Month: September 2022

Against the Left

12th September 2022

Arguing with the Left is not always a useful way for socialists to spend their time,”We’ve got the wrong leadership” is the perpetual cry of the left-wing. Many political groups believe themselves to be the “leaders” of the working-class. We do not. We say that workers should spurn these would-be vanguards and organise for socialism […]

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The Alternative to Capitalism

9th September 2022

The following is the final chapter from the 1986 book, State Capitalism: the Wages System Under New Management, which was co-authored by Adam Buick and the late John Crump.  State capitalism: the wages system under new management – Adam Buick & John Crump | If state capitalism is not socialism, what is? In other […]

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Why Socialism?

7th September 2022

To the World Socialist Movement’s indictment of present-day society there comes back the trite answer of the apologist: “It works”. Capitalism works. Yes, but so did chattel slavery and feudalism. They went, nevertheless. Even the complex machinery of the present-day, which not only works but works with a high degree of efficiency, is often ruthlessly […]

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6th September 2022

Para muchos trabajadores, el nacionalismo, como algunos otros prejuicios, es solo otra idea extraña que queda del pasado. Sin embargo, muchos otros todavía se identifican con países y naciones. Por lo tanto, el nacionalismo todavía juega un papel importante en mantener a los trabajadores divididos. Algunos tratan de hacer una distinción entre patriotismo y nacionalismo: […]

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Then and Now

5th September 2022

A look back at the present day from a future time when socialism has been established. How we live and how we used to live Then It is strange to visualise now that the world up to and including the early years of this century was caught in a stranglehold of economic competition, national political boundaries […]

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But what about the wage-price spiral?

4th September 2022

(This is an unabridged version of an article by Mike Schauerte that appeared in the September 2022 issue of Socialist Standard.) Foundation of the spiral argument In nearly every media interview in recent months, Mick Lynch, general secretary of the  National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers in the UK, has had to field a […]

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Myanmar’s Spring Revolution: A Socialist Analysis

3rd September 2022

Background Information The Tatmadaw (Myanmar’s military junta) detained State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and took control of the government on February 1st. This coup is not the first in Myanmar’s history. Following independence, a civil war between various ethnic groups with disparate interests began to escalate. In 1962, General Ne Win, a military leader, […]

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A History of Meanings

2nd September 2022

Socialism, communism, social democracy, revolution… The diverse and shifting meanings attached to words like these cause endless confusion and misunderstanding. Why is it so difficult for people to agree on what they mean? How did all the muddles arise?  On this blog, the World Socialist Movement tries to clarify the matter by tracing the history of such terms […]

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¿Distorsionó Lenin a Marx?

1st September 2022

11 de noviembre de 1982, Biblioteca Central de Islington, Debate entre Steven Coleman – El Partido Socialista de Gran Bretaña, argumentando Sí y Monty Johnstone – El Partido Comunista de Gran Bretaña argumentando No. Steve Coleman, Partido Socialista de Gran Bretaña Gracias, señor Presidente, camaradas y amigos. Permítanme comenzar citando una carta que fue enviada […]

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