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    By the meantime, Joe Biden was talking and he gave a speech about the destruction produced by climate change, and he has requested a large budget to fight climate change, but the fossil fuel is one of the producer of climate change and climate disaster and he has approved offshore drilling and fracking and the use of petroleum for 30 more years. These politicians do not have any integrity


    This struggle of workers against workers is getting ridiculous, in some restaurants in Florida they have signs saying that they will not allow customers who have voted for Joe Biden, they are the same people who were complaining that wearing a mask in a public place, or to go to a restaurant is a restriction to their freedom, the question is: What freedom can have a wage slave? The only freedom is to elect or select their own masters, and in our time most wage slaves are defending their own masters. This is a pandemic produced by capitalism and the real target is the capitalist class, and without capitalism probably it wouldn’t have existed, or it could have been resolved immediately


    COVID-19: The Money That Never Arrives in Cuba

    Donald Trump part 2 Twisting the screws on Cuba to obtain votes in the state of Florida. They left the Taliban alone but they can not let alone the Cuba government, it is not a 20 years war, it is a 50 years war because blockage and embargo is also a war according to International Law . What has happened to the lesser evil and the guy that the left was going to move toward the left ? They must do their homework again because on the contrary, the right is moving the left to the right


    Erica Payne, of Patriotic Millionaires, an organization that advocates for higher taxes on the wealthy, said in a statement that “America’s billionaires are popping champagne tonight as the House Ways and Means Committee—led by Chair Richie Neal [D-Mass.]—fails the president, fails the country, and fails history.”

    Patriotic Millionaires warned that the House Ways and Means Committee’s proposal would leave intact “the preferential treatment the rich receive in the tax code” by maintaining “even some of the code’s most egregious tax loopholes like the stepped-up basis, a tax giveaway to America’s wealthiest families, and the carried interest loophole, which allows fund managers to pretend they are investors with regard to taxes.”

    “If this proposal becomes law, working people in America will continue to pay almost twice the tax rate of millionaire investors, heirs to billionaires will continue to inherit enormous amounts of money and property tax-free, and the concentration of wealth and power will continue until this country becomes what it is already fast approaching, a feudal aristocracy,” the Patriotic Millionaires said of the House plan.


    The promise – end of US support for Saudi Arabia offensive operations

    The reality – $500 million contract to maintain Saudi Arabia’s attack helicopters


    Why capitalism is called the profit society? When peoples are going to understand that? When people are going to understand that a president is only the executive of a corporation known as capitalism? I have known that since I was a little boy


    the nuclear weapons budget President Biden submitted to Congress differs little from Trump’s nuclear weapons “modernization” commitments. Despite Biden’s election year and earlier statements that the “sole use” of nuclear weapons that he could imagine was in response to a nuclear attack against the United States, the budget he submitted to Congress includes funding to replace the country’s entire arsenal of first-strike—use them or lose them—ground based ICBMs. So too the budget Congress will be voting on includes funding to produce 80 plutonium pits (the fissile core of a nuclear warhead) per year—each one of which with the destructive capability to devastate cities as large as Shanghai, Karachi and Moscow. Biden and his Pentagon also expect to win funding for the extremely destabilizing “more usable” tactical (roughly Hiroshima sized) B-61-12 bound for Europe, the nuclear air-launched cruise Long Range Standoff Weapon, and new warheads for submarine launched missiles, all designed to hold China hostage to a U.S. first-strike attack.


    The number of immigrants jailed by ICE has increased 70 percent since the start of the Biden administration. And he continues to lock up children, nearly 15,000 daily, in large-scale facilities and military bases.

    Number of Immigrants Detained by ICE Has Increased 70 Percent Under Biden

    And he intends to re-use Guantanamo Bay to detain migrants


    Senior diplomat, Daniel Foote, US special envoy for Haiti has resigned in protest over the deportation of Haitian migrants as “inhumane”.


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    Senior diplomat, Daniel Foote, US special envoy for Haiti has resigned in protest over the deportation of Haitian migrants as “inhumane”.


    Joe Biden is competing with Barrack Obama and Donald Trump on the issue of deportation, that is the president that was going to be toward the left by the leftists,( the lesser evil ) and I do remember that our Leon Trotsky in this forum said that we do not support progressive presidents, we do not support any capitalist president at all.

    Ronald Reagan was considered a right-winger and he approved an amnesty for all the undocumented peoples and millions of people became permanent residents of the USA

    The best books about the problem of immigration have been written by the daughter of Noam Chomsky. She has a doctorate degree in Latin American studies.

    The concept of illegal immigration started in 1968 ( before that date that legal concept did not exist ) and it was not a crime, at the precise moment when the USA started to decline and was losing its industrial hegemony.

    The Mexicans were called deportable people in violation of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty, and they preferred Mexicans instead of Chinese because it was cheaper to deport them, or to repatriate was the concept used in that historical period


    Outrage Over ICC Decision to Drop US From Probe of War Crimes in Afghanistan

    Donald Trump Part 2. Outrage over ICC decision to drop us from probe of war crimes in Afghanistan. This is the lesser evil that was going to be moved to the left, it looks like the breeze is moving him toward the right. Where is our Pepsi Cola socialist who said that we are Champaign socialists ? We do not take sides with inter class disputes between different sectors of the capitalist class


    Vatican conference: Bishop Barber says capitalism has failed, new politics needed

    A Christian bishop has said that capitalism has failed


    The topic thread is “Biden is President” But is he?

    Seems from looking at policies, it is West Virginia’s Senator Joe Manchin, who is determining what is to be done and what is not.

    And it is fairly clear that he is the proxy of some fossil fuel corporations.

    And is Kamela Harris Vice-President?

    Or has Big Pharma shill Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema got that role?


    It is well known that the USA Congress is the Club of the Millionaires, and they take money from everybody. Manchin made his millions from his Coal company and he is being financed by the Fossil industry. He and Sinema is a stone in the shoes of Joe Biden, and Sinema is receiving a lot of donations from GOP donors who also financed Donald Trump. Joe Biden does not have the same grip that Barrack Obama had

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