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THE REAL TERRORISTS Most terrorists are amateurs, Compared with rulers of the State; Those purblind deaf-dumb connoisseurs, At sending thousands to their fate. The use of drones and missiles means, Such ‘statesmen’ hide behind closed doors; And never see the killing scenes, Of innocents on foreign shores. Thus when the ‘Free’ West interferes, In the
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Socialism focuses the attention of the world on the grave evils of the capitalist system that something needs to be done about. Those social evils are not bred in the heart of man but are bred by capitalism, and by nothing else. Socialism is not a mere reform movement. Capitalism is based on private property, the ownership by a minority of the population of the means of production and exchange. The capitalist class is defined in no other way – and maintained in no other way – except by the ownership of the means of production and exchange. This ownership is what gives the capitalist class power of life or death over the working class and over society as a whole. To live, you, the working person, must not only work for the owners of the means of production and exchange – you must guarantee them a profit. Working for them is not enough; a profit is absolutey required for you to get your job; and that profit can be obtained in no other wise except by exploiting that which is your only real possession – namely your physical or mental capacity to work. That is all the worker has. To live economically, the capitalist must accumulate; not that he wants to or doesn’t – he must accumulate in order to live. To accumulate, he must be assured profit. To profit, he must exploit labour. There is no other way. Capital always seeks to intensify exploitation; labour always and necessarily seeks to resist exploitation. Capitalism seeks what is rightfully its own, from its point of view: the maximum that it can get out of the worker. Labour seeks what is rightfully its own: that’s why it forms class organisations, labour unions. Wealth is produced in no other way than by the labour of working people, then the wealth belongs rightfully to the workers. A revolution of working people who have nothing, against capitalists who have everything in superabundance, is the objective of the Socialist Party. The principle of social ownership of the means of production, ownership and control of the means of production by the whole people, by the producers, is our goal and for us the fullest achievement of democracy: the assurance of material abundance for all by wiping out classes.  Capitalism cannot guarantee security to the people, cannot guarantee peace to the people, cannot guarantee brotherhood to the people, cannot guarantee abundance to the people. Any social system which cannot guarantee those to the people stands condemned. The only way to replace capitalism is by socialism.?alt=rss
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Every day we feel the effects of climate change—a crisis we did little to create. Today, the people of the world are saying ‘enough is enough’. COP21 climate conference has been billed, like the last several, as the most important climate meeting ever. The goal, like that of past COPs, is to have governments commit to taking steps to cut carbon dioxide emissions in order to limit
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New data showing that the wealthiest 10th of New Zealanders own more than half of all assets, while the poorest 50% have just 4%. The average New Zealand working person earns $10,000 less than they would if they had kept their early 1990s share of income. World Socialist Party (New Zealand): New Website New E-mail
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"Mississippi Yearning" is an article in The Toronto Star, October 19, that describes that the state is America's poorest and sickest state but where, unbelievably, opposition to Obama's health care reforms are fierce. A comment in a barber shop gives some indication of the level of understanding of health care, "Nobody should be handed high quality (health care) coverage simply because they happen to live in America. If you want insurance, get a damned job and pay for it. That's the way I look at it, it's not my job or anyone else's job to pay for their insurance." Unfortunately that's a pretty typical attitude showing a complete lack of understanding of the situation. Presumably he is quite happy to drive on roads that somebody else has paid for and will accept government social programs. Eighty- nine per cent of those who have fallen into the 'health coverage gap' are from the South. The Republican ideal scores heavily in such areas of extreme ignorance! John Ayers

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