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    The control of more than $1.8bn worth of Venezuelan gold stored at the Bank of England has swung in favour of  Maduro. The Venezuelan central bank has said the proceeds from the sale of the gold would be transferred directly to the United Nations development programme to procure humanitarian aid, medicine and equipment to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

    It set aside July’s high court judgment, which had found that Britain’s recognition of the opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the “constitutional interim president of Venezuela” meant the gold could not be released for the Maduro-backing bank.

    It was necessary to determine whether “(1) the UK government recognises Mr Guaidó as president of Venezuela for all purposes and therefore does not recognise Mr Maduro as president for any purpose.

    Or (2) HMG [the UK government] recognises Mr Guaidó as entitled to be the president of Venezuela and thus entitled to exercise all the powers of the president but also recognises Mr Maduro as the person who does in fact exercise some or all of the powers of the president of Venezuela.”

    If the Foreign Office refuses to provide clarification, the appeal court said, it would be a matter for the commercial court on its own to decide if the British government recognises Maduro as de facto president.


    Francis Drake continues stealing gold from the Caribbean region, like the old days of the Buccaneers and the Filibusters. If Joe Biden win the election and Donald Trump refuses it, he would become the USA Guaido, two presidents at the same time for the same Republic





    PS: Venezuela was the United States of Venezuela, and Mexico is the United States of Mexico, probably 99% of the peoples in the USA do not know that, and they are Americans two, and the Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty said that the  Mexicans were allowed to have  USA citizenship if they choose to do that, the concept of illegal alien was emitted in 1968


    Venezuela’s pro-government National Constituent Assembly on Thursday approved a law allowing President Nicolas Maduro to confidentially sign new oil deals with private firms and foreign nations, in response to U.S. sanctions.

    The law will allow changes to the ownership of joint ventures between state oil company PDVSA private companies,

    If there are any concerns of corruption, this is carte blanche for Maduro


    Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly (ANC), a pro-government legislature, will close at the end of 2020, President Nicolas Maduro said

    Venezuela′s Maduro to shut all-powerful legislative assembly | News | DW | 19.12.2020


    This is misleading as it suggests that the Venezuelan government is to abolish any elected law-making assembly whereas in fact it is only abolishing a “constituent assembly”, technically an assembly to draw up a new constitution and therefore by definition a temporary institution. The National Assembly still exists.

    I am not commenting on how democratically elected or legitimate either assembly is (obviously we hold no brief for the Maduro government and its claim to be somehow socialist) but the article’s headline is completely misleading and probably meant to be, echoing the propaganda of the US government.


    It is similar to the situation in Chile. The article is really misleading


    I think the point is that Venezuela’s experiment with dual-power has failed.


    Like the USA Guaido known as Donald Trump


    The government of Venezuela was counting on joe Biden but he is already using the same language of barrack Obama and Trump of bringing democracy to Venezuela or a government favorable to USA


    While Biden says he will re-engage with the EU regards Iran, Venezuela is another matter. Antony Blinken, President Joe Biden’s nominee for secretary of state, told senators Tuesday that the United States will continue to recognize the coup leader Juan Guaidó as legitimate president of Venezuela.

    The slow strangulation of sanctions will continue.


    Colombia announced that the country would grant temporary protection status to around one million undocumented migrants from Venezuela after which they can apply for a residence visa. Under the new status, the migrants will receive basic services such as access to the national health system and COVID-19 vaccination.

    Filippo Grandi, the UN high commissioner for refugees said, “This bold humanitarian gesture serves as an example for the region and the rest of the world.”


    There are millions of Colombian living in Venezuela. In Colombian Venezuelan have been facing Xenophobia from the government and the peoples themselves


    MS, as you know it is always difficult to get accurate information to assess the situation as there is a propaganda war going on and both sides lie.

    4,700 Venezuelans have been displaced to Colombia during the past week, according to Colombian sources.

    Venezuela launched an operation against fighters belonging to what it described as “irregular Colombian armed groups“ but many are very angry at the Venezuelan government for what they consider the use of excessive force on the part of the Venezuela.

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