Articles For New Members

That as inadequate theoretical and historical knowledge (especially about other movements purporting to oppose capitalism) can lead frustrated and isolated members to seek erroneous alternatives to sound socialist activity, this Conference instructs the EC to arrange without undue delay, the distribution to new members, and other members requesting them, of articles from the Socialist Standard listed (see Annex), together with any other important theoretical articles of which new members should be made aware” (1992 SPGB Conference Resolution).

Date Title

Sep 73 Marx in his Time

Jan 81 Private Property and class possession

Feb 81 Are the managers really in control?

Jun 82 Interpreting Marx

May 80 Karl Marx’s Declaration of Principles

Nov 88 Class struggle, ancient and modern

Nov 86 Socialism and Democracy

Apr 87 State Capitalism

Oct 87 Leninist State vs World Socialism

Sep 85 Marx: money must go

Dec 83 Marx’s financial articles

Jul 85 Markets, monopoly and war

Mar 84 William Morris: life and times

Feb 84 Morris and the problem of reform or revolution

Nov 86 William Godwin, Shelley and communism

Dec 67 What is anarchism?

Oct 86 Syndicalism: its origin and weaknesses

Apr 84 Abundance is feasible

Dec 87 Socialism and Calculation

Jan 89 Socialism now

Dec 89 Modern technology and socialism

Aug 89 Socialism means one world

Aug 87 One green world

Mar 61 The Kier Hardie myth

Feb 85 What causes famines?

Mar 85 How many die of famine?


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