Health: Africa and the Aids Crisis

Causes and consequences of the AIDS epidemic in Africa

Water: Thirsting for Conflict

The likelihood of expected conflict over scarce water resources in the Middle East in spite of their being enough water on a global scale to meet the needs of all

Capitalism: An Unnatural Disaster

The response from international governments to hurrican-stricken Central America has been mediochre

How We Could Feed the World

World hunger is not caused by a lack of food. The United Nations estimates that one eighth of the global population are actually starving, while the earth could, in theory, feed very many more people than now inhabit the globe.

Slower Than the Speed of Light

Capitalism has taken far too long to explore the potential of renewable energy sources

Searching for Scarcity

Few natural resources are scarce, relative to what is needed to sustainably meet human needs

World Without Accountants

Human and natural resources are wasted by the money system on a vast scale

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