The Socialist Cooperative Commonwealth 1/8

Our goal remains always the same — socialism, the substitution for the present capitalist system of the cooperative commonwealth. Let us weigh anchor and set sail for the cooperative commonwealth. Let us hoist our sails and sail straight for the cooperative commonwealth. The sun shines upon us and the wind blows our way. The future is ours. We urge the workers to continue and strengthen their participation in the universal struggle for emancipation from the economic masters of the world and the establishment of the socialist commonwealth. We are convinced that the people are ready for the approach of the cooperative commonwealth.

The World Socialist Movement intends to use all its influence, (albeit, at this moment in time, that is very little) toward the socialist cooperative commonwealth and against capitalist ownership. As socialists, we teach that the lives and conduct of men and women are governed by their economic interests, and we think we meet this principle when we point to the economic gain, the material reward involved in securing the establishment of the cooperative commonwealth which must be built; not by the magic of wishing but by the brain and brawn of the workers. The word “comrade” expresses worldwide unity, stronger than national or religious ties. There is no more urgent task today. There is no hope for fellow workers except by the path indicated by world socialists, the advocates of the cooperative commonwealth. The socialist cooperative commonwealth is entirely within the realm of the possible. 

We, therefore, call upon all to muster under the banner of the World Socialist Parties, so that we may be ready to conquer capitalism by making use of our political liberty and by taking possession of State power, so that we may put an end to the present barbarous struggle, by the abolition of capitalism, the restoration of the land, and of all the means of production, transportation, and distribution, to the people as a collective body, and the substitution of the cooperative commonwealth for the present state of unplanned production, commercial competition, and social strive — a commonwealth which, although it will not make every person equal physically or mentally, will give to every worker the free exercise and the full benefit of his or her abilities, multiplied by all the modern factors of civilisation and ultimately inaugurate the universal brotherhood of mankind. The cooperative commonwealth is the inevitable, inexorable product of the evolution of society. There is no power in capitalism, nor in the universe, that can prevent the consummation of a united and harmonious socialist movement in the cooperative commonwealth. Socialism means a more perfect and equitable distribution of the products of labour; cooperation instead of competition; common ownership of land, capital, and all the means of production and distribution. It proclaims the coming of the cooperative commonwealth to take the place of wage slavery. 

As a remedy for this pernicious system the World Socialist Movement is organised with its object to achieve the cooperative commonwealth, where men and women would stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder for the uplifting of our common humanity. Working people should be ashamed to follow leaders. They may betray them. Ignorance is slavery. Knowledge is freedom. The working class shall unite all its energies to destroy the present capitalist system and establish the cooperative commonwealth. The world has been brought to the verge of ruin, and humanity has been degraded beyond the power of language to describe. To one whose sensibilities are not wholly dead a mere contemplation of the horror of our social life is sickening and shocking. The time has come for social revolution and regeneration. This is only possible through a new and global-wide change of system. We will establish the cooperative commonwealth in harmony with the planet. Socialist ideas will leap over borders and permeate others, and thus the tide will sweep in all directions until the old barbaric system of capitalism has been destroyed. All the constituent parties of the World Socialist Movement stand for a cooperative commonwealth system as the substitute for the wage system.

However, as realists, socialists realise that world socialism seems distant and only the optimist expects the imminent arrival of socialism and the cooperative commonwealth. But to judge it as unsuccessful is to reproduce the common and tempting error of thinking that history moves according to the rhythm and tempo of individual human lives. It does not. The WSM’s significant contribution to the attempt to replace capitalism with a better form of social organisation has been its commitment to original socialist principles. It has boldly defied the enemies of freedom, the oppressors of the people, the exploiters of the working class, and the foes of all humanity. Let us in one mighty effort hasten the end of capitalism and herald the inauguration of the cooperative commonwealth.