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The Covenanters: the Scottish Taliban?

In the run-up to the Scottish referendum we conclude our three-part series exposing the myths of Scottish nationalism.

Over 18,000 and possibly as many as 30,000 Scottish Presbyterian...

The Economic Causes of the First World War

Capitalism with its minority ownership of the means of production and distribution, and the resulting economic struggle for profit means the capitalist class has a motive for using armed forces in...

Why the War Was Not Worth Shedding a Single Drop of Working Class Blood

The introduction to our new pamphlet Strange Meeting: Socialism and World War One which brings together articles published in the Socialist Standard at the time.

Although the First World...

Mixed Media: Oh What a Lovely War

The Theatre Royal, Stratford East, London revived in February this year the anti-war musical entertainment Oh What a Lovely War to coincide with the centenary of the outbreak of the First World...

Editorial: World War One – A Disaster for the Working Class

Fifty years ago, on the 50th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, the general opinion expressed by commentators was that it was not something to be spoken about in favourable terms. It was a terrible tragedy not a glorious historical episode.

In those days anti-war sentiments were more widespread than today. Maybe because many were still alive who remembered its horrors. Maybe it was because the main war going on at the time – in Vietnam – was particularly unpopular. In any event, the Military Wives would have stood no chance of topping the charts at Christmas.

Has the Market Superseded Marxian Economics?

Summer School 1998 - 'Marxism Revisited'

Fircroft College, Birmingham

Saturday, 4 July 1998

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The Socialist Party's latest pamphlet

Strange Meeting: Socialism and World War One

The First World War was one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history. Referred to as 'the war to end all wars', it was in fact the prelude to a century of mass killing and new ever more destructive weapons.

Socialists pointed out at the time that there were no working class issues at stake in the war: rather, it was fought as a consequence of rivalry among capitalist powers for markets, trade routes, raw materials and politico-military influence.

This pamphlet contains articles from the Socialist Standard between 1914 and 1918, which set out our principled opposition to the war, together with other material giving an overview of the war, its causes and its effects on working-class lives.

Price: £4.50