Month: November 2022

Don’t be a nationalist

30th November 2022

Capitalism is completely out of control. It is. as the World Socialist Movement has always said, a system of economic and social anarchy. Capitalism is an unplanned system. Each company chases after profits, quite without any care of how this affects others. Each nation-state (which is a gang of capitalist thieves dominating one territory) carries on regardless […]

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A world socialist administration

27th November 2022

It is sometimes argued that world socialism would mean the power of central control over local democracy. There is a lot of debate over different options where the control should be placed. But a system of world democratic administration in socialism need not be based in either world, regional or local spheres. We can envisage an integrated system […]

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Bandiera Rossa

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Bundeslied Bet und arbeit (music video)

26th November 2022

Bundeslied für den Allgemeinen Deutschen Arbeiterverein – Eines der bekanntesten deutschen Arbeiterlieder. Es entstand 1863, als Ferdinand Lasalle den Schriftsteller und Dichter Georg Herwegh (1817-1875) aufforderte, für den Allgemeinen Deutschen Arbeiterverein (ADAV, einen Vorläufer der SPD) ein Lied zu verfassen, das die Gemeinschaft stärken sollte. Das Bundeslied fand schnell Aufnahme in Arbeiterkreisen und wurde ebenso […]

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Socialism: One World

25th November 2022

The World Socialist Movement consists of individuals who have come together for one purpose: to assist in the urgent task of establishing worldwide socialism. We define socialism as a society in which all the resources of the world are used in common to meet all the needs of all the people of the world, without […]

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One World, Ready or Not

23rd November 2022

Just as capitalism is a world system of society, so too must socialism be. There never has been, and never can be, socialism in just one country because its material basis is the worldwide and interdependent means of production that capitalism has built up. The bulk of the wealth produced in the world today is […]

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A Unified One World

21st November 2022

To solve the many problems confronting humanity what is needed is a change in the basis of world society from existing class ownership to a world in which the Earth’s resources have become the common heritage of all. Socialists devised the slogan “One World” as a concise description of the society we are striving for. Socialism […]

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Socialism: a world of free access

17th November 2022

Editorial from the Winter 1986-7 issue of the World Socialist We inhabit a world of potential abundance for all, but it is also the case that we have trapped ourselves within a social system of mass deprivation. Throughout the world, millions and millions of our fellow men and women are denied the satisfaction of their basic needs. […]

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Socialism Means Free Access

15th November 2022

Many global organizations know the world has the resources for all humanity to live comfortably. The question, therefore, comes to mind—why isn’t the whole of humanity living comfortably? The exchange economy – capitalism – will not allow human needs to be met. “Needs” are measured by the “market”. You can have anything you want, from baked beans […]

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What Does Free Access Mean?

14th November 2022

From the June 2007 issue of the Socialist Standard “The earth is to be planted, and the fruits reaped, and carried into barns and storehouses by the assistance of every family; and if any man or family want corn, or other provision, they may go to the store-houses, and fetch without money. If they want a horse to ride, go into the […]

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