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    TS – “It’s the risk one takes for signing up for such work.”

    Ukraine compulsory conscripted all males of fighting age and forbade them to exit the country.

    Russia had a mobilisation of 300,000 as there was a shortage of actual volunteers and failure to report is punishable.


    “Russia had a mobilisation of 300,000”

    They were reservists not conscripts. You know the difference, right?

    Bijou Drains

    The Russian Armed Forces conscript men for National Service twice a year, with the autumn draft lasting from October 1 until December 31 and the spring draft running from April 1 until July 15 In 2022, the Kremlin announced the spring draft early on February 18. (see interfax)

    The draft affects all men aged 18 to 27 years old, though some conscripts can be as young as 16 years old.

    Russian conscripts typically serve one year. The Yearly conscription pool of all Russian military-aged men is approximately 1.2 million people, though only about half are compelled to present themselves at their local military commissariat (voenkomat).

    The Russian General Staff reported conscripting 127,000 people for the autumn 2021 draft and 134,000 people in spring 2022 out of 672,000 summoned men.

    Russian Law allows soldiers conscripted by the draft to serve outside of Russia after 4 months training.

    Conscripts, not reservists, you do know the difference, don’t you?

    Anyway, instead of writing off the deaths of 30,000 Russian troops as being “not being catastrophic”, why are you (the alleged anti Nazi) not joining them, you do know what the word chickenshit means, don’t you?


    “Anyway, instead of writing off the deaths of 30,000 Russian troops”

    In my estimation of deaths I was including Donbas militiamen who were technically Ukrainian. Russian military losses are somewhere around 10,000. Again, tragic for the families of those killed but Russians don’t tolerate Nazis.

    “as being “not being catastrophic”, why are you (the alleged anti Nazi) not joining them, you do know what the word chickenshit means, don’t you?”

    You’re playing that old record again? You’re more boring than a white ant infestation. You think I’m a chickenshit? Easy to say from the comfort if your mother’s basement. Try saying it to my face and I’ll happily break a few of your teeth.


    TD- “Try saying it to my face and I’ll happily break a few of your teeth.”


    Name-calling is one thing, but raising the abuse level to actual physical threats is quite another.


    I will ban you if it happens again, regardless of when it happens. Treat this as your one and only final warning.

    BD no counter-threats of violence. Let it go.


    I would not put any credence on either Russian or Ukrainian official figures.

    This article strives to estimate the true numbers

    It mentions as an aside that there have been prisoner exchanges but there has not been the exchange of the dead.

    Bijou Drains

    More comedy gold from Tinky Winky

    Bijou Drains

    Tinky Winky said – “ Russians don’t tolerate Nazis.”

    I wonder if anyone has told Alexey Milchakov. He’s the founder of “The Sabotage Assault Reconnaissance Group (DShRG) “Rusich” (Russian: Диверсионно-штурмовая разведывательная группа”.

    If you have any doubt about their link to Nazism, check out their flags and symbols.

    Milchakov has openly made the following statement “I’m not going to go deep and say, I’m a nationalist, a patriot, an imperialist, and so forth. I’ll say it outright: I’m a Nazi.”

    They are a unit within the Wagner Group (any thoughts on why they may have called themselves that?)

    It appears that TW is as deluded about the Russian government’s attitude to Nazis as he is about his own physical prowess.


    “Milchakov has openly made the following statement “I’m not going to go deep and say, I’m a nationalist, a patriot, an imperialist, and so forth. I’ll say it outright: I’m a Nazi”

    The source is Radio Free Europe aka the CIA. You and All-in, credulous dupes. Lol

    Bijou Drains

    How’s your Russian Tinky Winky

    You might find this conversation enlightening

    I don’t speak the language, but my mate who grew up in East Germany is reasonably fluent.

    He says in this apparently genuine interview, Milchakov openly states he is a Nazi, talks enthusiastically abou Lev Gumilev’s ethnogenetic theories and states that he & his men fought in Donbas in 2014-15, & mentioning his practice of cutting off & collecting dead soldiers’ ears as trophies.

    So Russia doesn’t tolerate Nazis, does it.

    So there you go CS, the great Nazi hunter, here is your mission, I’ve identified a Nazi, are you going to hunt him down or was my description accurate?


    It is hardly likely that pro-Putin sources (the only ones TD will accept) would acknowledge the connection with ultra-nationalist, neo-Nazi fascists.

    However, there is ample evidence of official tolerance.

    “Managed Nationalism”, as Putin’s policy is named, began long before the war. It is documented in this study

    A summary of the book is this article

    TD’s effort is akin to pro-Trumpists trying to disassociate him from the Proud Boys and others such as evangelical right-wingers and refusing to accept anything that is not from Fox News and Newsmax sources.


    “How’s your Russian Tinky Winky”

    What’s “Tinky Wink”? Your stage name at the local glory hole? Or is it what you called your transgendered GI Joe doll when you were in primary school? You still in school Bojo’s half-baked brain because I’ve never heard a grown adult speak like that.

    “He says in this apparently genuine interview”

    “Genuine” according to whom? The CIA? You are a clown. Lol

    Bijou Drains

    Genuine, because he’s the bloke who’s giving the interview, you spanner.

    Tinky Winky is a character from your favourite political party CBBC. 😂😂😂😂

    Do you prefer I call you chickenshit?


    This long article from a Slovakian group is worth reading to put things into perspective that explores the economic causes that led to war.

    “In the Donbas, Anti-Maidan’s rhetoric resonated in relation to the future of local industry, particularly coal mining, which could be threatened by European competition or environmental standards. Equally important was the notion that the Donbas had been feeding the rest of the country with its productivity for decades and should therefore have a greater say
    – and certainly not let itself be bossed around by Kiev. To some, the Russian model of capitalism, with relatively higher incomes and pensions financed by oil and gas rents, may have seemed attractive after twenty
    years of failed attempts to develop Ukraine. But here, the experience of a relative decline probably played a more important role than the absolute level of living standards. While in 1995, average wages in the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts were 133% and 112% of the national average, respectively, by 2013 their position had deteriorated to 114% and 102%
    national average…A section of the local capitalists and apparatchiks placed their bets on separatism. In March 2014, demonstrations of several thousand people took place in both regions, seeking to occupy official buildings…

    …In the meantime, the armed forces of the “Donetsk People’s Republic” (DPR) and the “Luhansk People’s Republic” (LPR) were reinforced by additional troops from across the Russian border, composed of veterans or members of various fascist and nationalist groups. This was necessary because – as the Russian commander Girkin/Strelkov complained at a press conference in May 2014 – there were simply not enough local volunteers…

    …. Instead of creating an acceptable compromise with
    Kiev’s power, the Anti-Maidan spiraled out of control and, because of the Russian intervention, led to the emergence of new statelets. Their leadership consisted of little-known people. They were second- to third-tier
    capitalists (the owner of a soap factory, the former director of a meat processing plant, the owner of a fuel and oil business, a coal trader), various
    lackeys (a political marketer with a neo-Nazi past, the former manager of Akhmetov’s football team, an assistant to an MP), fraudsters by trade, and a number of members of the security apparatus (Ukrainian or Russian). For the former rulers of the Donbas, such as Akhmetov, the new situation was a disaster.
    The local mining and manufacturing sectors were suddenly out of the reach of their masters and in serious trouble. Many plants were damaged by the fighting, others lost suppliers or customers. Infrastructure suffered as well. The “republics” also lost a lot of labor-power and local entrepreneurs as a result of emigration. They were cut off from state
    subsidies and investment. The decrease in production reduced the tax base and customs revenues. As a result, what was once the core of the Donbas economy unraveled and the statelets were left unable to rebuild what the war had destroyed – let alone jumpstart any further development. The regimes in the DPR and the LPR have been militarily, politically, and economically subordinated to Russia and dependent on its assistance practically from the beginning…”

    There is a follow-up article that is also of interest


    The BBC are preparing for the fall of Bakhmut

    Oleksii says the fighting in Bakhmut is tough, emotionally and physically: “It’s hard, but we are staying here, and we will protect Bakhmut and the area around it as much as we can.”

    But Ukraine is counting the cost and there’s speculation it could withdraw to avoid further heavy losses.

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