Voluntary contributions

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Other Payments

The Socialist Party will, as always, be attempting to take every possible opportunity to find and make socialists.

We will be publishing literature (including our monthly journal), sending our ideas across the world via the internet, and trying to access the media in any way that we can including using our online presence in audio and video meetings.

To support all this work we run a busy Head Office in Clapham, London.

All these activities of course need money. We are ordinary men and women who have no access to large funds to support our work, so we are therefore appealing to comrades and those who want to help us put the case for Socialism to send any donations they can afford.

As an open and democratic organisation any funds we receive will be spent on particular activities that our members collectively decide.

But we can promise you that any donations will be used to support the promotion of Socialist ideas – the only purpose of The Socialist Party. Please send your donations (payable to “The Socialist Party of Great Britain”) to:

The Treasurer
The Socialist Party of Great Britain
52 Clapham High Street
London SW4 7UN