Month: March 2022

No Prices – No Money – No Wages 2/3

30th March 2022

No More Buying and Selling When people first hear of how radically different society is being proposed, with all work being voluntary, and free access to whatever a person needs, most will immediately view this as bizarre and impossible. Unsurprising, given that we have spent our entire lives being brainwashed and conditioned by the education system, […]

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No Prices – No Money – No Wages 1/3

28th March 2022

A World Without Money Perhaps one of the bigger surprises for those who begin to look into the World Socialist Movement is that it intends to abolish money – or rather – end the exchange economy which would make the use of money redundant. Many proponents of left-wing politics reject a system that abolishes the exchange economy and […]

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Anti-Nationalism 3/3

25th March 2022

Just as capitalism is a world system of society, so too must socialism be. There never has been, and never can be, socialism in just one country. Socialism will be one worldwide community without national borders, united humanity, sharing a world of common interests that would also share global administration.  This is the socialist alternative to the way […]

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Introducing the WSP(NZ)

23rd March 2022

Formerly known as the Socialist Party of New Zealand and founded in 1930 although its roots go well back into the dawning of socialist ideas in these islands, the World Socialist Party (New Zealand) clings to existence in the age of the internet. A new website promises to be the gateway for the revival of its socialist ideas […]

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Anti-Nationalism 2/3

23rd March 2022

“The nationality of the toilers is neither French nor English nor German; it is toil, free slavery, sale of the self. His government is neither French nor English nor German; it is Capital. His native air is neither French nor German nor English; it is the air of the factory. The land which belongs to […]

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Anti-Nationalism 1/3

21st March 2022

Socialists assert the primacy of the working class struggle over all others. The working class has no allies among the capitalist of any country. The battle lines may not be clearly demarcated in this era of media sound bites and dis-information but there is no question that the real struggle is between capital and labour. […]

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Understanding the WSM 3/3

18th March 2022

Impossiblism or Possiblism – Which Shall It Be? Two International Congresses took place in Paris in 1889. This was originally due to an internal struggle within the French movement between the “Possibilists”, the “Marxists,” or the Impossiblists, represent Jules Guesde and Paul Lafargue. William Morris in his address to the Marxist Congress explained:  “We are striving for is a […]

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Understanding the WSM 2/3

16th March 2022

Rally, all you workers The World Socialist Movement (WSM) seeks to re-establish the genuine meaning of socialism. We are not arguing that the absence of the market is the sole defining feature of socialism. On the contrary, socialism is not merely a society without a market system, it is also a state-free society, a class-free society, a money-free society, a wageless society. Nothing […]

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Understanding the WSM 1/3

14th March 2022

Our Impossiblism “Impossiblism” is basically the view that a socialist party should only seek support on the basis of socialism and the abolition of the wages system and not possess any programme of immediate or transitional demands. It is the view that socialism can only arise when a majority of workers want and understand it. Our task as a socialist party […]

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How will we abolish war?

13th March 2022

“Till the war-drum throbb’d no longer, and the battle-flags were furl’d In the Parliament of man, the Federation of the world.”  Tennyson Capitalism has again plunged the people of the world into carnage and slaughter. It is good that workers are prepared to demonstrate their international solidarity, but it should be a demonstration of real and understanding solidarity. To […]

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