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    “Apparently the local elections weren’t quite good enough to ensure Labour gets an overall majority in next year’s general election.”

    They have nothing to worry about. The Electoral Calculus predicts (if there were a general election this month) Labour would win 63% of the seats.

    The SNP, however, are suffering a set-back. Their prediction has gone down from 8% of the seats (a few months ago) to just 5% now.



    More grist for the mill. This revealing remark by a Labourite spin-doctor to columnist Patrick Maguire in the Times on Monday;

    “Which party’s manifesto will look most like 2016 Vote Leave and 2019 Tory offer?” one of Starmer’s closes aides put it to me last week. “It’s ours”

    Of course it doesn’t matter what the politicians promise as while they propose, Capitalism disposes, and, once in office, they can only react to whatever the workings of the capitalist world economy throw at them.


    Long time, been a bit busy. Someone took my iPhone. Oh well.
    I was at Apples Regent street store, off topic, demonstrating outside, against Chinese government over muslin genocide? I was about to say Foxcom are moving production to India? They’d gone.

    I see Just Stop Oil founder has given* Labour £1.5m

    ALB, won’t like this….Miliband praise for ‘exciting’ XR.
    Check in post presumably?

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    Plenty of police would have been marshalling this demonstration. I suppose it would have been a bit awkward for you to approach a copper – one of these uncomradely social-catastrophes has lifted my iPhone, I demand you nick the lot of ’em!
    Ironic really. The Chinese police know how to deal with the light-fingered.
    There was a time when SPGBer’s attended demonstrations to let the demonstrators know they (the demonstrators) were wasting their time. Now the SPGB join in. Is there no party discipline?


    against Chinese government over muslin genocide

    Why are they slaughtering a cotton fabric?

    Btw, it’s Foxconn who have moved (some) production to India.



    It was a few weeks ago. Police have the IMIE number, they normally do an IMIE check, if phones (any make), gets handled in, or someone is arrested. The phone is now blacklisted, which means the iPhone actually stops sending our its location?

    Back to my original point being, I would have told these people outside the store, that I would have not known about this, were it not for my iPhone or my other Apple devices.
    We, members, will do our best to attend demonstration, picket lines, and rallies- for example, the annual Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival.
    Interesting that you say: ….Now the SPGB join in. Is there no party discipline?
    Not sure if it’s true or relevant here. Maybe you should take it up with the General Secretary who will pass it on to the Executive Committee?


    My bad. Should have said Uyghurs, couldn’t be bothered to Google it. As with I stand corrected much as above, Foxconn, ‘some’, as yet that could mean anything, it doesn’t mean much at the moment.


    James, as you are in the Londoon area can you contact Head Office (spgb[at] about leafletting the Uxbridge constituency during the by-election there on 20 July. We are not contesting but London branch wants to distribute the Party’s “It’s not the Tories or Labour that’s the problem. It’s capitalism” leaflet. It would be between now and 19 July if you are able to help.


    There are 17 candidates including Piers Corbyn and Laurence Fox not to mention Count Binface and the Monster Raving Loony Party. It’s a farce. That’s why we stopped contesting by-elections some years ago now. But they are still occasions when people think and talk about politics more than usual.


    And it must be mortifying (but not surprising) to find the working class (the folk thinking and talking about politics) voting for the Raving Looney candidate rather than the socialist.


    It was, actually. Having said that, those who vote for the raving loony monsters are making a point — a protest against conventional politics and its irrelevance to the life of ordinary people, taking the piss out of its empty election promises by making absurd ones. It’s an alternative to abstention and going fishing on election day. Understandable if not particularly constructive.

    Bijou Drains

    To be fair they have put forward the following proposals, thought Loony at the time:

    Passports for pets
    Abolishing dog licences
    Getting rid of the 11+
    24 hour drinking
    Legalising commercial radio
    Voting at 18

    Their latest manifesto says

    26m tonnes of waste plastic bottles are discarded every year in the UK of which only 45% are recycled. The Loony Party has the answer.. Stop making them..

    Before you ask…We have found an alternative. Its called glass.

    Seemed more switched on than the other contenders at Oxbridge


    More Labour, Tory, Same Old Story. Ten years ago the then prime minister David Cameron notoriously called to cut “the green crap”. Now, the would-be next prime minister, Sir Keir Scammer, has declared that he “hates tree huggers”:

    If Sir Keir does become prime minister, his first meeting with the king could be embarrassing. He might even be guilty of lèse-majesté.


    It’s getting better. Now he is saying that he doesn’t mind being labelled a “fiscal conservative”:

    He had previously declared Labour was defender of “conservative values”. Why doesn’t he come out and drop the “fiscal” bit and say outright that he’s a conservative. That would be logical for him. After all, as chief prosecutor he occupied a top post in the coercive side of capitalist state and got a knighthood for it.

    But of course he might just be giving the impression that he is conservative in order to win over Tory votes and get to enjoy the fruits of office.

    Whichever it is, he’s a despicable individual. Of course we know that it doesn’t matter if a pro-capitalist politicians is a saint or a sinner; even a saint couldn’t make capitalism work for the benefit of the majority. But when somebody’s record shows them to be just a cynical opportunist then that can be pointed out.

    Mike Lynch of RMT is quite right when he says that “most people can’t spot the difference” Labour and the Tories but is being too soft on him when he adds “and that’s a shame for somebody who’s probably, as talented as Keir Starmer is” and naive when he calls on him “to show he’s on the side of the working people.” He can’t do that because he isn’t. He knows that, if he becomes prime minister, he will have to against workers and is wanting to assure the overseas speculators who lend the government money that he intends to be.


    The Labour Mayor of North Tyneside has resigned from the Labour Party as he was deselected from standing again apparently because he appeared on a stage with Ken Loach who had been expelled as a leftwinger.

    I heard him on the radio saying that in the video Starmer had done for his bid to become Labour Leader he had a clip from Loach. What a brazen hypocrite that man Starmer is.

    Bijou, do you know anything more about this?

    Bijou Drains

    The Labour Mayor in question (Jamie Driscoll) spoke at the Jarrow Rebel Town rally held a couple of weeks ago.

    He made a well received speech covering “revolutionary” demands such as an integrated transport system with a cross area ticketing system, renationalising the rail system, attracting more jobs to the North East, etc. I think the kings of Capital were quaking in their collective boots.

    It seems that even this small beer “sewer Socialism” needs to be stamped out in the Starmerist system, for fear the readers of the Daily Mail kick up a fuss.

    Even for the Labour Party Starmer marks a low water mark.

    Ironically I was having a chat with an ex Militant member later on that day. I reminded him that he told me (following the Militant Party line at the time) that when Roy Hattersley won the Labour Deputy Leader’s race against Benn, this would be the last time the right wing of Labour won an election ever again, citing the usual “collapse of capitalism” “a revolutionary turn” “the awakening of the Working Class” “the strength of the Militant throughout the country” and the rest of the usual bollocks.

    His response was that “at least we were doing something practical”

    The working class must be overjoyed.

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