Month: December 2021

WSM and Trade Unions 3/3

31st December 2021

As the trade union movement stands today it is still craft and sectional in outlook, still mainly pro-capitalist. The struggle on the economic field held under capitalism has to be, and is, carried on by socialists and non-socialist alike. The small number of workers who really understand the meaning of socialism is such that any attempt […]

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WSM and Trade Unions 2/3

28th December 2021

For clarity, we should state the World Socialist Movement’s position towards trade unions We recognise that, under capitalism, workers depend on the wage or salary they get for the sale of their labour-power and that it is in their interest to get the highest possible price for this; collective organisation and action, as via trade unions, can help […]

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WSM and Trade Unions 1/3

26th December 2021

Trade unions arise out of the wage-relation that is at the basis of capitalism. When we say that labour-power has a commodity nature, it must express its value through a struggle in the labour market. Combining together in trade unions to exert collective pressure on employers is a way workers can prevent their wages from falling […]

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Imponerle impuestos a los ricos

26th December 2021

Es mejor abolir los capitalistas Abundan las estadísticas que muestran cómo los más ricos de todo el mundo se han vuelto aún más ricos. Los economistas explican que nunca en la historia de la humanidad la desigualdad en  una sociedad no ha sido tan extrema como en esta época actual. La concentración de la riqueza […]

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What is the WSM 3/3

24th December 2021

Against the Left Arguing with left-wingers is not always a useful way to spend our time. Lack of political progress and success leads to the perpetual plea from the left-wing, “We’ve got the wrong leadership”. Many political groups pose as “leaders” of the working class. We do not. The World Socialist Movement (WSM) say that fellow workers should […]

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What is the WSM 2/3

22nd December 2021

The World Socialist Movement (WSM) is not the socialist “party” that Marx had envisaged, that is, the working class as a whole organised politically for socialism. This will come later. For the moment, the WSM can be described as only socialist advocates or an educational organisation and it can’t be anything else (and nor would it try to be) at the moment. Possibly, we […]

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What is the WSM 1/3

20th December 2021

 As wage workers, the vast majority of us have endless economic problems to worry about – pay and prices, rents and mortgages, sickness, unemployment, old age. Even more worrisome can seem the large and perhaps overwhelming problems facing us as human beings: war, poverty and the compulsive ecological destruction of our own planet by those who seek […]

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Reforms and Reformism 3/3

16th December 2021

After over a century of reform activity, and the sincere efforts of a multitude of reformers, the world is in a greater mess than ever it was. We, socialists, are often accused of being opposed to reforms, social legislation designed to ameliorate some intolerable situation. Not so. We of the World Socialist Movement are not […]

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Reforms and Reformism 2/3

15th December 2021

The World Socialist Movement neither promotes nor condemns positive reforms to capitalism. We believe that socialists shouldn’t work for reforms to capitalism, because only a movement for socialism itself can establish socialism. Those who work for reforms hold either that reforms to capitalism will eventually result in socialism, or that supporting reforms is an appropriate way to […]

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Reforms and Reformism 1/3

13th December 2021

The political parties of the World Socialist Movement do not advocate reformism, i.e. a platform of legislative reforms with the aim of gradually changing capitalism into a system that works for all. While we are happy to see the conditions of workers improved, reforms can never lead to the establishment of socialism and tend to sap energy, ideas, and resources […]

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