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Americans were told the US had to invade Iraq because Saddam Hussein was an evil dictator. It had to bomb Libya because Muammar Gaddafi was an evil dictator. Today, Americans are told that we should support jihadists in Syria because Bashar al-Assad is an evil dictator and that North Korea's Kim Jong-un and Russia's Vladimir Putin, too, are evil dictators. According to Freedom House's rating
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We've all heard of North Korea's threats to send a nuclear missile to America and Trump's "Locked and Loaded," reply. Many may ask, "But why would capitalists anywhere risk a nuclear war with its American competitors? That would be insanity gone ballistic." To answer a question with one – since when have sanity and

capitalism gone hand in hand? John Ayers.
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On August 4, Stats Canada revealed the unemployment rate in Canada had fallen in July from 65% to 6.3, which was its lowest since the financial crisis of 2008.

The next day the press was jubilant; the Toronto Star said "It was one of the lowest rates we've seen in the last 2 decades." Ontario Economic Development Minister, Brad Dueuid, was no less ecstatic, "The numbers show Ontario's economy continues to grow at an impressive rate."

What these celebrants fail to realise is that there still "is" unemployment, which "is" a symptom of capitalism and will always exist, no matter how it fluctuates, within capitalism. John Ayers.

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The European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC), an umbrella organisation representing 29 national academies in Europe, including the Royal Society in the UK, branded homeopathy “nonsense” and warned the “promotion and use of homeopathic products risks significant harms”. In a 12-page statement, the group summarised extensive scientific research and concluded that homeopathy is
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 Haitians are fleeing to Canada from the U.S. in fear of being deported to Haiti, now the Trump administration is considering ending the temporary protected status program. At a news conference on August 3, Quebec Immigration Minister, Kathleen Weil said there were roughly 50 requests for asylum a day, between July 1 and July 19 and now it is about 150 a day. She said Quebec had already received 6,500 asylum seekers by the end of June and is on track to have 12,000 by the end of the year. Of course it will be difficult for federal and provincial governments to find them jobs and houses. Montreal's Olympic Stadium has been set up to accommodate as many as 600 until mid-September. Another of the many crazy situations which capitalism by its very nature throws up. John Ayers.

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