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    Anti Taliban resistance recaptures multiples areas. It seems like the Afghans National Guard did not surrender completely


    MS, a sign of the washing hands of the problem is demonstrated in this news report.

    In his call to Biden Macron described the mission to evacuate allies as a “moral responsibility” and told Biden: “We cannot abandon them.”

    The White House version of the exchange, however, made no mention of a “moral responsibility” to evacuate Afghan allies.

    What is on the mind of political leaders is not to defend themselves from any Taliban threat but to protect themselves from the expected refugee crisis.

    Of the hundreds of thousands of Afghan asylum seekers already held in camps, what now?

    Only the limited few who can verify and be vouched for that they collaborated with the occupation force will be treated as legitimate. The rest who feared the Taliban and are still at risk of Taliban retribution, what of they?


    Debacle in Afghanistan

    The debacle in Afghanistan. One of the winner is the drug trade


    The USA government has reached an agreement with the government of Colombia to give asylum to Agphans refugees, they are being moved from one violent country into another country,

    it is a clear indication that the USA government does not want to provide asylum to all of them, even if they were their collaborator, and many contractors in Afghanistan employed Colombians to be military mercenaries in the same way that they employed many Colombian to fight in Libya against Gadaffi

    They lived for 20 years like parasites in the back of the Agphans workers paying low wages for mining, low wages to keep a puppet army to die for them, and they kept a profitable drug trade


    This reminds me of why my Sun-reading brother-in-law opposed the Iraq war — because it would result in more foreign refugees coming in. Talk about being right for the (very) wrong reason.


    The USA and England are holding a hot potato and they do not know how to let it go off of their hands


    Yes it was only a matter of time before the media consulted one of the architects of the grand failure of the war on terror, Tony Blair.


    Twenty more years to leave Afghanistan? Most of those US and British citizens that they are talking about are private contractors, and they do not want to leave because they are making a lot of money in that war. They are not tourists


    Patrick Cockburn, who is generally good on these things, doesn’t think the Taleban have changed their barbarian ways. He also makes the point that they are essentially a Pashtun movement which last time they were in power made Kandahar the capital of Afghanistan and tried to make Pashto the main official language (the main language is Dari, a dialect of Persian). He says that if they try this again the civil war will continue.

    Meanwhile the Mad Mullah who leads the Taleban is back in Afghanistan, hoping no doubt to be installed as the Emir of Afghanistan. I can’t see the other ethnic groups accepting that either.


    This is the opinion of a US soldier who was sent to Afghanistan. He says that the war was based on a lie, and that US politicians and presidents have been lying for 20 years, and that the war was a failure since the very beginning, and that what is happening right now should not be a surprise. He says that the withdrawal of the troops should have taken place in 2001 or 2002


    The American Right used Benghazi relentlessly against Hillary Clinton

    We can fully expect them to use Kabul Airport bomb against Biden.



    That is the way that American politics operates, they are always blaming each other, and they do anything in order to be elected

    This is a very strange incident because they have been saying for several days that ISIS was going to attack but they did not take any precautions.

    Donald Trump and Pompeo made an agreement with the Taliban to withdraw the troops in May 2021, and also they approved the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners, and now the Republicans are washing their hands and backing up from the signed agreement.

    The USA politicians do not have any integrity and millions of people support them and vote for them


    The American Right used Benghazi relentlessly against Hillary Clinton

    Despite that, she obtained more popular votes than Donald Trump and he was the winner, it is the only country around the whole world where a presidential candidate with a minority of votes is able to win the presidency, and the only country around the world where a court of law decides who is going to be the president. In the so-called banana republics ( Trump called without having any respect called them shithole countries ) when both candidates do not obtain a majority of votes, they must go through a second selection process. Costa Rica which is a very small country in Central America and always elect right-wingers presidents the electoral process is more democratic, and every vote is counted


    How the Bay of Pigs Invasion Changed JFK

    This situation is similar to the invasion approved by JFK to Cuba which was also a failure, and Eisenhower also had created a group of guerrillas prior to the invasion and the group was also a failure. The failure of that invasion affected the presidency of JFK, but several months later his popularity and approval were increased and until now he is one of the most popular presidents of the USA after FDR. The CIA did not provide to JFK the real situation of the Cuban society, they told him that Fidel Castro was not popular, and it was the opposite situation. Probably, he would have been reelected and his brother too, and JFK would have selected another Vice President. The Republican Party would have been out of power for 24 including the possible presidency of Edward Kennedy

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