green pastures and plenty for the cattle to eat. While inside the fence there is not quite enough for the cattle. Consequently, the cattle are trampling underfoot what little grass there is and goring each other to death in their struggle for existence. I saw the owner of the herd come to them and when he saw
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