Month: December 2022

The Lorax (video)

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Can Reforms Save The Environment?

30th December 2022

There have been countless COPs and scientific conferences on the climate and the environment over the years. Only someone skilled in sophistry would ascribe to them any significant success. It is an accepted opinion that the ‘landmark’ Paris Agreement of 2015 to maintain global warming at 1.5C has failed. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse, […]

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Do Environmentalists Understand Capitalism?

28th December 2022

We in the World Socialist Movement do our best to present our case for socialism as the solution to global warming and all its accompanying crises. Capitalism is the root cause of most of the environmental problems we face and is also the biggest obstacle to implementing solutions. Yet few recognise the culpability of capitalism, […]

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Time is not on our side

25th December 2022

A multitude of government departments, industry bodies, scientific committees, NGOs and think tanks plus myriad grassroots pressure groups and political organisations, offer up arguments to support their solutions to global warming and the climate crisis bringing all sorts of ideas. The World Socialist Movement (WSM), too, presents our own unique analysis that only a revolutionary […]

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Merry Marxmas

25th December 2022

The World Socialist Movement wish all our fellow workers a speedy end to the degrading, inhuman society we live under.

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Socialism, no borders anymore

23rd December 2022

In order to keep the workers acquiescing to the system of lunacy that is capitalism, its supporters continually have to invent scapegoats and point to them as the cause of the hardship experienced by the working class. Capitalism is strikingly adept at erecting barriers among its people. It divides them into nations and “races.” Capitalism is a system […]

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Let’s have a world without borders

20th December 2022

It is an unfortunate fact that many workers are opposed to immigration because they mistakenly believe that it is a threat to the living standards they have achieved.  They claim that immigration has caused problems in housing, education, and health services. Without denying that throwing people of different customs together in the economic jungle of capitalism […]

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Borders – Who needs them?

18th December 2022

We often hear of immigrants supposedly taking jobs from native-born workers, or that they steal medical and educational services at taxpayers’ expense. These are preposterous notions, for why should any person be denied the right to be able to work, be educated, or have access to medical services? The liberal left demands to create legal processes that […]

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