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    Dave B

    There was very informative article at the link below about the new US ‘colour revolution’ modus operandi for regime change re in this case Venuzuela.


    It is a bit post Chomsky military coup thing.


    It is good to keep to speed on this stuff if nothing else.






    It is all very well us scoffing, re the Chavez experiments, about it just being different versions the same thing.


    But the capitalist class to have good reasons to themselves to be appalled by that kind of thing.


    Comparing the Russia-gate election meddling; it is, without hyperbole, quite surreal and post Orwellian.



    Several years ago Noam Chomsky was a fierce defender of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and the Cuban revolution, and it looks like he is now changing gears. This is the problem with this so-called leftist intellectuals, they must always rectify their support. We did not have to do that because since the very beginning we said that Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian revolution was just another reformist leftwing movement. The same thing  happened with Michael Moore.

    I  remember that a member of the Socialist Party told me in one of the discussion forum that I did not know what I was saying about Noam Chomsky, when I told him that Chomsky was just another intellectual of the left, and he was like a clock pendulum, probably, that person should bite his tongue,  because know he is changing gears again, even more, he wanted to start a process against my membership. I am too old to be fooled

    One sector of the US ruling class is making an investigation called the Mueller investigation in the so-called Russian collusion and interference in the election,  and the internal affairs of the USA, but this is a  bigger  collusion than the Russian one, because the US is telling openly to  the leader of a foreign country what he must do, and must not do, they had elected their own president, and they have placed embargo on that country, they have disposed the asset of that country,  and they have asked to a puppet known as England and the bank of England to hold the gold deposits that belong to another country, and they have asked the EU to support the new government selected by them.

    This would like Hillary Clinton declaring herself as president of the US due to the fact that she obtained the majority of the vote. This world is a joke, and some peoples like to follow leaders like sheep,   as Gore Vidal used to say: The enemy of the Month Club



    Maduro expressed readiness to hold negotiations with the opposition in the presence of international mediators

    Guaido indicated that there would be no dialogue with Maduro or anyone in his government.

    Now, how often is this going to be reported as it is a sign of intransigence of their saintly democrat and a signal of flexibility from their devil-incarnate.


    Ken Livinstone was minced by Andrew Neil last night over Venezuella on This Week 

    About 10 minutes in.


    To Marcos earlier question about who are the Venezuelan people everybody keeps referring to, this article reveals the biased application of the term.

    ‘…This continues a longstanding media policy of treating “the Venezuelan people” as a term that exclusively means “anyone who agrees with US policy.”… ‘

    “President Maduro is unpopular, with approval ratings consistently below 30 per cent. Yet 31 per cent of the entire electorate voted for him in 2018, a higher percentage than Trump or Obama received in 2016 and 2012, respectively…Venezuela certainly does need radical change, but erasing the voices and even existence of the people, as the media has done, will only hinder public understanding of the issue and hamper reconciliation.”


    Whatever is taking place in Venezuela is not new. It has been planned for more than 2o years

    There is a project known as the Orinoco belt along with Canada and usa which will produce petroleum at low cost for  more than 30 years , and will cover the world supply , and instead of using natural gas heater to produce steam they will use small atomic reactors

    Like in Panama they removed the Europeans and asiátic competitors from their backyard, and now it is a center for money laundering ,


    They  don’t want China or Russia to take control of the large oil reserve of Venezuela  and China has invested more than 70 billions

    The British already discovered oil in the Caribbean  and they plan to establish military bases in the area and they created a phony incident with the government of Venezuela  in regard to one of the island which belongs to Venezuela , and they discovered that everything was a lie Probabky the Cuban G2 made the findings


    Russia is planing to make huge investment in Cuba including the sale of military weapons, and the Chinese are going to do the same thing in Cuba  The Caribbean basin is going to become again an emperial battle ground for resources and the US doesn’t  want any intruders in their backyard

    it is questionable the reason why Russia sent Two t-160 to Venezuela and they have provided to the army very modern weapons including S300 like they did in Syria




    Valuing Venezuela’s Orinoco Oil Belt

    Venezuela’s Orinoco Oil Belt

    Let’s place 1 trillion barrels of oil in context. Global oil consumption is currently 35 billion barrels a year. Thus, the Orinoco Belt alone could satisfy 100% of the global demand for almost 30 years!


    Matt, Had to wait until another source arose due to foreigners are unable to use BBC iplayer. Relevant section of interview on Twitter here

    Livingstone certainly made a buffoon of himself by being unprepared for this interview. But there were financial sanctions imposed on Venezuela that impacted on their ability to raise credit for trading.

    Executive Order 13.808, issued on August 25 of 2017, barred U.S. persons from providing new financing to the Venezuelan government or PDVSA, it stopped the country from issuing new debt or selling previously issued debt currently in its possession.

    The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen) on September 20, 2017, warning financial institutions that “all Venezuelan government agencies and bodies, including SOEs [state-owned enterprises] appear vulnerable to public corruption and money laundering” and recommending that several transactions originating from Venezuela be flagged as potentially criminal.

    These had the effect of closing the door on any possibility of a Venezuelan debt restructuring. Since the sanctions impeded the nation from accessing new financing, they also impeded it from issuing new bonds in exchange of old ones.

    The President of the anti-Maduro National Assembly was writing letters to international banks warning them that if they lent money to Venezuela they would be not only violating Venezuelan law but favoring a government that was recognized as dictatorial by the international community. When Goldman Sachs Asset Management purchased $2.8bn of bonds in May from the Venezuelan government through an intermediary, angry Venezuelans gathered to protest outside its New York office and the opposition vowed not to pay the bonds if it reached power. By the time that sanctions were approved in August, Venezuela had all but lost access to international financial markets. Institutions proceeded to close Venezuelan accounts, reasoning that the compliance risk of inadvertently participating in money laundering was not worth the benefit. Venezuelan payments to creditors got stuck in the payment chain, with financial institutions refusing to process wires coming from Venezuelan public sector institutions.

    Crude Realities: Understanding Venezuela’s Economic Collapse

    Livingstone would have been on stronger ground if he blamed deliberate economic sabotage than merely sanctions.

    Again who is the side that is not willing to seek a peaceful resolution of the impasse.

    The US has rejected a new initiative by Uruguay and Mexico to restart dialogue in a bid to de-escalate the political standoff in Venezuela. A senior US official said that countries would “ultimately see it is in their interests to recognize” Guaido.

    Mike Pence, the US vice president, said “This is no time for dialogue. This is time for action,”



    Livingstone, rather than listen to the Venezuelan Ambassador should have read this report by the UN rapporteur and he would have been able to refutes Neil’s claims that sanctions were only a week or two old.

    I had to suppress a smile when Livingstone tried to divert attention from his ignorance by saying he was a pensioner


    This man must be living under a rock.

    The USA has been imposing sanctions and legal manuveurs on Venezuela since the first day that Hugo Chavez was elected.

    Besides embargo the Venezuelan retailers and importers have been holding the merchandise to produce scarcity and to increase the prices

    The high inflation is due to the fact that they have had to devaluate the bolivar several times

    Whatever have been done in Venezuela it was also done in Chile during the presidency of Salvador Allende

    At the present time the situation is getting more dangerous because the government is enlisting civilians as milicianos and they are arming the peoples

    They have enlisted more than two millions Milicianos besides the members of the army

    They are following the same advice that Fidel Castro gave to Salvador Allende to arm the population because he knew that the generals were plotting to overthrow him






    One more sign that peaceful elections are not on the agenda

    Maduro proposed early parliamentary elections on Saturday.

    Maduro said the Constituent Assembly would debate calling elections this year for the National Assembly parliament.

    Despite this,

    Opposition lawmaker Armando Armas said in a statement that proposing bringing forward the parliamentary elections, which were scheduled for 2020, was just another act of provocation.


    The hypocrisy

    The US may not have been the primary cause of the shortages but it contributed by not permitting credit access.

    However apparently what will happen is that Gaido will do a Gaza aid stunt…convoys will be sent to the border where the authorities will refuse to allow it in.  While America supported Israel denying Palestinians  aid-shipments, I am sure their compliant media will highlight Maduro turning it away as the actions of a cruel tyrant. As usual when the American public see the TV images, they will have the knee jerk reaction that is expected. It will provide the hawks with any “humanitarian” motive required for a more forceful intervention that they might think necessary, perhaps an American military escort for the trucks.

    Once again USAID is shown for the partisan puppet it is with no political independence. The US media will not explain why other aid/charity NGOs will not touch such an action with a barge-pole.

    I also notice a number of discrepancies in the BBC graphic – Mexico, Uruguay, New Zealand, expressing wish for negotiations


    Yet again talks that could lead to a peaceful resolution are being rebuffed

    Trump said he had rejected talks with Maduro “because so many really horrible things have been happening in Venezuela”. Asked if military action was possible, he replied: “Well I don’t want to say that. But certainly it’s something that’s on the – it’s an option.”

    He will talk to North Korea and to Putin but refuses to seek dialogue with Maduro. Yet the media story leads with Maduro bellicose speech of self-defence.


    Maduro appeals to the Pope to help kickstart talks.

    Guaido refused to rule out backing a possible US military intervention in the country

    Maduro’s government announced it would sell 15 tonnes of its gold reserves to Abu Dhabi investment firm Noor Capital in the United Arab Emirates.


    Some critics of Maduro from the left/Trotskyist

    Which will provide further links, many in Spanish


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