Socialist Review

George Dolphy met the SPGB during his stay in Birmingham in the late 1950s, when he attended the local Branch, and he returned home to Jamaica a convinced socialist. He formed a small group and produced the country's first socialist journal. The Socialist Review. After publishing ten issues, between 1970 and 1974, the group dispersed for various reasons and

Socialist Review No. 01

Editorial Comment

This publication supports no political party in this country, also we do not support any existing social system practised in the world.

We are the offspring of the Socialist Party of Great Britain, and its companion parties in America, Australia Ireland, New Zealand,. and Austria. We call ourselves Socialist, Although you have heard this word before, we shall prove in time, that our conception of socialism is completely different from any individual, or organisation that bear this name.

Socialist Review No. 02

Principles of socialism

Socialism is a world-wide social system in which the means of production will belong in common to mankind and will be controlled by them for their own benefit. Production will be carried on solely to satisfy human needs. The wages system, buying and selling and money will disappear. In their place the principle "from each is best, to each his need" will operate.

Socialism can only be achieved by political means. At present the capitalists are able to keep their privilege position because they

Socialist Review No. 03

Population and food supply

The hysteria over the so called population explosion have caught up with us here in Jamaica. The posters are all over the place telling young women "you dont have to get pregnant". On a different level we are told by scientist that population growth is so outstripping food supply, and living space, that we will all starve to death if we dont reduce our birth rate in a hurry. The present world population is estimated at 4 Billion, with a 2% annual increase.

Against the background of this increased population, and the millions

Socialist Review No. 04

Sunshine and shadow

In comparing the sunny climate of a West Indian Island with the grimy industrial areas of Britain; one would expect to find some powerful motive that compels large numbers of the citizens of Jamaica, for instance; to emigrate from that holiday oriented isle to the damp, overcrowded, chilling in winter, dismal concrete "scenery" of Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield Leeds or London.

Such a motive can be expressed in one word;-----Employment! Yes, Siree! Employment is the operative word that robs a man or woman of the

Socialist Review No. 05

Editor’s Note. The following article is taken from "The Western Socialist”, no. 6 1970. It deals with education and the problem it creates under capitalism. Although it might seem remote to us now, it is well to remember that other developing countries like India, and Ceylon have large numbers of university graduates who cant find any employment.

Socialist Review No. 06

The psychology of crime

Crime, in particular robbery with violence is now so rampart in our society that everyone, from the politican to the parson has expressed their views as to its cause and possible cure. Some claim that young people are lazy, and are not interested in work. Others advocate stiffer penalties for those found guilty. No one seem to see any connection between crime and the private property relation­ship of society. About 95 per cent of all crime is against property, this is no accident.

Socialist Review No. 07

The word game

The double standard of capitalism is well exemplified by the function advertising play in society. The efforts of people like teachers, who continually tell us the virtue of being satisfied with our lot, and the professionals of advertising who reply that we should not be, that such a thing is vital for us to have. To encourage us to be thoroughly dissatisfied, they appeal to vanity, encourage greed, play up fears (the break in television programmes make many people more uneasy than any programme could) incite envy, and even descend to downright

Socialist Review No. 08

Economic crisis

The government have recently outlined a programme to prevent what they call an "economic crisis". They tell us that we have been spending too much abroad, and at the same time not producing enough here, to pay for these things. They have imposed a ban on various things from food stuff, to radio sets. Loans from banks have been tightened up, and we are made to feel that we are all in serious economic trouble.(As if working class people dont live with this condition throughout their lives).

Socialist Review No. 10

Ganja and the system

Ganja is big business, that we knew all along, what is perhaps new to most is the fact that plane load of the stuff was being collected here on an almost daily basis! Hardly a week goes by without the discovery of some plane, awaiting its load. This is now said to be the chief avenue where guns enter the country. Not so long ago, an air strip was discovered in the middle of thick forestry! The novelty of the situation makes it pregnant with all kind of meaning.

There is at the moment a loud whisper throughout the island, that