No to Nationalistic Nonsense

10th May 2021

“The revolutionary proletariat will have neither to keep its ancient nationalities nor to constitute new ones, because by becoming free it will abolish classes: the world will be its fatherland.” – Paul Lafargue Socialist history show that the ideals behind it has never fully left the consciousness of working people. We continue to suffer exploitation, in the workplace […]

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2021 May Day Statement

1st May 2021

Once again we celebrate May Day, the international festival of the working class. These May Day celebrations are small in comparison to the great numbers and strength of our class. But throughout the world, in every major industrial centre, workers are uniting. Today is our day, the day when the solidarity of the working people is expressed […]

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A Ray of Socialist Hope

26th April 2021

The World Socialist Movement (WSM) was founded to strive for a better world with an economy based on common ownership. Today, however, socialism has  been equated with state wage-slavery. The absence of private companies or individual capitalists, being substituted by government ownership or control, is now viewed as “socialism”.  The term “socialism” has long been associated with the USSR and although it was never socialist, we keep on […]

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The Hope of Humanity

19th April 2021

“The basic law of capitalism is you or I, not you and I.” Karl Liebknecht Whoever travels across the world can see the magnificence of its beauty and will also encounter its bountiful natural resources in sufficient abundance to adequately supply the needs of all. It could be a paradise for people. But our planet is not a paradise for the […]

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One World, One Humanity

11th April 2021

Society cannot exist without the working-class. It is the working-class which puts into operation the world’s formidable know-how and technology. Yet the riches collectively produced are appropriated by individual capitalists. Socialism is not a reform, it is a revolution. We are not reformers — we are revolutionaries.We mean by revolutionary the capture of political power by the working class as […]

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5th April 2021

The World Socialist Movement, like Marx and Engels, use the names “communism” and “socialism” to mean the same relation of production. Marx and Engels had used the two names alternately to signify the post-revolutionary democratic world system of “cooperative”, “communal”, or universal ownership. Why they preferred communist identity at the beginning of their studies and organization whilst socialist at the end remains well stated in […]

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One Humanity. A World Without Borders

29th March 2021

We live on a planet which has the potential to adequately feed, house and provide clean water and decent medical care for every single man, woman and child.  The resources exist to banish poverty and squalor forever. World socialism could end hunger immediately, and provide the conditions for material security for all within a very short time. Our capabilities are […]

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We Are The World Socialist Movement

22nd March 2021

Month after month, year after year, our fellow-workers appear to be satisfied with the capitalist system — or perhaps too apathetic —to want to put an end to it. They seem to look with an almost fatalistic resignation upon its continuance, despite  having to suffer the anxieties and indignities of that system. Workers feel powerless to deal with the vital questions […]

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Lest We Forget

15th March 2021

We cannot let March pass away without a reference to an event of great significance in the history of the working class movement. 2021’s March has some important dates in socialist history. In Germany it is the 150th anniversary of the birth of Rosa Luxemburg and a hundred years since the abortive March Action by the Communist […]

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Sex in a free society

8th March 2021

From the Winter 1985-6 issue of the World Socialist It is a myth to believe that only the wealthy suffer from sexual and neurotic problems. My work as a Reichian psychotherapist allows me a glimpse of people’s private lives, their joys and their misery. There is an enormous amount of shame, self-loathing and guilt. Some feel […]

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