Economics: Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about capitalism answered.

Why Profit Gets Priority

A straightforward explanation of why the profit motive is paramount in today’s society.

Economists—Not on This Planet

Why economists present a narrow and misleading view of the world.

Where Do Profits Come From?

A clear definition of profit. How government statistics show that profit is made at the expense of the working class majority.

Booms and Slumps—What Causes Them?

In 1821, the highly respected bourgeois economist David Ricardo stated that overproduction is impossible under capitalism. Regular economic slumps have occurred ever since—and what has been their cause?

The Taxation Myth

When capitalist political parties are in disagreement, the issue of taxation often looms large. Should income tax be reduced or increased? What should be done about local government taxation? Why all the fuss about taxation—is it so important?

Introduction to Marxian Economics 1: The Labour Theory of Value

A summary of Marx’s explanation of wages, prices, profit and commodities.

Introduction to Marxian Economics 2: The Rate of Profit

Marx’s analysis of long term trends in the rate of profit.

Money Screws You Up

How the market system take over our lives.

Socialism and Calculation

To advocate monetary calculation, is to advocate that only one consideration should be taken into account when making decisions about which productive methods to employ.

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