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Charlotte O'Brien, a senior lecturer in law at the University of York, exposes some myths about EU immigration. The overall impact of EU migration is beneficial to the UK. EU migrants are more likely to be in work than UK nationals. And, according to the UCL Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration, EU migrants provide a net economic benefit of £22bn. As the LSE Centre for Economic
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"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation." - Herbert Spencer
Sympathy with Corbyn for the way the media have treated him as a person is one thing, but support for his reformist Old Labourite policies which failed in the 60s and 70s is another.
Capitalist, left,  right or centre, politicians, can only deceive themselves that they can alleviate in some way the inevitable concomitants of a capitalist society, of war (business by other means) and poverty (absolute or relative). Capitalism cannot be reformed, no matter however noble or ignoble the politician.
It is time long past for a brand new post-capitalist social system. One which is owned by us all, in which production is for use and not for sale.
In a socialist society, a real one, not a capitalist reformist pretend one, we won't need any classes or political leadership, as we will have local, regional and global control over all the means and instruments for producing and distributing wealth, in a commonly owned world, of production for use and free access, "From each according to their abilities to each according to their needs", with recallable delegates where we need to delegate administrative tasks.
They have been baby-stepping since 1906. As the left-wing of capitalism, they baby-stepped workers into war, baby-stepped their strikes with the army. (Attlee had the troops out 8 times)
Any reforms inside capitalism are made when the capitalist class are afraid of a social revolution, after wars etc., if there is a boom, even when there is not any real evidence of that happening.
There is no gradualist road to socialism.  That is a reformist delusion which keeps capitalism tickety-boo, as a caring wage-slave master, who frets about the cost and efficacy of his munificence, (welfare etc.) set against the surplus value which will accrue to him or here or them.
A social revolution will only happen when the majority make it happen. It won't be the work of Leftist leaders, but the conscious action of the immense majority asserting their common possession of the world and everything in it,and on it, to abolish ownership by individuals, the state, corporations and share its abundance in common with fellow human beings worldwide. with no ruling elites or classes.
We do not need to be led, we need a majority.
Educate! Agitate! Organise!
You didn't have man-made poverty in the midst of plenty. Famine amongst food being available for export.
The Iraq war was not fought simply to overthrow a brutal dictator—though this surely happened — nor even to stop the spread of chemical and biological weapons - those didn't exist. It was fought over a key energy source - oil. The chief aim was to secure future supplies of such energy resources. In other words, the Iraq war was no different from any of the wars that have taken place in modern times. It was a business war.
War is fought for the interests and advantages of the ruling class, fought to protect or extend capitalist profits. Of course, no ruling class will ever admit going to war for such sordid motives. Every war has to be justified as a ‘righteous’ and ‘just’ war reluctantly resorted to for ‘humanitarian’ reasons or in defence of international ‘justice’, otherwise, no worker would sacrifice their lives or surrender their liberties so willingly.
Many assume Hitler was the sole cause of the Second World War and all the associated horrors. This is a gross oversimplification. Germany in the 1930's wasn’t suddenly corrupted by Hitler’s charisma. The political tensions and strife were all there, results of a previous world war and a great depression. Hitler was just able to capitalise on this. But if he hadn’t there’s nothing to say that nobody else would. Elimination of the main figurehead won’t necessarily prevent events that were as much a product of the wider socio-political context...and don't forget also the 'war science' of Nagasaki and Hiroshima upon a civilian population, done by liberal democracy, the 'good guys'. Still picking sides for another go too.
Socialism has never existed, as it is a post-capitalist, production for use, commonly owned, priceless, waged slavery free, democratically controlled, global system of free access.
In the absence of elite social classes, the administration is over things, locally, regionally and globally by the people themselves rather than by government over people, using recallable delegation where necessary.
You may be confusing post-feudal revolutions, (Russia, China) introducing state capitalism, or attempts to regulate capitalism by reforms, as 'socialistic'' in some way. All doomed to fail but as failures of capitalism, which cannot be reformed despite politicians promises or aspirations.
It must be replaced. It has outlived its usefulness in developing the means of production and educating its waged slaves, who already run it from top to bottom.
All that is required is the political mature decision of the majority, to seize ownership and control of the means of producing and distributing wealth, from the parasite class (private, corporate or state) and make ownership common, using the Achilles heel of capitalist political democracy, to usher in an age of super-abundance with production for use and not for sale.
Nothing is forever, including capitalism. It is an obsolete and outmoded method of production. It can never satisfy human needs while retaining private, corporate or state ownership of resources and the means and instruments for producing wealth as its mode of production, can only satisfy market requirements and not human needs. The ideas of capitalism, overthrowing feudal relations and the Divine Right of Kings, would have seemed a fantasy in feudal times.
The bourgeois democracy brought in by capitalism, is its own Achilles heel. The educated working class who presently produce all of the wealth, but do not own it, who run capitalism from top to bottom, yet it is not in their own interests, but the interests of a privileged minority, will dig the grave of capitalism.
The wealth producers. 99%, are compelled to wage-enslaved production (for sale) of wealth for the 1% capitalist parasitic class. The interests of the 99% lies in removing ownership and control from the 1% and establishing a commonly owned society. Workers have never controlled production so many are confusing demand-led, state control with its antithesis, production for use and common ownership. It is workers who run capitalism from top to bottom and who make decisions on their behalf, so you are placing the capitalist class, whether, state, corporation or private, in an exalted position only due to their ownership.
Nothing will stop an idea which time has come.
"The paradise of the rich is made out of the hell of the poor." - Victor Hugo
We have a world to win. Dissolve all governments and elect yourselves.
"From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs"

Wee Matt
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“All they are actually doing – and I shall get into trouble for this – is metering and billing. They are not making the stuff,”  Roger Witcomb, who led the Competition and Markets Authority’s two-year investigation into the UK’s energy industry, has suggested that suppliers’ profits are far too high, as much as five times higher, given their limited role in metering and billing customers.
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A report, published today by the Commons Work and Pensions and Business committees, once more highlights what the committees describe as “the unacceptable face of capitalism”. Theresa May will face calls today to act on her promise to get tough on irresponsible business practices by stripping the former BHS boss, Sir Philip Green, of his knighthood. A new report from a group of MPs goes
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Hundreds of refugees have set off marching from the Serbian capital to the Hungarian border in protest against closed borders and European Union restrictions on entry. Human Rights Watch released a report criticising Hungary's treatment of refugees and migrants detained after entering or while attempting to enter its territory. The report claims that a group of 30 to 40 refugees and migrants
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