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    We are all aware of the USA attitude to the ICC, the authority it claims to invade the Hague.

    Russia now claims a similar right.

    Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said, “It’s quite possible to imagine a hypersonic missile being fired from the North Sea from a Russian ship at The Hague courthouse.” He added: “Everyone walks under God and rockets… Look carefully to the sky…”

    Just as the USA banned ICC investigators from collating evidence, Russia has brought a criminal case against the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor and judges who issued an arrest warrant for Putin on war crimes charges.

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    I refuse nothing but blows.

    But I also decline to express my gratitude and offer any reward.

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    Lizzie45 – “Absolutely spot on, TS. I’m beginning to think this list should be renamed the alanjjohnstone forum.”

    You can ignore if you so wish all my repeated efforts to maintain civility on this forum and bring an end to the exchange of childish name-calling.

    You are free to complain to the internet committee that appointed me to the moderator role and who possesses the authority to replace me


    I should warn you that many members have urged that I should expel True Scotsman from the forum as a disruptive presence that discourages participation and I have always refused to do so.

    Perhaps Lizzie45 dislike that I make many attempts to create or continue topics to further discussion and debate.

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    TS – “Did you not say “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” when referring to the CIA? We both know you did say that”

    TS, can you please cite the exact post so people can decide what context the phrase was used in?

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    TS, now plays the game of victim. I remain unimpressed.

    I have nothing to retract.

    As a moderator if I have had a failing it has been being too tolerant of the name-calling, something I do not normally indulge in.

    Can TS, say the same about the repeated slurs of the well past the sell-by-date humour, word-play on my name and the CIA?

    I have made my position crystal clear on the use of DU in an earlier post. A risk is said to exist to civilians and they shouldn’t be used.

    The campaign to ban their use should be supported.

    I await Russia to signal the removal of their supply of DU weaponry

    “The use of depleted uranium ammunition does not violate any international treaties” Tass cited in its report

    I have no idea if they have been used in Ukraine by Russia. Nor does TS. I can only hope they have not and will not. I don’t sympathise with the politics of tit-for-tat.

    Russia is conflating DU ammunition with a dirty bomb and WMDs in a propaganda battle which TS is also promoting with his terms such as radioactive hellhole.

    It was first reported back in January by Konstantin Gavrilov, head of Russia’s delegation on the OSCE forum on security cooperation, claimed that Ukraine could arm their German-supplied Leopard 2 tanks with ‘uranium core armour-piercing’ shells.

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    TS “No wonder your “party” only has 300 members…”

    TS is a party of one. You can’t get any smaller than that.

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    DEPLETED uranium

    What is being depleted?

    What do the experts say?

    What is the effect of alpha radiation?

    However, I am a proponent of the precautionary principle and as there are legitimate questions about alpha radiation particles being inhaled or ingested by pregnant women with a risk of birth deformities, there is no pressing need to supply DU tank shells.

    I have already linked to two articles on the general environmental damage caused by the war, and the risks to health are significantly higher with these.

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    Isn’t it strange that our message is received by the American right-wing (recall the Fox TV repetition of one of our tweets) but not by the American Left who persist in ignoring ourselves?

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    TS promoted a conspiracy theory of a planned use of a dirty bomb by Ukrainian so-called Nazis, a view that even the Russian UN official accepted was a false one.

    I suggest that TS seeks to prove his belief as correct, and the only way is definitive evidence of an actual plot being carried out. And then he would proudly declare “I told you so” and award himself Stalin’s red star for his accurate prediction.

    He then switches to the shelling of a nuclear power station (installations designed to withstand direct attack) as evidence that indeed the creation of a dirty bomb was the intention, despite the more significant threat was the destruction of the energy grid by Russia that is vital in permitting the safe storage of radioactive waste.

    This bombing of the electric grid TS repeatedly approved of as justifiable, deliberately ignoring the potential for radioactive leaks.

    Whether TS sought Ukraine to be a deliberate radioactive hell-hole or not does not hide his approval of the risks that could bring about such a scenario.

    TS wants us to accept a literal reading of his words. I am well able to read between the lines and can understand them in the context of his other sociopathic remarks. It is an ugly truth that TS is so vehemently in denial yet he readily approves of Ukrainians (and latterly, Poles) being turned into fertiliser?

    Just where have I, BD or Robbo taken any pleasure in the suffering of Russian soldiers that TS delightedly has expressed over Ukrainian victims, that he justifies on the spurious reasons that they are all Nazi-Banderites and therefore deserving of death and pain?

    I will NOT apologise and if TS who we have permitted a platform for his beliefs doesn’t like being on the receiving end of the treatment he himself dishes out almost daily, he is free to depart from the forum and never to return to it.

    But where else can he go?

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    TS -“The crazies in Natostan are considering a false flag dirty bomb attack to justify their entrance into the conflict. But really, both sides are just as bad. Lol”

    TS – The nazis in Kiev don’t care if the land there becomes radioactive.
    AJJ “It is taking the scorched earth strategy to an extreme”
    TS -That’s nazis for you.
    TS – And what would you call the countless deliberate acts of shelling of and attacks on nuclear power plants if not an attempt to set off a dirty bomb?

    Promoting a false idea that Ukraine would inflict such catastrophic self-injury was just as ridiculous as those who tried to blame Russia for the Nord Stream sabotage.

    Russia accepts that it was a conspiracy theory

    The relevant section

    “We’re quite satisfied because we raised the awareness,” Russia’s Deputy U.N. Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy told reporters at the UN at the time. “I don’t mind people saying that Russia is crying wolf if this doesn’t happen because this is a terrible, terrible disaster that threatens potentially the whole of the Earth.”

    TS can hide behind semantics but when his views are placed side by side that he wants Ukrainians and Poles to be turned into fertilizer, I leave it up to the reader to judge who is the humanitarian.

    Please cite any glorification taken in the casualties suffered by Russia that you have repeatedly expressed for the Ukrainians dead and wounded

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    I’ll remind Robbo of what else Rule 7 says, “Do not respond to such messages.”

    Leave the moderating to the moderator.

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    Another article on the threat to the environment caused by war

    And when the war ends, who will pay for the clean-up?

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    Are refugees more dangerous than terrorists?

    Under the new rules, people seeking asylum can be detained for 28 days without the right to access a lawyer or apply for bail.

    Terrorism suspects can only be detained for 14 days.

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    It has been wishful thinking of TS that Ukraine becomes a radioactive hell-hole ever since the false stories of Ukraine planning a dirty bomb first emerged from Russia’s propaganda that he so readily ascribed to.

    The war, like all wars, has caused immense environmental damage.

    Both sides are responsible.

    An overview of the ecological impact of the war.

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    An analysis of the Irish anti-immigrant movement

    Let us not forget Irish history – the Blueshirts fascists

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