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One percent of Americans held 39 percent of the nation's wealth in 2016, compared with about 22 percent in 1980.
 Meanwhile, the average annual income for the bottom 50 percent of Americans has stayed at $16,000 per adult over the last four decades, adjusting for inflation.
Most of the increase in wealth at the top has been due to fast-rising incomes among the very richest Americans; while annual income for the one percent has shot up by 205 percent since 1980, the top .001 percent of Americans—only about 1,300 households—have seen their earnings go up by 636 percent.
The top 10 percent of earners hold about 37 percent of wealth in Europe, and the income share captured by the richest one percent in the region has only risen from about 10 percent in 1980 to about 12 percent in 2016
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More than 37,000 homes in Scotland have been left vacant for six months or longer in the past year, according to the latest official statistics.

As of September 2017, there were 1410 more homes left long-term vacant across Scotland than in 2016 - an increase of around 4% on 2016.

Homes are categorised as long-term vacant if they have been empty for at least six months.
These figures do not include second homes or properties with unoccupied exemptions for council tax.
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Toronto City officials recently announced their expanded services for the homeless, this winter. This will be Five short-term-visit centres, providing warm meals, sleeping space and staff with information on how to obtain permanent housing. The total of beds for the homeless will be 5,656. The response to this largesse was swift and critical, which came under the heading of totally inadequate. Rafi Aaron, of the Interfaith Coalition to Fight Homelessness, said,''The answer lies in the creation of more permanent shelters with support services that address the root causes of homelessness, such as mental health and addiction and a major increase in low income and affordable housing options.'' I guess it wouldn't occur to folk like Mr. Aaron to address the cause of mental health and addiction, or for that matter, homelessness itself. For socialism, Steve, Mehmet, John & contributing members of the SPC.
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Mark Lowcock, UN's humanitarian chief, told its Insecurity Council. on October 30, that 13 million people in Syria, who have fled their homes because of the war, have limited access to basic needs, such as food and health care. Yet people persist in telling me a Socialist Society would degenerate into chaos. Hooray for Capitalism. For socialism, Steve, Mehmet, John & contributing members of the SPC.
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Almost 100 million people are pushed into extreme poverty each year because of debts accrued through healthcare expenses.  The World Health Organization and the World Bank on Wednesday, found the poorest and most vulnerable people are routinely forced to choose between healthcare and other necessities for their household, including food and education, subsisting on $1.90 (£1.40) a day.
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