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More than 250,000 Scottish children live in relative poverty. 

Last year, a record number of food parcels were handed out to users of food banks in Scotland.

 In Glasgow’s “corridor of death”, a seven-mile stretch from west to east, male life expectancy drops by more than 20 years.

Now, Scots are being asked to “sponsor a child” this summer – by buying uniforms for deprived youngsters in their own communities.

The Back to School Uniform Bank network in Scotland aims to provide free school shoes, ties and blazers among other essentials for primary and secondary pupils from disadvantaged communities. Edinburgh School Uniform Bank received more than 100 offers after issuing an appeal last weekend.
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New Zealand top rich-lister Graeme Hart's wealth rose $500m to $7.5b, and again he is  at number one.  The total value of the Rich List jumped 10 per cent since 2016, worth over $80 billion. National Business Review editor, Duncan Bridgeman, said, "boom times" had continued for the rich. "The rich get richer and the rich are having a really successful period at the moment." Top 10 New
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Samburu herders in Kenya are fighting for control of 17,000 acres of land that a former president sold to become a national park. Human-wildlife conflicts are intensifying amid climate change and population growth.  The Samburu, a semi-nomadic people with the same language and culture as the Maasai, claim ownership of the disputed ranch in Kenya's troubled Laikipia County, saying they squatted
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Nearly half of DR Congo’s 26 provinces are affected by inter-communal conflict, armed violence, natural disasters and disease.  2017 has already seen an outbreak of famine in South Sudan, and looming famine in Somalia, northeast Nigeria and Yemen. Kasaï is poised to be the epicentre of the next food crisis.  As the one-year anniversary of the Kasaï conflict nears, over 1.4 million people have
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British households' financial situation has deteriorated at the fastest rate in three years this month. Financial data company IHS Markit said its monthly Household Finance Index dropped to 41.8 from June's 43.7, its lowest since July 2014, reflecting an ongoing squeeze on household incomes as inflation rises faster than wages. "There are signs that squeezed household budgets and worries about
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