Month: December 2022

Building a world of plenty

16th December 2022

Capitalism has brought about a tremendous increase in the capacity of production, to the point where society is now technically capable of producing an abundance of goods and services. But this abundance is not produced under capitalism, because its highest priority, profit, acts as a fetter on the productive forces. The socialist revolution will usher in […]

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The Future is Socialism

14th December 2022

At present, there is a vast gulf between what is technologically possible and what is actually put into use.  The question of how to reconcile them is the most pressing problem that confronts people today. Concrete examples of this problem can be found daily in the media where we are informed The media however are largely superficial—they record […]

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 Free Distribution

12th December 2022

The ability to produce has long since reached the point which would allow mankind to go over, in a very short time, to free distribution of the things needed to live and to enjoy life. The technical problem of producing enough wealth for all to enjoy has been solved long ago. The problem of how to produce […]

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Nationalist Nonsense

9th December 2022

The World Socialist Movement (WSM) urges all workers to recognise their common interest in standing together as a class for the overthrow of capitalism. There are no circumstances justifying working-class support of capitalist governments or movements, including those that masquerade under the name of nationalism. Globalisation has increasingly made redundant the question of “national sovereignty”. The growth of multinational […]

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No to nationalism

7th December 2022

Today nationalism rears its ugly head around the world. It is an ideology which conceals and distorts the exploitative social relationships of capitalism. One of the biggest obstacles to the establishment of socialism is nationalism ― the loyalty felt by many members of the working class to “their” country. As such, socialists are hostile to it […]

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The Patriot Disease

4th December 2022

“Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.” – Einstein The toxic virus of nationalism is spreading. Socialists, whose country is the planet Earth, do not underestimate the importance of cultural diversity. The notion of the whole world conforming to one uniform way of life is far from appealing. It is the profit system, with its inevitable […]

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Einheitsfrontlied (music)

4th December 2022

Song of the United Front in English. Composer: Hanns Eisler Year composed: 1934 Lyricist, Bertolt Brecht.

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