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    There is a fringe of raving rightists who want to destroy it but I don’t think that either the Republican leaders or the vast majority of those who vote for them want this. So we are talking hypotheticals here.

    There has always been an argument that voting for the lesser evil has the effect of shifting the centre further and further to the right.

    We witness the consequences of decades of such politics.

    This is not on the fringes.

    They are no longer Reaganite Republicans. Not even the Tea Party (remember those)

    Can I quote one Republican I interacted with? He does not consider himself an extremist or supporter of the Proud Boys or whatever but an ordinary Trump supporter.
    1.) Dump woke.
    2.) The government needs to live within its means.
    3.) More prisons. Put criminals in the prisons.
    4.) Shut down illegal immigration.
    5.) Photo ID when you vote.
    6.) Slash regulations and taxes.
    7.) Parental control of the schools.
    8.) Bring our industrial base back home from China.
    9.) Build up the military and fire the woke generals.
    10.) Drill baby, drill.

    He doesn’t consider these and the underlying rationale for them as radical. The US military command are not patriots

    Racism is black racism and I quote another I have had exchanges with

    “…just came across this example of why leftists sources, like the ones Alan is constantly referring to, cannot be trusted in the least when it comes to supplying any meaningful or honest information to the public. They outright lie, or spin information or just dont acknowledge information that runs contrary to the narrative they are trying to create. The topic is anti-Asian hate, and it is a narrative the media tried to give legs to until it became clear that blacks were responsible for much of this violence. So, of course to get around this some leftists saw the need to "reinvent" the data, which means spinning information, lying and making bogus criteria that counts certain incidents differently than others. A white guy who says "Hurry up with my food you gook" is a hate crime, a black guy pummeling an Asian woman if a slur wasnt used, or a slur is allowed when it is used by an oppressed group (which is everyone but white males). Alans data on the BLM RIOTS is like this, biased with the purpose of the "study" to come to the conclusion that they werent that bad at all…

    …Who would trust the Anti-Defamation League on anything? They couldn`t find a single case of left wing political violence during the BLM rioting

    From someone who argues that the Warren Commission got it right and the Conspiracists deny facts. Academic research is simply jettisoned when it comes to contemporary politics

    Another person on the forum applauds the Republican strategy

    “The infrastructure bill passed even though it was loaded with lots of progressive goodies. I would hardly call Build Back Better a reform, mild or otherwise. As long as the GOP wins back the House, they can block any of the really crazy stuff the progressives want, even if they manage to keep the Senate. We are looking at two years of gridlock which from my perspective is a good thing. The less Congress and the President can agree on, the better the country will be. What I would like to see is a massive rollback of programs that have been enacted in the last six days but neither party has the will to do that. I’ll settle for gridlock. You will see citizens arming themselves to protect themselves and their property if the government won’t do it. The trend by Democrat governors and mayors to have the police stand down and Democrat prosecutors not to prosecute criminals will leave them no choice. If the government abdicates its responsibility to protect law abiding citizens, vigilantism will fill the void. [yes more Rittenhouses -ajj]
    …I’m not worried about democracy as long as the progressives don’t get their way…We have that many from the far left already in the House of Representatives… the takeover of the Democrat Party by the far left.The Democrat centrists have been intimidated into going along with the far left agenda for fear of being primaried. The RINOs are gutless wonders…The left’s idea of compromise is for the right to cave in to their demands. Fortunately Manchin and Sinema have blocked the extremists from getting their way.The underlying “problem” is the far left thought that having control of both houses of Congress and the White House would give them a free hand to enact the most radical agenda ever foisted on the American people. They hadn’t counted on two moderates in
    the Senate spoiling their party. They were able to intimidate the moderates in the House into going along with their program but thankfully we had Manchin and Sinema stand their ground. Now the moderates in the House are going to pay the political price for having kowtowed to the radical left. Instead of being primaried, they are going to lose their seats in the general election. [yes, AOC and Omar hold such power!)
    …. If the Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons could handle climate change, we should be able to do the same. The idiocy is in thinking we can stop it.

    Again, I want to emphasise that he is another who believes he is the average Republican and cannot recognise his extremism or imagine the results of it. They all distance themselves from the militias and consider themselves middle-of-the-road Republicans


    Talk about anecdotal “evidence” !


    You may dismiss it as simply anecdotal, ALB, but it backs up the more formal findings I cited previously in an earlier post that was not speculation but a study.

    While the majority in the Democratic Party can be described as Corporate Democrats, its small Left progressive wing proved to be ineffective despite the media headlines they make.

    This is not how the Republicans view the situation. They hold a very warped vision of what is happening in the USA.

    I thought what I believe to be a cross-section of conservative opinion reflected that.

    The polarisation of politics is extreme and growing wider.

    The populist sentiment is prevalent.

    You say it is fringe elements, I argue it is the core.

    Future events will demonstrate who is the more correct. The 2022 Midterms are not that far off and will indicate the trend.


    You seem to be making as much fuss about the small loony wing of the Republicans as they make about the “ineffective” progressive wing of the Democrats. Both parties are employing scare tactics to corral voters.

    I am not sure that the midterm elections will settle the matter of how effective the Republican extremists will be. These days, as has been noted, people “vote principally to keep people they dislike out of power”. So, in the US, many of the low percentage of people who do vote would be voting Democrat to keep the Republicans out and Republican to keep the Democrats out.

    If the Democrats lose ground, the question will be why? I don’t think this could be interpreted as a vote for the extremists in the Republican Party but as a vote to punish the Democrats.


    This is the same tactic used by the right and the left-wing in Latin America, the left spread the scare of Fascism, and the right spread the scare of communism, the same tactic was used in the Chilean election. We publish articles but nobody pays attention to them, we have said that the winning of the right is due to the failure of the left or the so-called liberals. Historically in the USA, the Midterm election has always been won by the opposite party, the same thing took place during Bush senior and junior, during Obama and Donald Trump, workers just vote to punish the opposite candidates, there is not any sense of political party membership or affiliation, they can switch from one political party into another political party in a couple of years


    ALB, once again you assert that it is only a ‘small loony wing’ within the Republican Party.

    I suggest otherwise and in fact, think it is Trump who is following his supporters’ beliefs, not instigating their views.

    Liz Cheney, by no means a liberal-conservative, gets reprimanded by her Republican National Committee for serving on the Jan 6 Inquiry Committee.

    Fox had a survey that tries to identify the political loyalties of the Republicans.

    Only 15% of Republicans are die-hard anti-Trumpers.

    There is a more complicated and complex analysis to be studied. It goes all the way back to the Democratic Party primaries and the selection of Biden as the supposed moderate deal-maker and Sanders as the intransigent extremist.
    We know why the Democratic Party voters will desert Biden. He has not accomplished the election promises he made. He has distanced himself from his electors.

    Yes, you are right when you say “voting Democrat to keep the Republicans out and Republican to keep the Democrats out.”

    It is that politics that I keep referring to as increasing polarisation. There is a fundamental chasm in political perspective between them. Their respective opinions on BLM and Jan 6 is an indicator.

    It goes further, though, to CRT and race, immigration, book censorship, transgender, climate change denialism, anti-vax, and a host of other political triggers, State rights V. Big Government.

    But it is not about what we would call the floating voters here in the UK, the fence-sitters, but deeply ideological differences.

    It is not scare-mongering to corral voters into capturing votes as if they share the same or a similar outlook.

    My hope is that economic necessity and the revival of unions and workers resistance will grow more prominent in the political scene and act as a unifier and lessen the influence of identity politics. And there are some signs that it is happening.

    No, I am not always the pessimist glass-half-empty person. Sometimes I do see the fork in the road and the light at the end of the tunnel.


    Donald Trump was a Democrat before becoming a Republican and at the beginning of his campaign most Republican leaders rejected him, and now they are supporting him because without him they can not win any election, and he might form his own independent party. The Lincoln Project is composed of many republicans who have always rejected Trump


    Trump’s switching political position

    He is an opportunist, jumping about for his own personal benefit.

    Sinema was former Green Party, from radical to conservative

    Sanders was technically not Democratic but Independent

    Analysis of 2020 media coverage indicated that the Lincoln Project had a minimum influence on the Republican base.

    I always watch their excellent videos on You Tube


    Donald Trump is not only an opportunist, but he is also a crook and millions of people support him. He took government documents which is a violation of federal law, and he did like Richard Nixon who threaded many documents when he was under investigation. The members of the Lincoln Project are Republicans but they are more decent than most of those Republicans and Democrats senators


    How time changes perception

    A new Pew survey found that the share of Americans who believe Donald Trump was largely responsible for the violence of Jan. 6, 2021, has declined by nearly 10 percent over the past year, while the percentage of people who think he bears no responsibility has increased by almost as much.

    Christian nationalist support for Jan. 6 rioters has doubled in the past year, while support for prosecuting those rioters has declined by 20 percent.

    The Freedom from Religion Foundation and the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty released a new report that helps explain that shift.

    That this ideology is powerfully connected to a reinterpretation of these events” in a way that could become “a powerful motivator for future potential violence.”

    To call those fringe ideas is misleading: Surveys repeatedly find that close to half of the country supports the idea of fusing Christianity and civic life.


    Republicans rigging the vote in Georgia

    Black voters, who make up about a third of the electorate in Georgia, accounted for half of all late ballot application rejections

    Republicans rigging the vote in Texas

    Stricter voting rules enacted by Republican lawmakers last year continue to foil Texans trying to vote by mail in the upcoming primary,


    A lawyer on his desk had a sign which says: Tell me the truth and I will take care of the lie. Sadly in the USA most workers believe all the lies and reject all the truth, it is like a popular masochism


    Biden to give out free crack pipes…and Republicans repeat the lie

    QAnon will target local state election officials. QAnon is linked to an effort to recruit and elect candidates to positions directly controlling election administration.


    The Republican leaders have forgotten about the crack epidemic during the Reagan administration when drugs were purchased from the Colombian cartels and spread and sold in the poor neighborhood to finance the Nicaraguan contra. The Journalist Gary Webs wrote several articles and one book about that occasion


    U.S. Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) is calling on Americans to own “sufficient” weaponry to overthrow the government, suggesting they should do so “if 30 to 40 percent agree” the nation is living under “tyranny.”

    “If 30 to 40 percent could agree that this was legitimate tyranny and it needed to be thrown off they need to have sufficient power without asking for extra permission – it should be right there and completely available to them in their living room in order to effect the change,”

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