Month: September 2021

Racism is a product of capitalism

27th September 2021

A major problem besetting society, and one that is justifiably receiving an enormous amount of attention, is the problem of racism. Racism is an evil that has subjected millions to degrading and humiliating discrimination and prejudice. On more than one occasion seething unrest, resentment and frustrations of the exploited and oppressed black communities has exploded into resistance. The […]

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Join the Party and our Movement

24th September 2021

The class struggle is a political struggle. It cannot be fought successfully by the workers unless they have a political weapon, which means their own political party.  The capitalist class has its own political parties and interest groups and sees to it that they remain committed to its basic interests, the maintenance of the capitalist […]

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For a new world, not new nations

20th September 2021

“The revolutionary proletariat will have neither to keep its ancient nationalities nor to constitute new ones, because by becoming free it will abolish classes: the world will be its fatherland.” – Paul Lafargue The World Socialist Movement holds that the working class the world over is an indivisibly one and that as victims of the capitalist class their interests […]

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All Things in Common

17th September 2021

Omnia Sunt Communia – Thomas Müntzer, 1525 For as long as there has been human oppression there have been aspirations of the oppressed. History teaches us to never grow resigned, never bow down or submit, never beat a retreat. Fear is the greatest ally of conservatives. There is a message emanating from some in the environmentalist movement is that we […]

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The Battle of Ideas in Class War

13th September 2021

Times are rough and are bound to become rougher. Capitalism is not an abstraction, it is a concrete force. The capitalist class live off the labour of the working class, and use all the powers of government, nationally and locally, in their own interest. The political parties, in spite of all their proclaimed differences (and they […]

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The Head-Fixing Industry

10th September 2021

This is the opening and closing of a pamphlet by John Keracher of the Proletarian Party of America first published in the 1930s yet still relevant and pertinent to today’s world of media manipulation. The full pamphlet can be read on the Libcom website. The much used term, “public opinion” is little understood by the […]

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Why Celebrate Labor Day

6th September 2021

There is much confusion over why the United States of America and Canada commemorate Labor Day on the first Monday in September and not as many other nations do, on the first of May. For some workers unaware of the history, Labor Day is perceived as a tactic to counteract the militant international working-class spirit […]

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We Are All Leaders

3rd September 2021

“My friends, never put your trust in, and never follow after, men who pretend to be able to manufacture a revolution. A revolution, a rolling away of the whole from evil to good, from wrong to right, from injustice and oppression to righteousness and equal rule, never yet was manufactured, and never will be manufactured…” – […]

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