Month: March 2022

Capitalist War or Socialist Peace?

11th March 2022

Ukraine in rubble, men engaged in butchery with women sobbing and children in tears. The mad orgy of destruction which is now convulsing unfortunate Ukraine was caused by the conflict of capitalist interests. This was anticipated, by World Socialist Movement(WSM), we just did not know exactly when or where. There was little doubt today’s horror had been permanently incubating within capitalism as it was […]

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Class war 3/3

11th March 2022

Hope and Change Unions use collective bargaining to improve levels of workplace justice for union members. Without unions, workers are reduced to a commodity that bosses can purchase as cheaply as they can possible. Left to its own devices, capitalism will concentrate money and power in the hands of a few and wealth inequality grows ever […]

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A Declaration of War against War

10th March 2022

НЕТВОЙНЕ – NO WAR  As war wages in Ukraine, it is well that the World Socialist Movement explains its attitude towards war. The Russian side wants us to believe that this war is a war for the defence of the people of the Donbas and against fascism, and the Ukrainian side seeks to convince us to believe that […]

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Class War 2/3

9th March 2022

Our declaration of class war “The essence of all slavery consists in taking the product of another’s labour by force. It is immaterial whether this force be founded upon ownership of the slave or ownership of the money that he must get to live.” — Leo Tolstoy With all the media’s nationalistic coverage of our masters’ wars, it is easy to […]

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There are no “good” wars

8th March 2022

“Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.” Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher  НЕТВОЙНЕ, NO WAR The World […]

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Class War 1/3

7th March 2022

Demand Nothing – Take Everything Evolution never brought one class into being for the purpose of working all their lives just for the comfort and enrichment of another class. The way to turn people into wage slaves was to dispossess them. The land was forcibly taken from them and a person deprived of the right to share the commons would become much […]

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One World, One People 2/2

6th March 2022

“The Socialist Party of Great Britain…wholeheartedly supports the efforts of workers everywhere to secure democratic rights against the powers of suppression, but the history of the past decades shows the futility of war as a means of safeguarding democracy.” 1939 Inside every country, there is a far deeper division than that separating nation from nation – […]

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One World, One People 1/2

5th March 2022

“THE SOCIALIST PARTY of Great Britain pledges itself to keep the issue clear by expounding the CLASS STRUGGLE, and whilst placing on record its abhorrence of this latest manifestation of the callous, sordid, and mercenary nature of the international capitalist class, and declaring that no interests are at stake justifying the shedding of a single drop of […]

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The Anti-War World Peace Party 3/3

4th March 2022

“The fraternisation of the workers of the world is for me the highest and most sacred thing on earth; it is my guiding star, my ideal, my fatherland. I would rather forfeit my life than be unfaithful to this ideal!” – Rosa Luxemburg People’s blood has been spilt in a squalid war again and again. The World Socialist Movement (WSM) has opposed every […]

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Кто виноват? Who is to blame?

3rd March 2022

Кто виноват? Для людей нав Украине ужас только начинается. К скрывающимся от бомбардировок в подвалах скоро придут голод, а потом эпидемии… И наверху, на улицах — будут взрывы, пожарыпламена, гром танков, свист пульей, щебень разрушенныхпавших зданий, крики раненых и умирающих, отвратительныйзлой запах непогребенных трупов. А кто виноват? Ответ известен всем. Виноват Путин виноват. БесспорноНет спора, […]

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