Ukraine: Good against evil … or more complicated than that
A dispassionate analysis of the war in Ukraine. One of the messes caused by capitalism

Getting the betrayal in first
Labour’s record in administering capitalism

Nationalism: Deadly enemy of socialism
Beneficial only to the capitalist class

Capitalism and democracy: part 1
Capitalism: incompatible with democracy : part 2
The sham of liberal democracy

Lesser evil or lose-lose situation?
Why vote for something you don’t want

Socialism, Communism, Association—A rose by another name
What’s in a name?

Was Antonio Gramsci a Socialist?
An examination of the famous activist’s beliefs

What Labour Governments End Up Doing: A Reminder
About the Wilson government of 1964-70

The Myth of National Self-Determination
The false hope offered by nationalists

Greasy Pole: Healey and Howe
Two chancellors who died in the same month

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