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The Socialist Party is like no other political party in Britain. It is made up of people who have joined together because we want to get rid of the profit system and establish real socialism.

Our aim is to persuade others to become socialist and act for themselves, organizing democratically and without leaders, to bring about the kind of society that we advocate.

We are solely concerned with building a movement of socialists for socialism. We are not a reformist party with a programme of policies to patch up capitalism. More

No. 1386 February 2020

The Socialist Standard is a monthly socialist newspaper published without interruption since 1904 by the Socialist Party of Great Britain.  More   Editorial: Green capitalism – a contradiction in terms

The failure of the UN climate change conference in Madrid in December was predictable….

If there is a known solution, why is it not being applied? More

Corbyn   Jeremy Corbyn: Last Stand of the Left

The supposedly halcyon days of Corbyn’s successful Labour leadership contests in 2015 and 2016 are now but a distant memory as the chants of: ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn!’ fade away like ghosts in the night; another ‘fame to infamy saga’ in the personality cult of contemporary politics. More

Naomi Klein   Green New Deal: No Go
We have seen wildfires in California and Australia. Hurricanes have been ripping apart areas from New Orleans to the Caribbean leaving devastation and death in their wake. More

Green New deal   Green Capitalism: Ideology for Oxymorons
What if there was a way to make capitalism environmentally friendly and more economically robust, in a way that benefited workers in particular? Liberals like Bernie Sanders and celebrity congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (‘AOC’) are claiming that a ‘Green New Deal’ would do just that.


Nigerian workers   Material World: Nigeria: need poverty exist
Of all the myths prevalent about Africa, none is promoted as widely as the idea that overpopulation is the core cause of African poverty. More
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Money? What does it do? Who is to blame? You would need two very long arms to list the problems facing ourselves and this planet today. We all point a finger. It just isn’t us. We’re just going about our business. More

No state, no leaders; a genuine democracy. Common ownership. Abolition of the wages system.

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An Introduction to World Socialism – A Post-Capitalist Society