The Balkan Conspiracy

Historical article on the Balkans conflict, 1912

The War and You

World War I, 1914


Versailles and the League of Natiions

The Rise of Hitler: A Warning to the Workers

The rise of Hitler to power in Germany is an event which the workers of all countries should study with care. It is not an isolated phenomenon, but part of a world-wide overflowing of discontent.

How Can Hitlerism Be Destroyed?

That the Nazi Government, or what has come to be known as Hitlerism, is a menace to the peace of the world, is a fact as much recognised by Socialists as by all those who support the war. No Socialist will deny that all the Hitler regime stands for is repugnant and revolting to every ideal which he strives to establish.

The Black Hole of Calcutta

What might be termed the sequel to the historical incident we know by the above term has been, and is being written in the blood of thousands of starving, pestilence stricken Indian workers and peasants of Bengal

Hiroshima and After

Reflections on World War II after Hiroshima

Palestine and Its Problems

The Labour Government’s blundering methods in Palestine are the offspring of attempts to harmonise conflicting policies.

Hungary and Suez – Hope Amidst Tragedy

The Governments of Israel, Britain, France and Russia, when they resorted to war in October 1956 in pursuit of their own separate objectives, have at the same time struck a decisive blow to achieve something they never sought and are hardly aware of.

Economic Causes of War

Causes of war

How Close Was France to a Socialist Revolution?

Reflections on France and the social movements of 1968

Economic Causes of the Gulf War

The economic causes of the Gulf War

From Primitive Communism to Class Society

A brief history of human society and the different forms of social organisation the led up to class society.

Past Revolutions

What happened on these occasions? Not socialist revolutions, as some claim. But they were significant in the history of the struggles of our class. They are significant because the sort of people who dismiss the possibility of revolutionary upheavals were dismissing it seconds before these events blew up in their faces.

What Caused The Two World Wars?

Causes of war
Why Russia Was Not Socialist

Russian Revolution was not socialist

Russian Socialism ?????

Russian Revolution was not socialist

Losing the Jewel – 50 Years Since India’s Independence

India fifty years after independence

Ireland – the Lies That Kill

Nationalist violence in Northern Ireland

Labour Vouchers

Labour vouchers are a device suggested to govern demands for goods in socialism, much as money does today under capitalism. The WSM opposes labour vouchers entirely because they will not be needed or desirable.

Socialist Industrial Unions

A critique of Socialist Industrial Unions (SIUs) – unions representing entire industries, with the stated aim of creating a socialist society.

Trotsky: The Prophet Debunked

Trotskyism is a blend of Leninism and Reformism, committed on paper to replacing private capitalism with state capitalism through a violent insurrection led by a vanguard party, but in practice working to achieve state capitalism through reforms to be enacted by Labour governments.

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