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    ‘Well That Was Weird as Sh*t’: As More States Certify His Defeat, Trump Holds 60-Second Briefing to Brag About Stock Market

    As the president refused to concede defeat, Pennsylvania and Nevada certified President-elect Joe Biden’s victories and dealt a major blow to the Trump campaign’s legal ploy

    .After spending much of the morning amplifying bizarre falsehoods about the election and refusing to concede defeat even as two additional states certified his loss, President Donald Trump on Tuesday held a surprise press conference at which he bragged about the stock market for just over a minute before leaving without taking a single question from reporters.



    Is this true?

    GOP Trail of Tears



    In some way it is true. Most of the Indians ( traditional term ) activists asked the members of all reservations to vote in this election despite the suppression of the vote that was taking place and they were also the target of the voter’s suppression, and many voting places were removed, but they travelled on foot and on horses to vote against Donald Trump, they are not rich, they are poor, they are part of the USA working class.

    Natives American live in extreme poverty, discrimination, suicides,  natives women are mysteriously being killed,  drug addictions, and white men have violated all the treaties, they lived in a rental land which belonged to them, the Casinos did not make them rich, they made rich others peoples. Instead of taking a vacation to a  beach, travel to the reservations to be eyes witness of their real  situation

    Most peoples from their outside world have not been inside their own world and they have been brainwashed by false historical passages, although the natives have their own type of nationalism inside, we all have been infected by the same poison

    The results of this election were given in a silver platter to Joe Biden due to the massive votes of the so-called national minorities which are becoming the majority in many states, they are not replacing anybody they re just becoming a bigger population and most are young with new ideas like the young generation who support Bernie Sanders, as well many young Cuban in Miami are supporting Bernie Sanders and they do not want to follow the ideas of their own parents who voted for Donald Trump, but the same generations also voted twice for Barrack Obama but Trump knew how to exploit their social and economical conditions, the Republicans did not need so much money like the Democrats because of their campaign was made door to door instead of using the television and Trump fan club increased for more than 11 million people.

    The main objective of the Xenophobia was to avoid this type of results, but nobody can cover the sun with one finger, the population will continue increasing while others get old and are dying and do not have too many children, and immigration will continue increasing by themselves or their relatives will bring them inside, and capitalism needs a young labour force to produce profits. This is a reality that nobody would be able to cover up with nationalism. Half of the population from Puerto Rico has moved to the USA and they might also change the results of future elections, and many Caribbeans are moving to Florida and many of those were involved in working-class movements or were members of Leninists groups, or their parents were members of Leninist groups including Jamaicans and Dominicans, they are the only group in New York able to change the traffic direction during a protest. The WSPUS must smell the coffee


    This is another US Naom Chomsky. I did not want to create another thread, but he must be taken into consideration because he writes a lot about the USA government ( from a reformist/leftwing point of view ) and Venezuela. His name is James Petras


    We reviewed a book by him in 2008 here:

    Book Reviews



    That is the same point of view of Lenin on the National and Colonial Question, and Mao Tse Tung Third world theory. ( Oppressed nations  of the world united against the oppressed nations of the world ) in opposition to Marx and Engels point of view indicated in  the Communist Manifesto

    James Petra is another darling of Latin American left ( Besides Chomsky and Naomi Klein )   he only sees the USA capitalism as the main problem, but he needs binocular to see the problem of the Latin American capitalist clas including Cuba and Venezuela ruling class, they do not have a ruling class

    Based on Mao Tse Tung theory many Maoists groups ended up supporting the government of Augusto Pinochet in Chile, as the Argentinean Trotskyists supporting the government of Fulgencio Batista in Cuba

    James Petra is not adding anything new, he is just expanding Lenin/Mao wrong point of view


    A Donald Trump donor who gave 2.5 million for the election fraud wants his money back. According to some reports Trump campaign funds is running out of money and debts are piling up, and another report indicated that 75% of the donations are going to the pocket of Trump, therefore, he is also making money in this crisis


    Trump spent 3 million dollars in the recount in Wisconsin and Biden obtained some extra votes. It looks like the chosen one is somebody else


    The December issue of the Socialist Standard is one of the best issues that I have read. All the articles on the US election are right to the point, there is no doubt that the writers made a good research


    I wonder how this woman was able to pass the BAR examination and why they have not removed the license from her for violation to the so called Professional Ethic. They are all gangsters


    Yet another nail in the fraud claim coffin

    Trump’s hand-picked Attorney-General, a Trump loyal apologist, declares the Justice Dept. found no mass fraud.

    US attorney general finds ‘no voter fraud that could overturn election’ – BBC News



    He is going to be the next one to be fired by Trump but he might need Barr for a pardon The rats are abandoning the ship



    US Justice Department is investigating possible bribery for a presidential pardon. The White House is becoming messier every day


    Why Trump might fade away

    After half a decade under his spell, many pundits and political observers assume that Trump will succeed in keeping the nation’s attention. I can see why. A sizable minority of Americans believe that the election was stolen and remain deeply devoted to the outgoing president. Even now that Trump’s loss has liberated the GOP from its captor, elected Republicans seem to be suffering from a bad case of Stockholm syndrome. And the 45th president has proved, again and again, that he has a real talent for staying in the limelight


    Critisticuffs has sent us their take on the election result and Trump’s refusal to concede gracefully as is usually expected:

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