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    Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene says Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is “a radical communist”

    Steve Bannon suggests that the USA is plotting to assassinate Ukraine’s president Zelenskyy.


    Ironically, most of those ignorants are very popular. those congress peoples they have not read one page of the Communist Manifesto and they are experts on communism


    43% of Americans believe civil war is at least somewhat likely in the next 10 years, according to a new survey – a figure that increases to more than half among self-identified “strong Republicans”

    Among strong Democrats and independents that figure was 40%. But among strong Republicans, 54% said civil war was at least somewhat likely.


    US President Joe Biden’s address to the nation Thursday night, delivered in prime time with Philadelphia’s Independence Hall as the backdrop, was extraordinary both for what he said and what he did not say.

    In the first half of his 24-minute speech, Biden described a nation on the very knife’s edge of dictatorship. “Equality and democracy are under assault, and we do ourselves no favor by saying otherwise,” he said. Donald Trump and his supporters are “a clear and present danger,” who “placed a dagger at the throat of our democracy” on January 6, 2021.

    President Joe Biden arrives with First Lady Jill Biden to speak outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia on September 1, 2022. [AP Photo/Evan Vucci]
    The threat is live. Trump and his network of far-right backers within the state are engaged in “preparation for the 2022 and 2024 elections” to “nullify the votes” of tens of millions of Americans, Biden said.

    While stating that “not every Republican” is a pro-Trump “MAGA Republican,” Biden for the first time declared, “There is no question that the Republican Party today is dominated and intimidated by MAGA Republicans, and that is a threat to this country.”


    American Redoubt is a political migration movement first proposed in 2011 by survivalist novelist and blogger James Wesley Rawles which designates Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming along with parts of Oregon and Washington, as a safe haven for conservative Christians.


    Chris Hedges, an apocalyptic fire and brimstone preacher and political commentator describes American non-democracy.

    Chris Hedges: Stop Pretending US Is a Functioning Democracy

    “…Politics is spectacle, a tawdry carnival act where the constant jockeying for power by the ruling class dominates the news cycles, as if politics were a race to the Super Bowl. The real business of ruling is hidden, carried out by corporate lobbyists who write the legislation, banks that loot the Treasury, the war industry and an oligarchy that determines who gets elected and who does not. It is impossible to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs, the fossil fuel industry or Raytheon, no matter which party is in office…”


    “I really do believe that, going forward, it’s not just going to be MAGA rallies. It’s not just going to be political violence at Proud Boys rallies or leftist rallies or B.L.M. events. It’s going to be political violence at any civic event..”


    Those guys have military weapons but they do not have class consciousness, they just want to fight for a leader, and they might confront a stronger force than them which is the state military forces


    The Trump Religious Cult


    Governor Brian Kemp’s Family
    Brought Slavery to Georgia
    And He’s Signed a Law that Makes Sure You Don’t Know It
    by Greg Palast for Gwinnett Black Magazine, Georgia

    Georgia Governor Brian Kemp does not want you to know that it was his family that first brought enslaved Africans to Georgia.

    The original settlers in Georgia had outlawed slavery until James Habersham — Kemp’s ancestor — won a bloody battle to bring humans in chains to his plantations.



    The Red Wave Crashes on the Rocks of Voter Rejection
    In a contradictory result, voters have rejected the Republican hopes of a “red wave,” instead choosing to protect abortion at the state level and deliver a likely split government.

    Ezra Brain

    November 9, 2022

    While many races remain too close to call — with recounts, run-offs, and challenges on the horizon — the 2022 midterms have delivered one clear message: the so-called red wave that many were expecting did not come to pass. While the GOP may still take the House, the party’s dreams of capturing commanding majorities in both the House and Senate are out of reach as the Democrats hold on to many seats and even flip some important races, such as the Pennsylvania Senate race.

    The 2022 midterms took place at a more right-wing moment than several past elections. Unlike the anti-Trump wave of 2018 and the 2020 election in the wake of BLM, the 2022 midterms have shown the right wing on the advance, most notably at the state level. State Republicans, increasingly in alliance with sectors of the Far Right, have unleashed horrific attacks on basic democratic rights to bodily autonomy, self-identification, and voting. All indicators show that they will continue to do so. Meanwhile, the Democrats, even while holding the entire national government, have failed to defend against these attacks, instead using them to turn fear into votes while moderating their discourse against the Right to appeal to sectors of GOP voters who are not necessarily enthralled by Trumpism.

    PS Despite all the voter suppression and all the law that the Republicans passed to limit the votes of the ‘minority’ the red Tsunami did not take place


    Why Did Mail-in Ballots in Georgia Plunge by One Million?

    Mail in ballot in Georgia plunged

    Why does it always come down to Georgia?

    Why does it always come down to Georgia


    Trump to run in 2024. Speech begins 1.10

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