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    Bijou Drains

    Re Scott Ritter AJ said “Since his period of imprisonment (most likely instigated by his political position) he has become much more contrarian.”

    Whilst I have no doubt that Ritter was to an extent set up, the fact of the matter is that he did set out to contact and groom children into sexual activity, despite the claims that he “thought it was an over 18 year old acting out a fantasy”.

    Is it credible that a person who had a previous conviction for inciting children to engage in sexual activity and who had been an open and well known critic of the establishment, would go on line and take such clearly risky behaviour for any reason other than grooming a child?


    A follower of this forum has sent in a statement by a “Marxist-Leninist” (ie Maoist) group, the Union of Communists of Ukraine, which seems to have some existence in the breakaway Donbass statelets (it is banned and repressed in Ukraine itself).

    The position it takes – that what is going on is an inter-imperialist war in which the workers of Ukraine and Russia have no interest in getting killed for shows that even Stalinists can come to this conclusion.

    However, they do seem to have some sympathy for the breakaway statelets:

    “In their social composition, especially in the backbone of their armed formations, the Donbass republics were proletarian in nature. But in their political form, they were bourgeois republics and expressed the interests of both the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, who did not accept the radical anti-Russian nationalism of the post-Maidan government and its pro-Western course.
    Since the formation of the LDPR, the UCU, taking into the account their internal contradictions, has been involved in helping the workers’ and communist organizations of these republics to form their ideological class position.”

    Anyway, here’s who they are:

    And here is their statement:


    A doomsday prognosis for Germany


    Makhno was a peasant and his language is a peasant’s language. Add the violence he had to contend with, and we shouldn’t judge him by today. It is unfair to do so: as unfair as the nationalists’ misrepresentation of him.


    Interesting to see which MEPs, with which political affiliations and from which countries, dissent from the NATO policy in Ukraine.

    Not everybody is following the official line.


    Any Journalist, or leftwinger organization that takes side with anyone of those capitalists gangster on the Ukranian conflict must be a wacko, or does not have the proper political/economical foundation to clearly understand this conflict, or he /she is taking side with any capitalist bloc involved in this imperialist war. There are a couples of articles written by him which do show that he does not have any political economic background, he thinks that this world is controlled by individuals and that war are produced by individuals instead of the market system, and the rivalry between the capitalist class. There is not any president, leaders, or state minister able to alter the economic base of this society, all presidents are the representative of a ruling class

    He thinks that Joe Biden as an individual has isolated Russia for the benefits of Putin, it is not Joe Biden, the USA ruling class and the capitalist class wants to sell their energetic commodities to the European Union and others European countries, and to have more influences in the European spheres of influences, and to kill two birds with one shot including China Silk Road, the USA played the same card that they played in Kwait, even more, they already started to sell gas and weapons to some of them, and in the actual situation of the world, there is not countries that is detached from the process of capitalist expansionism, and there is not any country that is self sufficient,

    Albania tried to isolate itself from the major super powers and they went thru a lot of problems, and the working class suffered hungers, unemployment and misery, and at the present time Russia is going thru a lot of economic problem, and the working class is the one paying the consequences along with the soldiers who are also members of the working class who are dying in Ukraine, instead of supporting leaders, we must support all members of the working class of all countries

    He rejected the Iraq war based on the question of the Weapon of Mass destruction, but he is not a anticapitalist, he is a nationalist, and a so called American patriot like most of those ex CIA agents and ex intelligent officers, and he was a Republican who opposed George Bush, like there were some Republicans and Democratic leaders who also opposed George Bush, but they were not anti capitalist, but many leftists organization knew that the main contradiction was the struggles for natural resources, market and sphere of influences, and the SPGG took a much better stand, it did not get stuck in the so called weapon of mass destruction, we knew that it was only an ideological pretext to cover up a war, the real problem takes place at the point of production, and the real problem was and it is capitalism, and he does not have any socialist orientation, he is still a US Republican, a right winger, who he is just opposing Joe Biden government, and supporting Putin like many republican leaders are doing now, and playing the fake card of anti war, but most of them always approve the war budget of the Pentagon.


    The USA Republican Party and its leaders playing the anti war card, but in essence it is the same conception of America First, and several nationalist journalists are playing the same cared, but in essence it is the same old USA imperialist slogan to keep their own world hegemony using different actors. Like the old slogan of America for the Americans and the including its own backward known as Latin America, and then they created the concept of Latin America, which means that the real Americans are the peoples above Mexico, bourgeois nationalism in full display using different cosmetic , The other side is playing the card of self defense or anti imperialism, like the German,Russian ( soviets ) and Italian capitalist did before and during WW 2. Before the invasion of Grenada the USA said that a small island without a strong army was a threat to the USA, and they were not looking for Nazis, they were looking for communists. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin agreed in many aspects because both are the same dogs wearing different collars. They can fool the fools


    As expected, Biden eased oil sanctions on Venezuela, issuing a license to Chevron to resume limited oil extraction operations in Venezuela.


    As i pointed out in a much earlier post the real serious nuclear risk is not from the shelling of the installations which they are designed to withstand, but from having no electricity to keep the reactors cool and having to rely on stand-by diesel generators

    This Guardian article reminds us of the importance of the electric grid.


    1 The so called socialism ( state capitalism ) in one country is a bolshevik fallacy

    2) A single country is not self sufficient

    3) A country based on mono production can be easily blocked by others powers

    All the above apply to Venezuela and its so called socialism of the XXI century which is only a bad copy of soviet state capitalism. Anti Imperialism is not anti capitalism, and it is not socialism either


    And the nuclear meltdown from the cutting of the electricity will also affect the Russian soldiery and the separatists too. So what does Putin care about his own troops?

    Young Master Smeet

    Permenant arms economy?

    MOSCOW, November 26. /TASS/. Industrial facilities are operating at their full capacity during Russia’s special military operation, which will give a unique boost to industries, President Vladimir Putin said at an event marking the Rostec corporation’s 15th anniversary.

    OK, so typical politician boosterism, and propaganda, but given the wartime state measures introduced, perhaps not unsurprising: the question is who is being robbed to pay for this, someone will have to.


    “who is being robbed to pay for this, someone will have to”

    The Russian workers.


    Bijou Drains
    “Serious question…Is there anything written in MSM you don’t credulously accept as fact?”

    Says the genius that credulously accepts the proveably false nonsense that Grover Furr spews out.


    And the Moon of Alabama, which use a pool of more than 100 bourgeois newspapers and capitalists news center, the only one that they do not use is the L’obsservartore Romano. Russia Today replaced the old day mouthpiece of the soviet capitalists known as Moscow Radio and Pravda. The same dog wearing different collars


    When a state mobilises for war there is full employment. A reflection on capitalism of course as it can only provide everyone with a job when there’s a war.

    But, as you say, who pays for it? It will have to come from the resources that the state already has or can acquire through taxation or borrowing. The Russian state is said to have prepared for this by building up its reserves. But, if the war goes on too long, at some point these will be exhausted and the Russian state will have to resort to taxation and borrowing — from its private capitalists and outside investors in its bonds.

    This has its limits as taxing the private capitalists too much will risk them not finding it profitable enough to go on investing and it’s hard too see who from outside would want to lend to the Russian state. They might have to bring in a full-scale state-controlled war economy.

    Of course all the wealth of the state and capitalists comes out of surplus value produced by workers. In war-time this can be increased by lowering the workers’ standard of living but this can’t go too far as it risked decreasing productivity. and so defeating the aim.

    Although people talk of a “permanent arms economy” this is not really compatible with capitalism. Only a temporary one is.

    Incidentally the Ukrainian state is bankrupt and only propped up by money (grants and loans from the US), but being among the most corrupt states in Europe even the US is wondering into whose pockets their money is going.

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