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January 2021

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    The movement that Donald Trump represents, or is the vehicle used to represent that movement, is not new, It has existed in the USA before the formation as a nation, and will not go away for a long time. He is not the problem, capitalism is the problem, and the USA will not collapse by itself and it will collapse now, and USA workers are not ready to establish a new pos capitalist society, therefore, this movement will continue in some way, with him, and without him, or somebody else will pick up the hat


    After visiting their website


    I found it just another Trotskyist vanguardist group but this essay by them is instructive, nevertheless



    So the troops are not leaving, they are going to be reduced, and one USA official said that the amount of troops is higher than the amount reported by the government, therefore the whole thing is a complete lie or another election campaign, that is the reason why they place four new civil commanders for the Pentagon, that thing about a coup is also a lie. Neither Trump nor Biden is not going to pull out any troops from Iraq, Syria or Afganistan, or close Guantanamo jails. Probably they are going to move the troops to the next-door neighbour. Business as usual


    Greg Palast is an expert in the election process and election fraud, he explains how in reality fraud is committed in the USA. The USA is the only country around the world where the electoral commission can be controlled by one political party or by an official of that political party, in many countries The Electoral Centre is an independent or neutral organization supervised by different political parties, and during election most political parties they have their own observer at the election tables and they must certify the counting of the votes. There were several voters who were publicly declared by the US President Donald Trump ( without making any research ) that they were dead, but they were alive because they were several peoples with the same names in different states and peoples move from one people to another place.


    The last court argument for the lawyers of Donald Trump to prove that there was a fraud is that Hugo Chavez and Cuba  hacked the USA election using communist money and using communist software, we can conclude that Venezuela and Cuba helped the election of Trump because the same machine was used for his election in 2016



    Donald Trump has been defeated by a communist plot according to one of his attorney, they have resuscitated Hugo Chavez who has used a 20 years old software to manipulate the election, therefore, Cuba and Venezuela were able to do what the western powers were not able to do which is to overthrow the president of the USA and elect another president using communist money. I wonder where or how this lawyer studied the Law of Evidence because they can not prove any one of these allegations. The Congress has also nominated as judge a lawyer who has never tried a case and has never been in court, she was a clerk of the court





    The 2020 US election campaigns smashed all records – with presidential and congressional candidates spending a total of almost $14bn – more than double the price tag for 2016.


    It is an election system run by rich peoples and big corporation, It is very difficult for a socialist party to participate in the election process if it does not have the financial support of the vast majority of the members of the working class.


    Vote breakdown shows class interests, not race, drove Trump’s defeat in Midwest “battleground” states



    Juan González: Mainstream Media Has Missed the Real Story About Latinx Voter Turnout




    Hours before the deadline to certify Georgia’s election results, a weary Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger delivered a short but emphatic speech that “numbers don’t lie” about President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

    The Republican has faced calls to resign, death threats and the attention of the nation over the last two-and-a-half weeks of post-election counting. While he is a supporter of President Donald Trump who wished the president would have won the electoral college and Georgia’s 16 votes, it is not his job to alter the outcome, he said.



    Now, it is going to be the opposite way, voters in Michigan have filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump to oppose his intention to reverse the election results, and most of them are Afro-Americans. Curiously they want to reverse the election results in the most states which are largely populated by Latinos and Afroamericans. The only state where Latinos voted for Trump was in Florida, they did not expect so a large turn out of Latinos and blacks in this elections. Probably, the Republicans are not going to win another election for several periods because the Latino population is increasing every year and in some states, they are going to be the majority, and Spanish and Catholicism are going to be the second language and the second religion of the USA.


    This article describes the actual condition of USA workers. Long lines of peoples looking for food ( 5 miles lines ) unemployment increasing, death by Covid19 increasing, dead bodies piling, doctors and nurses getting sick and many have been forced to work after been infected by Covid 19, by the meantime the fight for leadership and for power continues. Capitalism is a real mess


    The lawyer who said that Hugo Chavez, Venezuela and Cuba helped Joe Biden to win the presidential nomination has been kicked out by the Trump campaign, which proves that everything was a lie, and despite that she can still practice law, she should be practising witchcraft


    Donald Trump approved the transaction process. Probably they made him an offer that he can not refuse It is an acceptance of defeat

Viewing 15 posts - 436 through 450 (of 593 total)
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