Before you contact us…

Before you ask us any detailed, or even general, questions please consider the following:

  • We are happy to respond to your questions, but we strongly recommend that you read the introductory material on this site or our free introductory package first. It will give you an overview of the World Socialist Movement, why we think society needs changing, what we think it needs changing to, and how to go about making those changes.
  • Have you read What is Socialism? This is a very short introduction to socialism.
  • If you want to criticize the World Socialist Movement, that's fair. No idea is above challenge. However, much of the criticism received by the WSM accuses us of supporting ideas which are clearly opposed in these pages and the introductory package. Rational criticism requires finding out what the WSM supports before launching into criticism. For an example of completely uninformed criticism, please review the article Assumption and Ignorance vs Reason and Reality.