Month: April 2022

 A Wolff in Sheep’s Clothing?

27th April 2022

Since they evolved, cooperatives can arise in four sorts of situation:  [1] Isolated individual enterprises, such coffee shops or book stores  As part of a wider social movement. For instance, the Catalonia collectives during the Spanish civil war or the kibbutzim in the early settler phase of Israel. When the owners abandon their factories as they did in Russia in February Revolution of […]

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Battle of Ideas 3/3

15th April 2022

The World Socialist Movement cannot control whether or not workers become socialists. What we can provide, and what we have continuously provided, is a theory of revolution which, if had been taken up by workers, would have prevented incalculable misery to millions. Over the years, the WSM’s theory has led to the formation of a […]

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Battle of Ideas 2/3

13th April 2022

We in the World Socialist Movement have often disparaged those who call for some form of minority revolution and have  dismissed any nationalist solutions to the workers problems. Our view on the armed forces and police is basically that they are workers in uniform, as receptive to revolutionary ideas as civilians are. The World Socialist Movement engages in the […]

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Battle of Ideas 1/3

11th April 2022

“We welcome any upsurge in the militancy and resistance and organisation of our class. But we also know, from bitter experience, that work of an altogether quieter, patient, more political kind is also needed. The skirmishes in the class war must be fought if we are not to be reduced to beasts of burden. But […]

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10th April 2022

Our Anti War Statement in Japanese ロシア連邦は、ウクライナに対して全面的な攻撃を開始した。世界社会主義運動(WSM)は、この戦争のいわゆる善悪や国際法の礼儀が破られたかどうか、ウクライナの主権が無視されたかどうかには関心をもたない。我々は、労働者として、大国が繰り広げる地政学的なゲームのために血で代償を払うのは、同胞の労働者であることを痛切に感じている。ウクライナは、西側の政治家やメディアが主張するような「民主主義」ではない。実際、ウクライナの政治・経済の上部構造は、ロシアの上部構造と大差ない。だから、ウクライナは「民主主義」だがロシアはそうではなく、「民主主義の価値」を守るために「我々」はウクライナを支持しなければならないという主張は誤りです。東欧に住む労働者にとって厄介なのは、歴史が彼らに悪い手を与えたということです。EU-USかロシアのどちらかに支配されるしかないのです。どちらの側の政府にとっても、ウクライナの人々は自分たちの利益を増進させるために利用する手先なのです。どちらのブロックが自らの勢力圏のために領土を奪えるかを決めるこの資本主義的対立において、どちらの側を支持するためにも、労働者の血は一滴も流されるべきではない。ウクライナ国家であろうと、ドネツクやルガンスクの分離共和国であろうと、労働者の命を犠牲にする価値はないのです。WSMは、町や都市が男性、女性、子どもの死体で散乱していることに異議を唱えないすべての人々の態度を非難する。何のために?これは、単なる支配者の変更のために行われた戦いであり、それぞれの側が偽りの主張のためにウクライナとドンバスの労働者を犠牲にしている。

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Wage Slavery 3/3

8th April 2022

Liberation from toil The basis of all societies is the production of what is necessary for life. In the present time, production is dominated by the capitalist, possessor of money, owner the factory and the machinery, buyer of the raw materials, the hirer of the workers who  produce the goods which then can be sold and provide the […]

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Wage Slavery 2/3

6th April 2022

Revolutionary Optimists As socialists, the World Socialist Movement (WSM), understands society’s main problem is the capitalist system itself and always uphold that the only real solution is socialism and political rule by working people, not capitalists. A socialist party fights for the interests of the working class as a whole and doesn’t take a narrow sectional view […]

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Wage Slavery 1/3

4th April 2022

“Us” vs “Them” Most of us want to work. What we hate is employment. We want to work for ourselves, our families and friends, our community, not for some thieving parasite. The abolition of wage slavery is no less than the abolition of class society because there are only two main classes left in society today–capitalists […]

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No Prices – No Money – No Wages 3/3

1st April 2022

Ending the Exchange Economy Many people think that money has always existed and therefore it always will. Wrong. Human beings have lived on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years without using money. When they were hungry, they ate. When they were thirsty, they drank. Whatever was available to anyone was available to everyone.  […]

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