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No. 1390 June 2020


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The Socialist Standard is a monthly socialist newspaper published without interruption since 1904 by the Socialist Party of Great Britain.

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Open any textbook on economics. The concept of ‘scarcity’ soon appears, maybe even on the first page. And you’ll read that there are scarce resources and unlimited wants, and that economics is the study of the choices that people make to deal with this situation. More >

The coronavirus crisis has demonstrated, as if it needed demonstrating, that it is the working class who keep our society running and create the value in our society, not executives or financiers. More >

One world or many states?

We have been asked for our view on the movement for West Papua to gain independence from Indonesia.

Here is our reply >.

More Economics: the Marginalist Fallacy

What is ‘value’ (economically speaking)? It is a good question and one that has often generated controversy. Classical economists like Adam Smith maintained that a commodity’s value depended on how much labour went into making it. This argument was taken up and refined by Marx. More >


Lesser evil or lose-lose situation?

On the face of it, the lesser evil argument seems only common sense. If you have a choice between something bad and something worse, who would choose the worse? In fact, in everyday life, who does?

In politics it is rather more complicated ..More >

End of an Epoch?

As the first wave of the Covid-19 crisis appears to be abating a little, some commentators have begun to speculate as to longer term consequences. That there will be marked social, economic and, therefore, political impacts is surely beyond doubt. But, how accurately can they be predicted? More >


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Book Reviews

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And of course visitors are very welcome too, and are free to join any online Discord meeting just as they would be free to attend any physical meeting by the Socialist Party or its companion parties. This is a great opportunity to chat to socialists from around the world without leaving your house!

And if anyone is thinking of joining, having a live chat about it with members is much more fun and informative than simply filling in a form on the website.

If you’d like to drop in and chat to us online, or come to one of our talks or other events, just contact Forum Admin for special invite or email spgb@worldsocialism.org.

Contact Forum Admin for special invite or email spgb@worldsocialism.org‘.Check our Audio page for some recordings of these talks.

Note:’Online audio talks can occasionally be patchy due to heavy internet traffic during the virus lockdown, but please don’t give up listening as the interference is only temporary’.

Summer-School-2020 coming soon on Discord

Unfortunately our ‘physical’ Summer School fell prey to lockdown restrictions as Fircroft College had to cancel the booking, but we are going ahead with a ‘virtual’ Fircroft on the Discord platform, so watch this space for further announcements.

The Socialist Party’s 2020 Summer School looks at technological progress and its application in the past, present and future.

This weekend of talks and discussion is an exciting opportunity to share and explore revolutionary ideas with others, through the SPGB’s Discord server. More >