Month: October 2021

The Socialist Cooperative Commonwealth 3/8

8th October 2021

The main features of the world commonwealth are really quite simple. Firstly, the new social system must be world-wide. It must be a World Commonwealth. The world must be regarded as one country and humanity as one people. Secondly, all the people will co-operate to produce and distribute all the goods and services which are needed […]

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The Socialist Cooperative Commonwealth 2/8

6th October 2021

The cooperative commonwealth is realistic. We understand that most people have little interest in making a revolution next week or that making one will be easy. Far from it. Many are daunted by the task and search for short-cuts that only result in dead-ends. But if we are serious about achieving socialism, then we have to […]

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The Socialist Cooperative Commonwealth 1/8

1st October 2021

Our goal remains always the same — socialism, the substitution for the present capitalist system of the cooperative commonwealth. Let us weigh anchor and set sail for the cooperative commonwealth. Let us hoist our sails and sail straight for the cooperative commonwealth. The sun shines upon us and the wind blows our way. The future is ours. We urge […]

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