Socialist Economics

21st June 2021

 1: Commodities It is impossible to understand the way in which the Capitalist system works without some knowledge of basic Marxian economics. Such knowledge is invaluable to the Socialist because he can use it to expose the myth that the capitalist is the lynch-pin of society and without him, civilization would perish. The Marxist theory […]

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The Ideas of the WSM

31st May 2021

Socialists know that it is difficult for our fellow-workers to recognise and acknowledge their servile status because wage-slavery is cloaked with many disguises. The absence of legal forms of slavery and serfdom serve to hide the true nature of modern slavery. And because the capitalist class with their media of indoctrination, it is indeed difficult to find the truth. […]

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The Battle of Ideas in Class War

13th September 2021

Times are rough and are bound to become rougher. Capitalism is not an abstraction, it is a concrete force. The capitalist class live off the labour of the working class, and use all the powers of government, nationally and locally, in their own interest. The political parties, in spite of all their proclaimed differences (and they […]

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The Head-Fixing Industry

10th September 2021

This is the opening and closing of a pamphlet by John Keracher of the Proletarian Party of America first published in the 1930s yet still relevant and pertinent to today’s world of media manipulation. The full pamphlet can be read on the Libcom website. The much used term, “public opinion” is little understood by the […]

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Why Celebrate Labor Day

6th September 2021

There is much confusion over why the United States of America and Canada commemorate Labor Day on the first Monday in September and not as many other nations do, on the first of May. For some workers unaware of the history, Labor Day is perceived as a tactic to counteract the militant international working-class spirit […]

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We Are All Leaders

3rd September 2021

“My friends, never put your trust in, and never follow after, men who pretend to be able to manufacture a revolution. A revolution, a rolling away of the whole from evil to good, from wrong to right, from injustice and oppression to righteousness and equal rule, never yet was manufactured, and never will be manufactured…” – […]

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A World to Win, A Planet to Save

30th August 2021

It is disappointing for the members of the World Socialist Movement to accept but socialism, as an ideology, has failed to dislodge the ideological influence of nationalism and religion. Countries are closing their borders to the rising number of people fleeing poverty, human rights abuse, violence and climate change. Governments all over the world are increasingly […]

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A Socialist One World

27th August 2021

“Let’s not be English, French or German anymore. Let’s be European. No not European, let’s be men. Let’s be Humanity. All we have to do is get rid of one last piece of egocentricity – patriotism.” – Victor Hugo As socialists, we are internationalists, opposing the idea that the rulers and ruled within a nation have any […]

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World Socialist Party (New Zealand)

22nd August 2021

Recent media headlines indicate that the super-rich considers New Zealand a safe haven from the catastrophes they expect to overcome our planet. For example, Google’s co-founder, Larry Page, the world’s sixth-richest person, was recently granted New Zealand residency, following the lead of PayPal founder, Peter Thiel, another ultra-wealthy individual. Often neglected because of its geographical isolation but […]

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The SPC and the 2021 Election

19th August 2021

On 20th September our fellow workers across Canada will be called upon to register their vote in the Federal general election. The SOCIALIST PARTY OF CANADA sadly is unable to contest any seats. But it will be active in making known what it seeks working people to do – to lodge a protest vote against […]

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The World Socialist Party (India)

16th August 2021

What we do * The following schedule has been affected by the Covid pandemic restrictions* Yearly By the end of the last week of February, we hold our Spring School and Annual Conference and in the last week of October, we hold our Autumn School and Membership Meeting and a Public Meeting as well. Over […]

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A Lesson from Irish History

13th August 2021

The socialist case is that oppression, no matter how varied and diverse these might be, can be traced back to a common cause – capitalism. Many of the festering social sores of modern times such as sexism and racism are fostered by the capitalist system.  Doctors have known for a long time that the majority […]

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