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 Secretary-General Antonio Guterres that Saudi Air Defenses intercepted two Houthi ballistic missiles launched from inside Yemeni territory targeting densely populated civilian areas in Riyadh, the Saudi capital. No one was killed, but an earlier attack, on March 26, 2018, killed one Egyptian worker in Riyadh and an April 28 attack killed a Saudi man. Unlike the unnumbered victims of the Saudis
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Women working on tea plantations in northeast India earn a "pitiful" $2 a day and live in "appalling" conditions with almost no toilets, according to a report released on Tuesday by the British charity Traidcraft Exchange. Workers in the tea-growing state of Assam were paid 137 rupees ($2) a day, far below the minimum wage of 250 rupees. More than half are women. Assam is the largest producer
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'Populism vs the Real Class Struggle'  Saturday, 26 May - 2:00pm Venue: Friends Meeting House,  6 Mount Street,  Manchester, M2 5NS Populism makes a distinction between 'the people' and 'the elite'. This talk will raise the question of how valid this is, by focusing on how these concepts of people and elite are defined by populists.  Does it correspond to the division in
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The US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has claimed that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is carrying out “assassination operations in the heart of Europe.” The claim has bewildered security experts and Iranian exiles, who say they are not aware of any evidence for the allegation. Asked about Pompeo’s statement, the state department spokeswoman, Heather Nauert, said: “He has information and access to
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The Socialist Party is well aware of the fact that brutality leads to more brutality. We wrote in a Socialist Standard article to beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.  "The Myanmar army, the Tatmadaw, who had never really yielded their power to the civilian government, engaged in the brutal repression of dissent, pushing some Rohingya to call for an armed uprising to stop the oppression. The
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