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    Thread to chronicle the failure and anti-working class actions of the newly-elected Labour government.


    Just seen the election communication of the Labour candidate (now MP) for Newport West and Islwyn. It consists entirely of a letter from Starmer in which he promises:

    ”a Britain rebuilt by Labour so the British economy works for working people.”

    That’s physically impossible of course but, if he wants to be judged by trying to do it, fair enough.


    I see Streeting has already began the persecution of the sick and unemployed – quick out of the blocks for the honour of Labour tu*d of the week.


    Could the new Labour government be lucky and the economy grow while they happen to be in office? It’s a possibility but, if it does, they will of course claim credit for it.

    From today’s Times:

    “May’s 0.4 per cent monthly GDP expansion may have had little to with Labour’s policy launches on planning and public investment, announced this week, but the numbers underscore the party’s good fortune in inheriting an economy in the midst of a growth upswing.”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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