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The medallion system regulates the yellow taxis serving New York City: since 1937, each vehicle has needed a medallion in order to legally operate. Few taxi drivers own theirs; most lease them, paying around $100 for one 12-hour shift. The limited number of medallions issued by the city made each one highly valuable; individual medallion sale prices went from $50,000 in the late 1970s to over $
7 min ago
An interesting observation on the Commondreams website by Jim Hightower. "To be clear, it’s not robots that are taking our jobs, but corporate profiteers. They’re creating a robot economy in order to displace you and me with inexpensive machines that don’t demand higher wages or health care, don’t take sick days or vacations, and don’t organize unions, file lawsuits, or vote for pro-worker
3 hours 15 min ago
About 15 million people have no pension savings and face a bleak future in retirement. 31% of UK adults have no private pension provision and will have to rely entirely on the state in their retirement. The full state pension is £159.55 per week, but that is only available to individuals who have a complete record of national insurance contributions. Even among those with a company pension, the
6 hours 18 min ago
They have abandoned their previous economic activities, which include smallholder agriculture and livestock keeping and embraced gold mining in the hope of turning around their fortunes. Their hopes are still alive as they believe their efforts will finally meet a Good Samaritan who will buy their gold at a good price but unfortunately several years on, they have not recouped their investment.
12 hours 24 min ago
Pollution is deadly. So why does the environment continue to be abused and neglected? Always the refrain "It's terrible. Something needs to be done!" Ans as another report revels the continuing damage to the world and its people, there is another chorus of indignant "It's terrible. Something needs to be done!"  If things are so bad, why isn't it being fixed? The simple answer is that our
15 hours 24 min ago