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While underpaid American workers struggle with the basic needs of health and housing, households at the other end are each taking millions of dollars of  wealth, mostly from the surging stock market, tax-free until the stocks are cashed in.  The average 1% household made nearly $2.6 million in the 12 months to mid-2017. Mostly from the stock market. The U.S.A. increased its wealth by over $8.5
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 CBS News’ 60 Minutes (11/19/17) "in depth" reporting of the Yemen humanitarian crisis did not once mention the direct role the United States played in creating, perpetuating and prolonging a crisis that’s left over 10,000 civilians dead, 2 million displaced, and an estimated 1 million with cholera.  The US media frequently ignore America's role in the conflict altogether. Correspondent Scott
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£12,200 a year is the average spending on a privately educated primary pupil, compared with £4,800 on a state pupil.  For secondary schools, it’s £15,000 compared with £6,200.
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Ex-Minister, Priti Patel, lied about her Israel visit & Bojo’s wordsresulted in a woman receiving a doubled prison sentence in Iran.Boris has a history of gaffes & being economical with the truth.
What's with these politicians who,Insist on being chumps?Such MP's are a motley crew,With grey cells in their rumps.Who clearly think they're not bound by,The usual social rules;And who prevaricate and lie,And take us all for fools.
So would  you buy a used gun from,Ex-Minister Patel?She’d probably charge you a bomb,For such materiel! (1)Some say she looks quite devious,And someone you can't trust; (2)Too foxy and quite envious,And with a power lust.
And Boris Johnson, Eton clot,That would-be Churchill clone;Who fantasises quite a lot,And thus is blunder prone.Does he believe, this rank poltroon,That he’s this era’s sage?This man who's merely a buffoon,And hates to be backstage!
So what makes both these reprobates,Think that they're qualified;To regulate all of our fates,When both of them have lied?Most MP’s when they’ve just begun,Claim their job’s doing good;But they soon vote for number one,And their own livelihood!
(1) Patel is staunchly pro-Israel and wanted Britainto fund an Israeli Army hospital for Syrian refugees.
(2) She was a former big tobacco lobbyist whovoted against an EU tobacco control directive.
© Richard Layton
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Drug company Concordia overcharged the NHS by millions for a key thyroid treatment, the Competition and Markets Authority has provisionally found. The CMA said that last year the NHS spent £34m on its drug, liothyronine, up from about £600,000 in 2006. The amount the NHS paid per pack rose from around £4.46 in 2007 to £258.19 by July 2017, an increase of almost 6,000%. The price of a single
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