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    And they are all ADDICTS…


    Look at Tim Burchett. His eyes are glazed. All of these Cunts are Coke addicts. Including the reporters. To they extent they don’t realise they are all high and out of their heads. VERY DANGEROUS OGS & MAGOGS.

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    We are fuckin doomed…


    I’m interested in the ‘growing evidence’ that a lot of the victims of Hamas’s attack were killed by the Israeli army. Where is it to be found? In any case I don’t think anyone’s doubting that Hamas committed serious atrocities.

    Try this:

    What the BBC fails to tell you about October 7


    Lizzie45 wrote:

    “Post today on the SPGB’s Spopen forum by an ex-Executive Committee member.”


    I’ll give you this. You are a shit stirrer, par excellence. 10/10.


    And the Socialist Party continues making public their internal discussions and giving information to provocateurs, agents of the capitalist class, lumpen and anti communists. All those discussions should be kept privately like all other organizations are doing, they are aware of the concept of class struggle, and there is a class war and the right wingers are winning the war and they are dangerous, politic is so serious and dangerous that members of organizations can be killed

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    “All those discussions should kept privately like all other organizations”


    With respect, I don’t think the SPGB should do this. This is one of the things that makes the SPGB so unique – its transparency. It is a key aspect of a democratic culture.

    On the other hand, I do understand the concern you raise about the safety and security of individuals. There are compromise solutions that can ensure this while maintaining the transparent and democratic nature of the organisation

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    Rejoice as social media resistance humiliates racist Marks & Sparks /s

    Keep an eye out for the imminent Tesco campaign…

    …Any SPGBers among the complainants?


    I thought Lady Tesco had fled to Israel. Has she come back?


    Sorry for my ignorance here? As posted earlier, there’s a new leaflet. But I have not seen it? Regards YFS


    If you are on spintcom you can see it there in the files section.

    Alternatively, email Head Office and we can send you an electronic copy.


    Actually, it’s hard to say for sure!

    Shirl was back in the UK in 2006, according to this:

    Wiki, however, cites a Jerusalem Post article from a year later claiming she was living in Israel. (the link is dead). She will be 93 later this month.

    I think we have a good idea what she’ll be saying about the current situation, though…


    For those not on spintcom (link doesn’t work ALB) our latest statement is:

    “What with the ongoing horrors in Gaza, the seemingly endless Ukraine-Russia war, the thousands of people fleeing conflict and extreme deprivation to seek refuge in safer places, and the relentless rise of global temperature, it is tempting to despair of finding any solution to the world’s problems. It’s important to remember, however, that there is a solution – to dismantle the system that is the root cause of all of these problems – capitalism – and replace it with a humane society that does not have money or borders – socialism.

    A moneyless, non-market, democratically run society of ownership and collective production would eliminate war and poverty, and allow us to concentrate common on limiting the environmental damage caused by modern industry.”

    Personally I think we could delete the second half of the last paragraph after “poverty” and replace it with words that say we oppose the genocide occurring in plain view.

    Doctors in Gaza have described amputations and Caesarean births without anaesthetic. The population of Gaza are now living in conditions worse than prehistoric times. My personal view is that our leaflet should be a cry of outrage.



    SPGB leaflet on Gaza

    I think this is one of the best leaflet that have been drafted about the Gaza conflict and it should be published in all websites, we might get some critiques because we do not support any side of the conflict and we do not support any type of nationalism. Some left communists groups have also drafted good articles and leaflets

    We do know that wars produce horrors on both sides of any conflict. On one side probably the death toll can be higher due to the  military sources of one side, but on both sides it  produce horrors, during WW2 also German suffered horrors ( or probably more than anybody else ) like in the other side of the conflict.

    The leaflet denounces the horrors of wars in both sides of the conflicts, and the danger of bourgeois nationalism within the working class and the possible escalation of the conflict

    In this particular situation, the Palestinian are experimenting bigger horrors than in the other side, but probably the side of Israel might experiment more horrors too if this  war is expanded and other military forces intervene in this war, and it looks that it might become a regional war with the intervention of other military forces, it might be worse than the war in Kuwait and Iraq, as Alb correctly indicated: It is the “Carter doctrine” because the USA is going to intervene in the conflict in order to defend the interests of its own capitalist class, ( possible 14.5 billions might be approved for Israel ) therefore, we might also include the horrors that might produce to the workers of Lebanon, Syria, Iran and the USA, and those countries possess strong military forces, and some are going to attack israel and many peoples can die.

    We should look at this conflict in an objective way

    The purpose of indicating the high level of poverty is in order to show that  workers in both sides are being exploited by their own capitalist class, and poor workers on both sides are dying and might continue dying, and we know that the extraction of surplus value produce poverty and in the side of the Palestinian the economic exploitation is also high and it is being affected by Arabs and Israeli capitalists.

    The ideas that are being propagated by many groups is that the only side that is being exploited are the Palestinian and the reality  is that the Israeli workers are also exploited and many workers in Israel are from Asia, and in some areas the jews are a minority group, and this is not a replay of Nazis Germany either, and this is not a revenge of the Israeli against other workers, it is conflict among capitalists

    The socialist party must denounce the horrors of wars on both sides of any conflict, but the socialist party should not take sides with any capitalist group, Hamas does not represent the Palestinian workers and poor peoples as well the Israeli government does not represent the workers and the poor of Israel.

    The leftists want to represent Hamas as the representative of the workers of Palestine and the even call it the Palestinian resistance, they are not the Palestinian resistance, their leaders representing the capitalist class of Palestine, as well the others side is not the Israeli resistance either

    PS: What does the Carter Doctrine say?
    Let our position be absolutely clear: An attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region will be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the United States of America, and such an assault will be repelled by any means necessary, including military force.”
    The state continues implementing the interests of the capitalist class, one man can not detain the state

    The application of the Nixon Doctrine “opened the floodgates” of US military aid to allies in the Persian Gulf. That in turn helped set the stage for the Carter Doctrine and for the subsequent direct US military involvement of the Gulf War and the Iraq War.

    Jimmy Carter is the darling of the left but he is just another warmonger like all his predecesors

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    This is a statement published by a Left Communist group on the Gaza conflict, Some area can be read with a pinch of salt, but the general idea is correct

    Each capitalist side is denouncing the death of the other side and hiding the death that they have committed

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