In Depth Articles

  • Socialism
  • Information technology, human nature, anthropology, genetic heritage, democracy, cooperation, moneyless distribution

  • Economics
  • What’s wrong with mainstream economics, how profit works, currency cranks, the tax myth, booms and slumps, Marx on labour theory of value, Marx on rate of profit, economic calculation

  • Ownership
  • No Logo, who are the billionaires, two class, US poverty, Yanomami in Brazil,

  • Resources
  • Africa and AIDS, water conflicts, world hunger, natural disasters, renewable energy, scarcity, world without accountants

  • History
  • Balkan wars 1912, WW1 1914, Versailles & League of Nations, Rise of Hitler, Black Hole of Calcutta, Hiroshima, Britain in Palestine, Hungary, Suez, France 1968, Gulf War, primitive communism, past revolutions, causes of two world wars, Russia wasn’t socialist, Indian independence, labour vouchers, industrial unions, Trotskyism debunked

  • Society and Culture
  • Racism in Africa, information society, John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’

  • Socialist Writers
  • Shelley, William Morris, Oscar Wilde, Herbert Marcuse, Rosa Luxemburg, Marx

  • Religion
  • Atheism, religion dying out, religion and the state, racism and class


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