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    Inside Biden’s Head: A Parody of Inside Out

    This video is funny but worrying at the same time (because Biden clearly does have dementia).

    EDIT: The link I posted doesn’t work, but the video can be found by searching ‘Inside Biden’ on

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    The capitalist class does not care if one of his representative have medical problems, it is irrelevant,( Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer disease ) it is only part of the USA political gossiping, it is an unprincipled system that is in decadence, the whole capitalist system is reactionary and backward and it does not make any different what puppet is placed on power, it can be a right winger or a left winger, young, old or senile leaders.

    Barrack Obama was a very young president and he followed the same pattern of his predecessors and he served the capitalist class like any other president, most presidents are like the CEO of a corporation, they must protect and increase the profits of the investors. He used some old guys from Ronald Reagan cabinet, and since the very beginning one personality said: Is he going to serve the Uncle Sam or the Uncle Tom ?

    Joe Biden has served pretty well the interests of the capitalist class and they are supporting him, even more, one sector of the USA capitalist class does not support Trump any more, they want to remove him from the political scene, the problem is the concept of leadership, and the cult of personality and workers are still following leaders and they think that a leader will resolve their problems, and since workers do not political consciousness they will support their own exploiters.

    The US capitalist system is a very well greased economical machinery

    The so called Republicans are the ones making the campaign about mental health and they are repeating like parrots whatever Donald Trump has said, but his own father had Dementia and it has been proven by medical evidences, but there are not medical evidences proving that Joe Biden has dementia, but there are not medical evidences showing that Trump is in good health either, even more, some sources are questioning the doctors of the White House, and there are some evidences shwoing that many members of his cabinets were using up and downer medications due to depression and anxiety


    At Fox, Pay to Pray

    This is a groups that is strongly influencing the minds of the US working class, it is known as Hallow, and they have a lot of cash resources and they have the back up of the Vatican, they are also promoting Christian nationalism, anti communism, and they have telephone apps, computer apps and they are paying for TV and Radio advertising. Millions of workers are paying attention to his crap. They are expanding their tentacles to other countries

Viewing 3 posts - 436 through 438 (of 438 total)
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