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    Donald Trump running for president on 2024 is the best chance that the Democrats leaders have in order to win the election. He does not have the same popularity that he had during 2016 and despite that, the real winner was Hillary Clinton.

    The MAGA crowd is already divided and many of them are not supporting him anymore, and some of them voted for the democrats during the Midterm election

    The keyboards warriors did not start a new 1776 revolution, and the lawyers did not saturate the courts with hundred of lawsuits


    The UN should send electoral observers to the USA in the same manner that they have sent some to observe the election in Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and Colombia. This is election fraud.


    Trump suffers series of legal blows on taxes, Mar-a-Lago raid.


    De Santis is more backward, and more reactionary than Donald Trump. He is one of the favorite candidates of the Tea Party ( along with Marco Rubio ) which is one of the most reactionary political organization of the USA


    Noam Chomsky

    “One consequence of the neoliberal social-economic policies is collapse of the social order, yielding a breeding ground for extremism, violence hatred, search for scapegoats — and fertile terrain for authoritarian figures who can posture as the savior. And we’re on the road to a form of neo-fascism.”

    Noam Chomsky: “We’re on the Road to a Form of Neofascism”

    “As with fascism, the first question is what we mean by “socialism.” Broadly speaking the term used to refer to social ownership of the means of production, with worker control of enterprises. “Actually existing socialism” had virtually no resemblance to those ideals. In western usage “socialism” has come to mean something like welfare state capitalism, covering a range of options.”


    Noam Chomsky continue with the same fallacy about neoliberalism and fascism, is the same old song and then four years later he asks workers to vote for the so called liberals


    Moore v Harper has come to be seen as an existential threat to functioning democracy in America

    “Moore v Harper is a challenge by North Carolina’s Republican-controlled state legislature to a decision by the state’s Democratic-controlled supreme court, which threw out what the court called an excessively gerrymandered congressional district map that the legislature put forward, saying the map violated a state constitutional law guaranteeing free elections. Unhappy, the legislature adopted what used to be a fringe theory: that state courts don’t have much jurisdiction over election matters at all.
    The “independent state legislature” theory has been put forward only a handful of times over the past hundred years, and even then, only by blatant partisans acting in transparent bad faith.

    But “blatant partisans acting in transparent bad faith” is now a decent description of the supreme court, so the meritless case is being heard …”


    And the keyboard guerrillas fighters are under the bed.

    They were going to confront the forces of the state that are stronger than them,

    The Republican lawyers never filed thousand of pleadings and lawsuit as they were saying

    Now Donald trump is their nightmare and before was their hope, they do not want to be associated with him


    Ron DeSantis Is a Case Study in the Threat of Fascism in the US

    “DeSantis’s lies, policies and embrace of historical revisionism cannot be separated from either an egregious fascist history or the current attempts by the GOP to erase migrants and Black and Brown people from history in order to prop up a white nationalist agenda.”

    #242037 Al Capone was not so lucky, The members of the Black Panthers were all taken to jail and some were killed, and the Second Amendment was not applicable to them.
    New York grand jury votes to indict Trump

    Former President Donald Trump speaks at the Minden-Tahoe Airport in Minden, Nevada, on October 8, 2022. Trumped called for the “termination” of the US Constitution on his Truth Social media site on December 2, 2022.i [AP Photo/José Luis Villegas, Pool, File]
    A grand jury in Manhattan voted Thursday to indict former President Donald Trump for charges stemming from the payment of hush money to adult film actress Stormy Daniels in 2016. The payments were actually made, on the eve of the presidential election, by Trump’s attorney and political “fixer” Michael Cohen, whom Trump then reimbursed after the election.

    The case against Trump is the first indictment of a former president after leaving office, although it does not involve any of the multiple crimes Trump committed while he was president. These include the separation of immigrant children from their parents during his repeated border crackdowns; the use of US military assets like drone-fired missiles to carry out assassinations; and the conspiracy by Trump and his close aides to overturn the results of the 2020 elections and establish a dictatorship, culminating in the January 6, 2021 attack on Capitol Hill


    Is seems a bit of a concocted charge by an Establishment out to get him for the erratic things he did during his presidency (rather than follow the usual line, as Biden is doing).

    Surely paying hush money to somebody isn’t a crime or, if it is, would just be a “misdemeanour” to be dealt with at State rather than Federal level?


    Written to the New Yorker in response to an article about America’s Christian nationalism. Letter not published.

    Kelefa Sanneh’s “Under God” poses many interesting questions. I heard once someone exclaim that America’s Christian nationalism came about precisely because the United States does not have an established church. The fundamentalist zeal of so many Americans (which still includes, in the 21st century, the denial of Darwinian descent through modification) has few home-grown followers here in Britain, where we have a state church (serving, like the monarchy, as a badge of state with no actual power).
    In the 17th century political struggle in England was expressed using biblical language, and that’s what it was – language. It is safe to say that the people of the time were largely less “religious” than those who identify as religious today. The English puritans, from whose ranks the Mayflower “pilgrims” came, were part of, and a product of, the massive social and economic revolution transforming the British Isles before, during and after the 17th century. English puritanism would continue to evolve. It would grow into 18th century deism, rationalism, and eventually 19th century socialism.
    By contrast, those puritans who departed for the new world were thereby removed from the social environment which had created them and out of the revolution they had been a part of. They found themselves in a totally new environment and facing completely different conditions. The religious, for them, was divorced from its English social roots, and the nature of the American frontier reinforced the biblical in their thinking. What in England was to lead to rationalism and political radicalism, in America fossilized as Christian (protestant) fundamentalism.


    On my last visit to the colonies I had the tremendous pleasure of meeting Sasquatch (to whom, incidentally, I am distantly related on my mother’s side). He told me a simply marvelous story about Harold Acton and Gertude Stein. Though I now forget the exact details. I urged him to stand for President. He bummed a ten dollar bill off me and said he would think about it.


    Did he ever meet Arthur Cravan?

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