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    Alan – Are you saying that they’re pro Putin? Certainly there was nothing in the clip that I gave the link for that any socialist could disagree with. That the Ukraine war is a US proxy war is just a fact and that doesn’t make them ‘anti-American’. I’ll continue to research them but if you can link me with any pro Putin content of theirs please do so.


    They aren’t anti-Putin is a better way of saying it, as we clearly are.

    Can you cite where Aaron Mate or Max Blumenthal unequivocally condemn the Putin-ordered invasion?

    I looked at the headlines on the Grayzone website and failed to find any but plenty of articles suggesting the cause was US aggressive actions (something that did contribute which we wouldn’t deny).

    Plenty about Zelensky repressive measures but nothing of Putin’s crackdown on anti-war dissent in Russia.

    It is deceit by omission.

    See Stephen’s Shenfield’s article on the WSPUS website that does try to provide both sides of the story and describes Russia’s equivalent of the Azov Battalion.

    Grayzone did, however, give a platform to the Russian UN ambassador.

    VIDEO: Russian UN ambassador responds to US ‘war propaganda’ in interview w/Grayzone

    I could be generous that in the interests of fair and balanced journalism they sought to be even-handed.

    My impression is that Grayzone reporters view the Russian actions as defensive and engaged in a just war. Western imperialism aka USA is the baddie.

    This is a mirror of the situation in Syria, the Left divided between the Assadists, the Russian intervention and the US/Turkish intervention and the Kurdish Rojava.

    And the same disputes on whether atrocities were false flag black ops and if the White Helmets were genuine humanitarians or a PR exercise. Aaron Mate was vociferous in clearing the Assad regime of any complicity in the chemical weapons use.

    But the real reason the American liberal progressives such as The Young Turks don’t like him is that he denied Russiagate, another topic where he found himself on the same side of the Right-wing Republicans.


    I should have added that I was a regular viewer of Jimmy Dore until he became effectively an anti-vaxxer and critic of Dr Fauci.

    Other progressive web-casts I watch are Katie Halper and Breaking Points.


    Alan – I’m not claiming that Grayzone are socialists but only that their criticism of mainstream western media is correct and that this might represent a little light in the otherwise darkness that is US led western political culture.

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    Wez, as another on the forum would say, the blind leading the blind.

    Yes, they offer an alternative narrative to the mainstream media.

    But it too is a false one of the enemy of our enemy is our friend.


    The 1/6 Committee has all the evidences to take a lot of peoples to jail but they have not done that because they know that Trump is not the only criminal,( The Lone Ranger ) there are many Republicans, probably some Democrats, the military apparatus, members of the capitalist class, and the secret services involvement in the capital attack, but they want to blame the whole thing on the Proud Boys and other militias groups. During the Watergate scandal more than 23 government official were taken to jail and the crime committed by them was smaller than the crime committed by Trumps and his accomplices. The Attorney General is defecating on his own pants and the only official that they have criminally charged is Steve Bannon and he is a small fish compared with the other ones


    ‘Yes, they offer an alternative narrative to the mainstream media.’
    They don’t just offer an alternative – they are contemptuous of US mainstream media for the same reason we are! Their critique of the Ukrainian war maybe biased but their critique of mainstream media is spot on.


    Having done a little more research on Grayzone I found this interview with an ex US diplomat who is very critical of Putin. This would seem to counter the accusation that they do not give a platform to those who criticize Russia and that they ‘practice deceit by omission’.


    A new civil war?


    To kill each other defending the interests of the capitalist class and a stupid leader


    There were Federal laws in the USA that prohibited politicians to take money from corporations, any politician taking money would have faced 5 years in prison

    Several progressive reforms were passed because they were not taking money from corporations and workers pushed them to pass those reforms.

    The laws were eliminated by the politicians and now the USA is a club of multi millionaires and any bill that will affect their financiers will not be passed. The best democracy that money can buy

    PS: During his first election campaign Trump said that he was financing his own campaign but it just a lie, he was getting funds from different corporations and rich individuals, as well Obama said that the workers were financing his campaign but it was also a lie too


    The car becomes the weapon.

    Three Tons of Fascism with a Bull Bar

    #231969 Ku Klux Kan A history of racism and violence.

    Discrimination and racism in the USA against colored started before the formation as a nation, it started with the natives and they went thru a lot of suffering and massacres. Also white peoples were attacked and killed by other white peoples when they helped or provided protection to the natives or to the blacks



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