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    — Donald Trump has announced a new campaign proposal on United States immigration — barring “communists” and “Marxists” from entering the country.

    The Republican former president, who is making another bid in 2024, on Saturday said he would use “Section 212 (f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act” to “order my government to deny entry to all communists and all Marxists.”

    The announcement was reminiscent of Trump’s ban on travelers from several predominantly Muslim countries during his first term, which was heavily criticized as anti-Muslim and ultimately revoked by President Joe Biden.

    Another one who should read his Karl Marx


    An Egyptian I knew in Switzerland told me that when he went to renew his visa to the U.S., he was asked what political parties he belonged to. When he replied that he didn’t belong to any, he was told to list all the political parties he didn’t belong to!!!


    During the Cold War the USA ambassadors in several countries in Latin America instructed the governments to place a rubber stamp on the passports which says that the holder of the passport was not allowed to travel to Russia and it satellite, and anybody visiting those countries were placed under arrest at the airport.

    Besides controlling the lands, they also controlled the seas and the sky, and then the competition of Moscow Radio which was the voice of the americas radio was saying that the USA was the champion of world freedom and democracy, the other side has its own speech too, the same dogs wearing different collars

    Young peoples studying at the Patrice Lumumba university in Moscow several of them were placed under arrest and some were never found when they came back after graduation, some became right wingers or joined the Maoist movement There is a travel ban to cuba, but there was not a travel ban to Chile, or Argentina.

    PS During the time of Marx and Engels communism was not a threat, and the phrase used on the Communist Manifesto was not true either, he took the expression from a French writer


    Workers in the USA believe everything that their leaders and their politicians tell them, it is just political advertisings like selling a commercial product which need new customers, communism has never been a threat for the capitalist class, the fear has been used to obtain votes for the election, even more, the historical period when the CPUSA had many members it was not a threat either, and the coalition that pushed Roosevelt to implement the new deal was not a threat, they just wanted reforms, to fight for state benefits, gender rights and racial equality is not communism. Richard Wolf has said that the coalition was a communist coalition, it was a coalition of reformers, it was a beauty parlor to add more cosmetics to the ugly face of capitalism

    In Cuba, Korea, China and the Soviet Union communism is not a threat. The real threat is capitalism, and fascism is not a threat at the present time in our world, it is a fear also used by the leftists in order to obtain votes for the election and to obtain support from the working class,

    The so called fascists in the USA they did not have money and resources to pay for a lawyer for their criminal defense, and many did not have money to pay their rent, they are poor workers supporting an authoritarian leader, the poor workers are in jail and the real plotters are enjoying their money and they can afford expensive law firms

    In Chile the socialists and communist created the concept of post fascism to be elected and to take government posts including the administration of the armed forces, and the medication has been worst than the diseases, now they are making alliances with the so called fascists, and the right wingers are more popular than the presidents, and probably they are going to be the winners in the next election.

    They made a large campaign for femenism and women rights and one of the woman leader of the movement took a government post and she has taken side with the ruling class, the military, and the right wingers to implement laws against the workers and against the women,

    In any country whereas the leftists have governed for many years, the right wingers are defeating them in the election, and they do not need tanks, military airplanes and soldiers placed in front of the presidential palace to promote a coup when they have a large support from the working class, and they have majority of senators in the congress to pass laws to remove the president.

    In Peru the president was supported by the Leninists and the Stalinists, he had a self coup like Joaquin Balaguer in the Dominican Republic and now he is a prisoner, and the coup was supported by the USA government, like Zelaya in Hondura who was a member of the capitalist class and he became a leftist to receive the support of the Venezuelan government and he was overthrown by Washington during the Obama presidency, the real threat was that the USA did not want the Venezuelan capitalist class to take control of a route toward the Panama Canal passing thru Central America

    They can fool the fools


    Libraries: books out, guns in.

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